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  1. those top 5 words are some high quality words, I must admit. also pet peeve is so true.
  2. 5 monkey trio is dumb. should leave trios to starters and legends. also pansage is cooler cause you get it if you chose tepig. but i hate all the pan monkeys. aipom is only good monkey please do that next. force randomiser to pick aipom.
  3. I think I have well surpassed the standard length of a post made on a phone. Well done me

    1. AethericDoom


      I've made long posts on mobile I just do them in notes first so they don't delete if I exit the browser

  4. The man blinked. He remembered the gunshot. That loud echoing bang filled his ears. He remembered the pain. He remembered the blood. Worst of all, he remembered the fall. William winced as he relived the experience. He knew he wasn't alive, for the pain had gone. But he could still remember the pain of his life ebbing away. He instinctively reached at his back, finding the familiar form of his bow a relief. He pulled it over his shoulder to hold it in his hand and reached for an arrow, before thinking the better of it. 'There are too many people here. 'Twould not be wise to arm myself just yet.' William scanned the room, he had heard the instructions, and, upon spotting a smaller party of three people, decided to try and mingle with them, after all, safety in numbers. In his archer's cloak, William could attempt to pass as a peasant, but his clean, pale face would give him away to a clever observer. "How do you do, I am William Arathaw. I saw you as the smallest party and thought that I could lend you what skills I have. After all, as that man before said, 'Journeying alone would be certain death.'" He paused. William realised that his tone and greeting had probably already given away his nobility. He cursed himself under his breath. ((And obviously its up to you guys to decide if your characters would be perceptive enough to pick up on anything. Happy trails ))
  5. please stop being good at drawing k thx bai I'm kiddding I love all your work. Keep it up
  6. 7/10 This is my least favourite of the Hoenn starters, which honestly isn't saying much given that I love all of Hoenn's starters. However, Torchic just never struck the same chord with me that Treecko or Mudkip did. Torchic is a perfect case of a pokemon that I will use because I like its evolutions, not because I particularly like it. To be fair, Speed Boost as a Hidden Ability is pretty cool. It's better than Unburden or Damp, that's for sure. However, I still am not a big fan of this little Fire Chick. I mean come on. It's not like the most recent Lunar New Year was anything related to Fire Chickens or anything. But yeah, to reiterate: 7/10
  7. Oh god I'm getting addicted to classical music again.

    I blame you for this. it's your character's theme song that got me into it again I swear, definitely not the fact that I was looking it up for my own character at all.

    Anyway the moral is I'm addicted to classical music and using you as a scapegoat. Enjoy ;P

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Gruffin77


      *pushes all my classical and orchestrated music over to the side* hehe...

    3. Spamuhell


      Gruffin gimme I gotta have that sweet, juicy classical music. We can do this the easy way or the stabby stabby way.

    4. Gruffin77


      Well any video game that is medevil themed and just look up the OST for it.

  8. Don't you just love it when you're at a friend's place, try to check discord, but can't because 'New location, check your e-mails' and then you try and check your e-mails 'New sign in location, please verify on your phone' and then you left your phone where you were staying.


    I do. because it means I can't talk to my friends, and there's nothing better than being unable to maintain contact with your friends

    1. The-Hydra


      i hate it when you can't get in contact with your friends when you're with your friends

    2. Spamuhell


      i hate it when you can't get in contact with your friends and you are your friends

  9. Man it's been ages since I've RP'd Username: Spamuhell Name: William Arathaw Age died: 27 Gender: Male Personality: William was a very uptight young man with a particular fondness for both wealth and social status. He is quite harsh on those who he deems unworthy, usually those who were either less wealthy or had a lesser status. William is quite intelligent, having had a good education due to his family’s wealth. William however also wishes to better understand those of lower classes. He created his uptight persona to satisfy his parents, whom he knew would punish him if he attempted to socialise with the lower classes. William also has an interest in archery, something that is seen as strange, given the alternative options of both firearms and swords. William enjoys climbing up the walls of houses, given their rocky and uneven texture, which allows him to get footholds on them. He has grown quite talented at this, to the point where he can swiftly climb and run along walls with his bow and quiver at the ready. Appearance: William has pale skin and has a slim build, he is also quite tall for his era, standing at 5’10”. This height makes him look lanky, as his muscles are not very pronounced. William has ear-length brown hair and blue eyes, a strange variation given that neither of his parents had either of those colours. William has various cuts and marks in the fingers of his right hand from his handling of a bowstring, as well as a red line over his left eye from an accident involving a snapped bowstring. William has a long nose that curves upwards slightly, as if in a permanently snobbish pose. This is most evident when William is angry or pouting, as his nose will curve up even more. Cause of death: Shot by a town guard who mistook him for a thief while he was climbing up/along a wall, died from blood loss after falling from the wall Item(s) buried with: His Bow and Arrows, A pouch of assorted gold and gems. Backstory: William was the son of a Noble Family in late Victorian Britain. Having been born on April 17th, 1885, William was the youngest of 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. His siblings often picked on him, so to escape their torture, William taught himself to climb the walls of houses and towers. In his escapades, he became friends with many of the local ‘peasant’ children, as he didn’t like the way his family looked down upon everyone else. By the time he was around 15, William realised that his climbing lead him to high places which would make good vantage points to shoot from. Given that a gun would be loud and give away his position, William decided to take up archery. He found himself quite talented, being able to hit apples off a tree fairly consistently. However, William told himself that he would only ever use his bow for self defense, keeping his archery to more of a hobby or pastime. On the night following his 27th birthday, William was enjoying the views of the town, as he scrambled around the top of the walls. A town guard, filled with zeal, saw the silhouette of a cloaked individual carrying a bow and, assuming it was a thief or assassin, shot them. The individual in question had been William, who tumbled from the wall. The boy was found the next day, dead in a pool of blood, he had survived the gunshot, only to slowly and painfully pass on during the night. Theme song: I believe this: quite accurately summarises William. Elegant but erratic. Other: He’s been in limbo for quite some time. He’s met with a terrible fate, hasn’t he?
  10. That is actually adorable. Why are you so good at drawing ;-;
  11. Granted, but the Peanut Butter is not only Out of Date, but has been mixed with brussel sprouts, because no one likes those. I wish I was a train
  12. I mean, I could've actually played seriously and made a stall weezing with Black Sludge. But where's the fun in that. When you are given the power to create, such as with the CST, why wouldn't you create something that makes you laugh when you see it work. Also with Gyro Ball the Iron Ball works pretty well.
  13. I am from now on giving literally every submission an Iron Ball until you take that statement back, it is a brilliant item with a multitude of uses. I'll make an exception of Flying or Levitate mons. Also stunfisk is great see it killed something. oh a submission, right. Dumbbells (Weezing) @ Iron Ball Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Adamant Nature - Gyro Ball - Explosion - Sludge Bomb - Facade Are you pleased I made a Weezing that isn't a hitler joke
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