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  1. hydra may have it but i can still get points damnit Politoed lol
  2. While it was fun for a while, Luemas is no more, and Spamuhell returns

  3. .

    This content is triggering me. As the 'AnonymousDoom' reminds me of the 'Anonymous Doom' that was the endless streams of napalm. Due to this I am getting vivid flashbacks to my fantastic time in Vietnam where we launched the Napalm without prejudice. K thx for listening please make more.
  4. Arcanine - I mean, Arcanice
  5. Splat
  6. Salt
  7. Similar: Glitter
  8. no dylan its not go and run in the long grass until you find a bear that will eat you It is a great regret to declare that @Pepsi Man has indeed correctly guessed it. It is Tropius
  9. Very leery indeed, but not Treecko #6 - This pokemon is found in Long (Unbikable) Grass in both RSE and ORAS
  10. Nada #7 - This pokemon is grass type
  11. No #8 - This pokemon can learn Leer
  12. No bueno #9 - This pokemon can also be found in Sinnoh and Unova
  13. Okay, nice. #10 - This pokemon is native to Hoenn
  14. Well, as I'm sure you can guess, as I badly ran the second one, I would love a New Communitylocke. I think that it always worked well for building on the community aspect within PS. I personally think that points are in some way important, even if there is no defined winner, as otherwise there is no real form of accomplishment within the challenge. Clauses are the same sort of deal, and the balances we discussed regarding clauses in the second one can be taken further here, with some of the easiest clauses not awarding points (No TMs etc.) Oh for game I think we should continue our trend of moving up the gens and do BW or B2W2 lol I'm actually serious they were good games
  15. Similar: French Horn (All the specific items)
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