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  1. Make love to the beautiful creatures in the amazing world of Robopon



    Double the Basshole, double the demise (My demise of course)

  3. Hydra my boi. You just rewon my respect (Evem though you hadn't lost it but shh). Grovyle is undoubtedly fantastic. But onto Sceptile: 8.5/10 Sceptile was mah boi through the first pokemon game I ever played: Ruby. He carried me through most of the gyms (Which the obvious exceptions being Flannery and Winona.) so I have very strong nostalgic ties to the guy. However, I also love its solid design and (previously) signature move. Leaf Blade was really cool and just made me love the Treecko line even more. Mega Sceptile 10/10 MEGA SCEPTILE IS BRILLIANT AAAAAA- Fangirling session over, but I love Mega Sceptile. It's design is brilliant. It's DRAGON TYPE which I love. All Dragons are my babies. Also Tail Cannon.
  4. I was not disappointed by this beautiful insight into the Original Box Legends. In fact your words moved me. I can't believe how much information you can gather on pokemon like these two and your dedication to Let's Talk About is awe inspiring. Keep doing what you do best. On an unrelated note you should do a 'Let's Talk About Shuckle'
  5. This looks really good. The only thing I can say against it is that the Mega looks more like an actual Evo than an actual Mega. Otherwise, I really like the concept. Unlike most people I really like pokemon based on inanimate objects, plus it has that adorable face how can you not love it?
  6. S H U C K L E

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      your words move me

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      Shuck that tauros feces

  7. [pause in speech] Has [pause in speech] a [pause in speech] better [pause in speech] filter [pause in speech] ever [pause in speech] been [pause in speech] added? [pause in speech]
  8. I agree with Crawdad. Any contest with shuckle is worth entering. Dreamy World
  9. 6/10 I have no qualms with Emolga. It's cute, it's got a pretty unique typing for a Pikachu clone, and it's used by Elesa, who is probably one of my favourite gym leaders to date. I get that it is neither strong nor especially memorable, but I just can't bring myself to hate the little guy, so yeah, Emolga's alright in my books.
  10. Hmm. The only problem I can see with that adaptation is the fact that Cacturne doesn't get even more power in Sunlight while losing power in other Weather Conditions, unless you assume the unnatural amounts of Sunlight linger in Cacturne's cells long enough for slight changes in weather (Like say, a battle's length of Hail or Rain) to not significantly weaken it. However this would imply that Cacturne would have to be out of the Sandstorm for quite a long time before it was exposed to enough Sunlight to neglect other changes to its environment. Over to you, 'Let's Talk About' man (On another note: I'm glad we're discussing the Photosynthetic Properties and Sun Holding Capacities of a Walking Saguero Cactus. Really shows the dedication of 'Let's Talk About')
  11. Just so it's set in stone, because lol Dragon Mono Showdown username: Spamuhell Time zone: GMT +8 Trainer sprite: Signature Pokemon: Dragonite Other: Dragon Mono or bust tbh
  12. Given Cacturne's Nocturnal Predation tactics, having dense sand for blood would also be really nice for aggressive purposes, as it would turn one of those nice little Oblong Arms you mentioned into quite effective clubs. It's probably the main reason Cacturne has such a solid Attack Stat in the first place. Though it would be interesting to find an explanation for its equally high Special Attack. I leave that to you, if you wish to dig deeper and explain why Cacturne is as good at what is pretty much magic (Special Moves) as it is at hitting things.
  13. Hello, from the other side of the world.

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      ignore that. Isa's just jealous I'm from the better side of Australia.


      Otherwise: Hello from the other side of the world, right back at you.

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      I'm not on your world[pause in speech]

      Your world is filthy, contaminated[pause in speech]

  14. 3/10 Now I'll admit it, I like a lot of Generation 5 Pokemon. However, Mienshao is not one of them. I just find it ugly and unappealing.While it may be pretty good competitively, I just wouldn't use it because I don't like the pokemon. Most mons, even if I dislike them, have some sort of charm to me, however, Mienshao lacks that charm, which is why it gets such a low rating. (And tbh, given my feelings towards this thing, a 3 is generous)