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  1. Cloud, realising that his allies were being impaired by lowered stats, used Haze, covering the battlefield in a thick mist that removed their status changes. In a way, it was also a semi apologetic gesture towards the Gallade, since he'd realised that taking advantage of someone's weakness like that was a tad overboard, even for him. He let out another Ice Beam at the Butterfree, doing 10 damage. He called down to the Butterfree, "Hey butterfly boy! Try this on for size!" he then launched yet another Ice Beam at the Butterfree, this time trying more to Freeze it then damage it. "Is it just me, or is it getting cold in here?" he taunted, laughing down at the Butterfree. He then began to cough and splutter, taking another 5 damage from his Poison. "Ugh, that is an atrocious feeling."
  2. Lucille growled, looking down at her dimly lit Flash Suit. "Yes, anything that can buy us time. Just don't get yourself hurt if you can avoid it." she said. She tapped at her Flash Suit and a little more light came into it. "Why are you doing this? You never usually go down for this long!" She mumbled something under her breath regarding 'Monkey Scientists' and got up, taking a few potshots at the man with her pistol. "Boy am I glad this thing doesn't sync with my Suit." The man turned to face the new 'annoyance.' "Foolish girl. You should know better than to try and shoot someone in the back. I would kill you right now, but I feel like that would take the fun out of what Talon has planned for you Overwatch brats!" He charged up his gun and fired a weaker cone at Lucille, which she just managed to jump out of the way of. "Come on suit! I need my Jumps back!" As she said that, her suit flickered to life properly, and she quickly dashed back towards the rest of the Overwatch agents, leaving the man to fire at nothing. "Yoohoo! Over here!' she taunted, waving at the man. She decided not to do her usual dashing and jumping to disorient and distract, because the last time she'd done that she'd ended up both stranded and frying her Suit. Instead she fired a few more Hard Light 'bullets' at the man and ducked behind some cover. "If you're gonna try and kill us, at least give us the privilege of knowing your name." "Oh, how rude of me. I haven't even introduced myself. And since you don't have much time left anyway, it won't hurt to tell you." he said, laughing afterwards. "I'm Shadowflame. Kind of a mouthful, yes, but very accurate for what I do. Now. STOP HIDING AND FIGHT!" he yelled, his previous calm composure replaced by anger, as he began firing his weapon in random directions, destroying walls and decorations.
  3. Lucille tried to calm herself, taking note of Helena's instructions. She slowed her breathing, trying to keep it the the suggested 4 and 7, but struggling due to her panicked state. She slowly got up. Why is it still dark?! she thought, her Flash Suit never usually stayed powerless this long, did it? The man raised his weapon in response to Sterak's crystal barrage. "Well, I warned you." he said, as the weapon began to hum, the space between the three prongs glowed purple and a thin conical stream of purple light flew towards the covering corner, shattering many large chunks of the wall and revealing the agents behind it. "Give it here, or it will be more than just your old base getting destroyed!" Lucille decided to stay quiet, trying not to draw the aggressor's attention. She ducked behind one arm of the desk she'd previously been behind, still attempting to stem her breathing. Her Flash Suit flickered dimly, as if trying to reactivate but unable to. "I just need a little more time. Distract them a little longer."
  4. Lucille took a long deep breath and held it, trying her best to avoid the gas. She was annoyed that her Flash Suit was still powerless, because she couldn't just jump out of there. She felt strange, her Flash Suit's shoes usually kept her slightly off the ground, so she couldn't help but be slightly startled by the feeling of solid ground under her feet. She felt light headed, so she made a quick dash forward before gasping for air, at least she was out of the cloud. The lights flickered, and Lucille shuddered, she hated the dark. A voice echoed through the foyer, a high, malicious voice, "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" The lights went out, and Lucille nearly fainted, from a combination of her lack of air and her fear. The lights came back on, though dimmer than before. Standing between the Talon front line and the Overwatch team was a strange looking man with brown hair that extended down over one side of his face in a black garb, similar to a trench coat. "Oh, you Overwatch fools always crack me up. Hand it over, and don't argue. You know you're outnumbered." his voice was the one from before. The man let out a soft chuckle and opened his Trench Coat, revealing his armament, a large weapon, almost like a minigun, which folded out from a smaller, more compact form, explaining how he'd kept it in his jacket. His gun only had one singular barrel with three metal prongs that extended from the end before curling back towards each other. "Don't make this harder than it has to be." Lucille panicked. She was on the verge of hyperventilating. She hated the dark, it terrified her. It wouldn't have been as bad if her Flash Suit was working, but the device was still dark. She stumbled her way out of the dazed crowd of Talon and fell to her knees, one hand on the ground, one to her chest. She'd never felt so helpless in her life.
  5. Cloud nearly screamed in frustration. First he gets attacked again, which as one can assume, only served to improve his mood, but now he was poisoned too. Just his luck. The Altaria released an Ice Beam at the Butterfree, doing 10 damage. And given the upstart nature of the Gallade, he was tempted to send a Moonblast his way. Telling him to be quiet, who did he think he was? And shouting at him? He was lucky the Altaria hadn't attacked him there and then. He shook himself out of his anger, momentarily, conveniently hearing Norin's shouts to attack the Gallade. Cloud smirked, and launched a Moonblast at the Gallade. (Idk how much that would do, given both the super effectiveness and Defense drops, so I'll leave that up in the air.) The Altaria feigned shock, as if only just realising who he'd attacked. "It was that Cacnea! If he hadn't said to attack you, this mistake wouldn't have been made." He then turned back toward the actual foes of this battle, shivering from his poison (And taking 5 damage from it). "I shall not fall to bugs of all things!" he yelled. ((Also, can I just mention how much fun Cloud's character is to me? I just love how arrogant he is.))
  6. (( @mental - Please make your posts longer in accordance with the RP Forum Rules. Short posts like yours with little detail don't add much to the overall RP and just fill space. It also doesn't leave much room for other characters to interact with your character or respond to your actions. No warning yet, but if the short posts are maintained then you will get a Strike.)) Lucille looked over the desk and smirked. This is the teamwork she'd expected from Overwatch. She vaulted over the desk and flash jumped forwards towards Sterak, firing off her Hard Light Blaster rapidly at the stunned Talon Operatives. She repeatedly circled around and through their ranks, repeatedly Flash Jumping so that she was never in the same place for very long. Tracer's missing all the fun, what a shame. she thought sarcastically. In the midst of her 'rampage' she once again spoke into her earpiece. "Back up shouldn't be too long now. Just hold out a little longer!" However, her talking had left her distracted, and she mistimed her Flash Jump, ending up tripping over the enemies she'd been trying to confuse and distract. She quickly realised that she was in the centre of their ranks, quite a way from the rest of her team, and in her current position she couldn't just jump away. She was surrounded and vulnerable. In a moment of panic, she remembered another feature of her suit. She closed her eyes and let her suit do the rest. Lucille began to glow, the lights all over her Flash Suit illuminating, slowly at first, but quickly reaching maximum intensity. The harsh light filled the room, not only making her easily visible to the rest of the team, but also blinding the nearby Talon Operatives, who by this point had turned to look at their 'prey.' She quickly tapped her earpiece. "I might not be able to use my Flash Suit for a while. Some help would be nice." Lucille got up and began to push her way through the stunned and blinded crowd, firing a few Hard Light Pellets at kneecaps and shoulders every so often. God, there is a lot of Talon Ops here. What have we found?
  7. I felt like a change in Profile Pic was in Order, so Sombra's been updated and is better than ever.

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  8. I feel like I'm becoming a Crit Magnet. I don't like being a Crit Magnet. The worst part with crits is that they ignore my intimidation, so my most important trait won't even protect me. Shinx should get Battle Armour
  9. Lucille looked over the desk and took a few well aimed shots, mostly at kneecaps or shoulders. She didn't want to kill people if she didn't have to, and right now, she didn't have to, she had to survive, and help her team survive. She heeded Helena's warning, ducking back behind the desk in case there was any splashback. "Alright, you heard the woman, don't go running rampant in the foyer unless you want a face full of chemicals." She almost thought about criticising Dr. Cohen's brutal experimentation, but then realised that in a way, she was doing the exact same thing, testing out a hypothesis, or a new weapon, or something. "The plan is to hold out until help arrives. Unless Talon feels like tunneling in there's only one way in and one way out. Running would only get us cornered." She felt like she'd jinxed the team by saying that. She knew how determined Talon could be, she'd fought them before, so tunneling in wasn't too far fetched, she just hoped that they weren't in a tunneling mood today. A few braver Talon operatives began to make their way forward, approaching the corner, guns readied. Lucille, in her rush to duck behind the desk, hadn't seen them, and as such they were able to freely approach the other agents.
  10. Cloud dropped down from the branch and walked over to the rest of the group. "Well since my feathers are already tarnished, I see no reason for me to try and keep them clean by staying in the trees." He said to himself. He sighed, then turned to Mental. "As the Gabite said, did you find water? I need somewhere to wash myself and it would be helpful for all of us to get a drink." He picked again at his wings, cursing under his breath. "As for your 'Future Sight' debacle, I don't that will be necessary, so long as one of stays on guard. If one person is always awake and alert, then we need not worry about seeing the future." He quickly went back to picking at his wings, as if he didn't care for any potential response or argument. "Now, if you didn't find water, I shall find some myself, for being this filthy is simply atrocious and I can't stand it!"
  11. @Genji - Accepted I've got permission from Doom to start before they post their form, so without further ado, let's get the show on the road. ~~~Old Overwatch Field HQ, King's Row, London~~~ Lucille ducked back behind the corner, having peeked out to both assess the team's aggressors and to fire off a couple of shots at said aggressors. She quickly tapped her earpiece. "We've met unexpected resistance. Forces appear to be Talon. We've acquired the target but require back up ASAP!" she said. She looked around her at the team. It was the first time she'd actually taken much notice of her squadmates. In her current situation she missed Reinhardt's shield, a shame he wasn't here now. "We'll have to hold out until back-up arrives. If we can we should try and get behind the counter over there. It would give some pretty good cover and it gives us protection from all angles." She gestured to the reception desk in the centre of the foyer before them. "I don't know how many of them there are, but there's no way out except for the front entrance. Then again, you don't expect you'd need another exit in a secret base that you don't expect to be raided." She sighed. I wish Tracer was here. We'd be able to distract them, just like old times. "I'll jump over to that desk. If I go first, they might focus their attention there. Just don't make yourselves known." Once again Lucille looked at the squad. She still couldn't put some names to faces. She just knew that she was gonna try to get them all out alive. She closed her eyes and uttered a silent prayer. She then looked toward the desk, felt the familiar hum in her shoes, and jumped. She flew forward, landing behind the desk as she was thrust forward. "I'll need to get used to that. Been a while since I Flash Jumped[pause in speech]" She shook her head and tapped her earpiece, this time to talk to the squad. "I'm in position. There's here, and the upper level balcony. Make your choice, and make it snappy." Talon's operatives pushed forward into the Foyer, taking ground and setting up some deployable barricades to take cover behind, as if preparing for a long siege. The suppressing fire towards the corner the rest of the squad were currently behind (and now also towards the desk Lucille was currently behind) continued. A deep voice echoed through the room, "Hand it over, and we might let you live. Hah! As if. You fools shouldn't have come here. Now you pay the ultimate price!"
  12. One thing I will say, be careful in confusing 'Non-Religious' and 'Atheist,' where one is just no specific belief and the other is the belief that there are no dieties. I still understand your plight though, and I think it's really unfair that they force you to take part even if you don't agree. I had no ideas that Catholic Schools could be so oppressive. I disagree with your statement about religion being the root of all conflict, as religion was created more as a medium for people to better understand the world around them, and even though science has stated otherwise, some people would rather hold onto their beliefs. Sure sometimes it can go too far and we get extremists who are so deluded in their following of their religion that they are willing to kill or maim, but overall Religion illustrates the creativity of humanity, as it shows our ability to try and make a logical explanation for what happens around us. Just remember that they didn't have nearly as much science when religion was at its peak, so it was even more influential in giving humans some way to grasp the universe.
  13. -1 Not enough of Tega and I. Disappointing. Good to see the other team members getting some training in though. Doom will be pretty handy for the second gym. (As will Tega.) Good luck. And good job on having no deaths so far.
  14. Ew School starts again tomorrow. Rip me.

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  15. Cloud, from his branch, looked down upon the Gallade and Gabite. "I suppose introductions would be a good idea, if we are to be a 'team.' I'm Cloud." He sighed. "Don't expect me to enjoy these arrangements. I have other things to do on top of saving the world. He began to pick and peck at his wings, trying to straighten and clean them after the Fearow's attacks. "Ugh. We need to find a source of water or something. I'm filthy. Don't expect me to help you if I'm not allowed to maintain even basic hygiene." Cloud shook his head in frustration. "That Fearow[pause in speech] I'll never get these marks out of my feathers!" The anger became too much, and the Altaria launched a Dragon Pulse at a nearby tree in rage. "IT TAKES FOREVER TO GET STAINS OUT OF THESE WINGS!" he yelled.
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