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  1. Hi sorry for the slight delay in coming out with another progress for my game for you all. Here is the party so far: Gabite - Drake Lv. 16 Moves: Dragon Rage Sand Attack Take Down Rock Smash Luxio - Thor Lv. 16 Moves: Spark Charge Tackle Leer Oddish - Marijuana Lv. 15 Moves: Poison Powder Stun Spore Absorb Acid Finneon - Luma Lv. 11 Moves: Water Gun Water Pulse Attract Pound Wynaut - Wobba Lv. 10 Moves: Charm Encore Splash -- So on the Oreburgh Gate, I couldn't catch a Cacturne after 10 tries. It REALLY sucked. I'm having really bad luck trying to catch pokemon in this run. Since I set the item area at random, I found a thunderstone. I had to sell it to buy more pokeballs, and I didn't have any use for it at all. Along the way regice nearly killed my luxio with explosion during a trainer battle. When I arrived to the city, I was offered a doduo for feraligatr. Obviously I couldn't take the offer lmao. In the mines I was given ANOTHER chance to catch something. It was a pidgeotto. I killed it with absorb when I tried to out it down to red. I honestly thought it wouldn't do that much damage. I slayed a cresselia at the mine. The gym battle was not too bad. Roark's glaceon spammed sand attack, but Thor managed to take her down with spark. The other two pokemon (I forgot them already haha, one was a spearow?) were slayed with Drake's all powerful dragon rage. After getting the mine badge, we ran back to jubilife city and double battled team galactic. Dawn had a huntail, one of my favorite pokemon...which sucked. Later, I managed to catch an Armaldo and named him Crow on the ravaged path, but he later died to a Honchkrow's pursuit when I tried switch training him. I was mad because I wasted ten pokeballs when catching Crow. Floaroma Town happens. We caught a wynaut at Valley Windworks which wasn't too bad because wobuffet is a VERY valubale asset to the team with his tankiness and his movepool consisting of Counter and Mirror Coat. This means he can take hits and kill enemies easily once he traps them with Encore. Okay, so that's the gist of what happened. I have to take over the team galactic base at Valley Windworks after one of the grunts rudely locked the door from the inside. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is my third song cover of a song I like called "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. I'd love it if you listen!
  2. Hi sorry for no platinum randomizer nuzlocke update... This will be a serious entry It all started when I finished open gym volleyball at the city sports club and I get a call from my aunt. I looked at my phone and thought why is she calling me? Shouldn't my dad be the one doing that? It turns out that my aunt was there to pick me up all of a sudden. I initially thought that my dad decided to go out with his friends last minute, but that wasn't the case this time around. My aunt told me that my dog (we raised him from when he was a puppy) got into some firecrackers and ingested a thumb-sized stick of the stuff. My dad claimed that he was lethargic which was a VERY bad sign considering my last dog was the same way before she died from a variety of natural health problems. My dad was gone all day and I had to feed myself breakfast, lunch. and dinner (with my aunt's help) which wasn't normal, considering he was gone for a very long time. I felt distressed but I kept the problem to myself. I finally returned home and waited for my dad until 2 am. During this time my older sister called me. I was like okay? If she is here to tell me what happened...I already know. Her call turned into a shaming session of why I wasn't constantly calling my dad to check up on the animal. I retaliated and hung up. I didn't return her calls afterward. To be honest if I did seem apathetic to the whole situation, in truth, I didn't not want to think about it at all. I wanted remain positive and have faith that my damn dog wasn't poisoned by now, and that he would survive because he is a large golden retriever. By 2 am I went into my room to sleep. My dad came home and had me check on the animal. To be honest, he looked um fine? He seemed to be a little groggy but he was still standing. My dad even walked him and he was up and ready when he had the leash in his hand. I saw the ER trip as a precaution if my dog were to get poisoned... My worries dwindled. The only strange thing was that he was peeing all over himself while lying down. He used to do that as a maybe there was minor urinary tract irritation. After that I tried going to sleep, but then my aunt claimed he was lethargic again and that he peed all over himself again which was pretty bad. I heard my dad call the ER again through my door at around 3 to 4 am. My dad demanded that I get up at around 6 am to check on him. Which was fine with me... I did just that when I woke up. At 6 am, my dad wanted me to sleep in the living room when he was leaving for work to keep an eye on the dog (which seemed odd because I would be conked out asleep, and if anything happened to him, I probably wouldn't notice in time). I saw my dog again and he was like his normal self when I moved to the living room. In other words, he looked perfectly fine to me. I tried to sleep on the couch for a few minutes and my dad finally left. I was so tired that I moved back to my room. I felt that in my heart that my dog was perfectly okay, and that he would do fine by himself in the living room, like the other 99+ times we have left him out there to sleep. It was my decision, and I don't care what others think of it. Speed up the clock to around 10 am. My aunt knocks on my door and seems very surprised that I wasn't sleeping in the living room for the dog. She immediately shames me and tells me that blah blah I'm almost eighteen, need to be more responsible, tells me that my dad had a 6 am meeting on two to four hours of sleep (I felt bad for him on that, but I've gone to school with the same amount of sleep on exam days, so I wasn't too sympathetic). She also demanded that I do the dishes, but her speech seemed reasonable enough and at least she was trying to help, so I complied with her as a way to give her credit for what she was doing (and she said she would also bring us back food which was really nice of her lmao). Now I get into a phone call with my dad while doing dishes because he knew I flaked on his demands for sleeping in the living room for the dog. During my third shaming session, I agreed with all of his points as a way of appeasing him. Not complying with his demands was my personal decision, again I don't care. I had faith that my dog would be fine. I would like to reiterate to the reasons behind what I did: 1. At 6 AM my dog was acting perfectly normal to my eyes. 2. If I were in a deep sleep, how would I check on that dog every hour? I need to have my eyes peeled on him at all times to do that. And I could be too late if anything happened to him because I'd be passed out. All in all, I actually didn't think that the situation wasn't as critical to the extent that my dad and my aunt were making of it. As soon I saw my dog acting normally after his first ER trip before 3 am, I had faith that he was perfectly okay. I do not like to be judged for seemingly not caring about my dog, because as a matter of fact, I love him very much. If the way I handled the situation seems questionable, great. If I made a mistake to other's eyes, it DAMN well shows that in life you can't please everybody. Sorry for the depressing story. I you bothered to read this, thanks for your time. I wanted to get that off my chest. My golden retriever legend if perfectly okay right now~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a second song cover for you all. It's "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker. It would make me happy if you take a listen. I hope you all like it: Have a nice summer. Like, comment, and follow. Bye
  3. So far I've been lucky with the selection. For my first run (before I got wiped out) in the beginning, I started with a larvitar.
  4. Oh no it's still going. I was just unclear in my writing. Although it's obvious that I'm not finished with the nuzlocke haha. (I finally have someone commenting) I sure hope I can finish it.
  5. So I started a randomizer nuzlocke on pokemon platinum just for fun. I've been making pretty good progress early on. It took me a while how to figure out how to set up the whole thing, so if you want to know how to do it don't ask me. Youtube tutorials are available. Here is my team so far: Gabite - Drake Gentle Nature Lv. 10 Moves: Tackle Sand Attack Dragon Rage -- Oddish - Marijuana Modest Nature Lv. 10 Moves: Sweet Scent Absorb Acid -- Luxio - Thor Careful Nature Lv. 8 Moves: Tackle Leer -- -- In the beginning there was way too much talking. It got annoying after a while. I set the game randomizer program to "highest speed" on the text so I could breeze through the game more easily. Now there were three choices: Mew Gabite Persian I felt like taking Mew would cheap...and I liked Gabite more so I chose him. The first rival battle was a sneasel. I was freaking out, but luckily the thing didn't know any ice move at level 5. For the first encounter we came across a Snorlax. I accidentally killed it. It was a pain in the butt to capture anyways. It also had leftovers, so I had to hit it over and over because it wouldn't stay at red. I remember having too much trouble with this pokemon in my FireRed days. At the next route we caught a Luxio. It nearly killed me with a crit early game. \(〇_o)/ Bye. At around this time my Gabite learned dragon rage, so it was plowing through EVERYTHING ╰(▔∀▔)╯ because nothing had above 40 hp this early. We OHKO'd a trainer's uxie and latias (all encounters are randomized). Jubilife city was next. I caught the Oddish in the route above and named her Marijuana because...the weed reference. This too inspired the name: During this part of the story, the game forces you to search the city for three clowns for a poketch. I was like: WHERE IS THE THIRD CLOWN?! There was another rival battle. His strongest was a wurmple. He got screwed. ( ̄▽ ̄) Eventually at the next route I encountered a chimecho. It refused to be captured. And I ran out of pokeballs. It sucked. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ So that concludes the first part of my randomizer nuzlocke. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a song cover I'd like you all to check out too. It's me singing "At Last" by Etta James. Like, comment, and follow. Have a nice summer.
  6. Ugh math can be the worst sometimes. Trigonometry and Pre-calculus Honors was my most notorious and difficult class compared to all of my APs last school year. I'm decent at math compared to an average person, but you start doubting your confidence when you are one of the older kids in the class (at the time, I was only a junior, there were majority sophomores in that class and they were pretty much math geniuses, considering they were a year ahead in their grade level ). Before taking that class, I would hear horror stories from other friends about the tests because they would have narrow time constraints and the problems on them would be the most difficult ones from the homework. Oh yeah, he also barely checked the homework, so if I had a crap ton of work that night, I wouldn't do it because I wanted sleep, which meant I had no practice doing the problems. So I had long study sessions. All of this was combined with a sometimes mediocre and unclear teacher who was never there after school to offer help because he coached. This was the formula for pain and essentially being left to fend for yourself. I was actually forced to study for that class, and I really didn't study for math. My algebra 2 teacher gave us after school to finish our tests and we could use notes my sophomore year. I took advantage of that. He was a funny guy though, and I liked the class environment, except when you had a damn test that would become your impending doom. I would try not to panic during an exam session and I get sort of an adrenaline rush trying to finish until time was up. I would get this terrible sick feeling during and after my first period. It sucked. Second semester I barely scratched and A with an 89.7%. I studied my a** off for the final until 1:30 am, and I managed to get an A- on it. That class could have been the end of my straight A's in my high school career if I didn't work . I'm sorry you broke down after that test, and I can certainly relate or have some idea about how you feel. I have set some records of low marks on tests for myself junior year (like a 45% on my AP Spanish final that would have given me a B+, but I scratched an A-. When I told my dad about this, he was pretty mad about the teacher's decision of giving a full on AP Spanish test as a final and grading it exactly if more than half of the class was a non-native speaker.). Don't give up and persevere. Your second and third years of high school (same as 1st and 2nd years of secondary education in Canada I think?) will be your hardest. College is a different animal altogether. Good luck.
  7. I just made my username based on when I discovered my favorite pokemon of all time, Bisharp, when the fifth generation was still new. I added "Blade" for good measure because well it has blades, and when put the word with the name it had a good ring. The power of alliteration.
  8. Well I'm a bit of a pessimist myself at heart, so seeing what has happened to the forums these past few years in terms of a declination of activity has made one of my worst fears come true. At least something like this will bring back activity; however, I think I did express my views pretty clearly in my opinion. I like the idea, but again I think in all fairness I was stating a pretty clear view. I could argue that the very short responses (such as one lined posts) of people saying that they "like it" above my original concept did little to contribute to the discussion as well. I think every opinion should be valued, positive or not so positive, but I think those differences in views brings the community in PS a little more interesting. I remember when Johan cracked down on the rules before he closed the forums, and not many agreed with what he was doing when he banned some pretty important faces. If we didn't have any opinions against what he was doing, chances are none of us would have done any type of cooling off and reflecting of our time here, and chances are the forums might have not reopened if none of us took a break. All in all I'm sorry if you do not like what I think, but I think I have some validity based on my mindset. Its not like I said something like this would never work. Other than that, I think all attitudes should be welcomed because I believe this community is an open place. An attitude that invites hate and harms others online is something that should not be welcomed instead. Anyway, I'm interested in the spriting contests, so I might stick around to see what will happen.
  9. Oh that's too bad. It was very useful. It just seems odd how you the PC remains without those two integral features. I hope they come back nonetheless.
  10. As a admin is it possible to bring back the search bar and find pokecreations on somebody's profile?. I find the PC nearly unusable and horribly inconvenient because of that. I'm pretty sure if it is an old feature, then it should not be too difficult to revive. Perhaps it's a reason the PC is kind of dead as of now because of the lack of accessibility?
  11. I hope this doesn't die lmao, but then it might...
  12. Thanks?
  13. It has already been months before I was ever active again (since last summer). I just finished my junior year of high school and it's my last year of high school next school year. That's very scary, considering I first joined my sixth grade year. You see what people fail to understand (especially young ones, like the users in their first years of high school or middle school) is that older users and mods are very busy. Life catches up with you, and PS activity probably becomes our lowest priority in life. I've spent the longest time here, and the lack of updates and low activity here just drains the self fulfillment you once got here when you were younger and active everywhere, just hoping for that one like on your creation or for that "witty comment", or a response, or a positive comment on your blog. At some point it feels like you are fishing for attention, which is fruitless in itself. Enjoy the things in real life a bit more. That's what I learned from being here, considering my sister just graduated and is visiting for the summer, which is all the more reason to cherish the time that I have with her in real life. I just stopped coming here because of the toll my Honors and AP's had on me this year. I'm glad to be done, yet I'm not sure if I'm glad enough to have returned here. Moreover, I tried and have failed to make online friends here. Everyone seems unusually weird here with their odd "family trees" and rant posts defending their friends from an offensive post or something. That's just not for me. I'm better at this kind of stuff in the real world, although its fair to say I could be reclusive myself. In general, I honestly do not know what to say. The pace of the community here seems to be a little slow, especially with the pokecreator. The topics are redundant in bland in the forums now, and it doesn't suit me to always be interacting with 12-13 year olds I barely know who are active here 24/7. If my response was lengthy, oh well. I understand the annoyance a few of the mods feel of the demand for activity, but in the long run, PS shouldn't be a way to fulfill yourself. Believe me because I have been here for five years (now 17 lmao). I was once a young kid who was obsessed being here and I would get mad if there were no updates/activities from the mods or if nothing were to happen. Just deal with it. It's just a website. I only decided to revisit because I've actually been seeing some extremely old faces lurking around like Hydropumper and Dan. All in all, I'm not going to be too active because the summer is short and I have other priorities. God I just wrote a whole essay. This is what AP Lang does to you. Bye. I'm pretty sure most of you won't really care with what I have to say because you all barely know or don't know who I am, but I said my piece.
  14. That moment when all your free time is sucked away from AP classes and marching band (;¬_¬)

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