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  1. pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky
  2. Pokemon Claim: meowth Shiny? (y/n): y Dex #: 52 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n edit: i read wrong, that's dumb, number of posts is a dumb way to rank things
  3. my penguin was 3491 days old


    RIP... Sep 8 2007 - Mar 30 2017

    1. Tega


      Rest in pepperonis 

    2. AethericDoom
  4. I played the Switch for like 4 hours today, so if anyone has any questions, i'd be fairly happy to answer

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cookabeara


      does it suck

    3. Amy



      It uses mini-disks, similar to the UMDs in a PSP. You can fit a whole 1.2GB on one!



      It's like. more or less the weight of the Wii U gamepad. None of the games really had an improvement in graphics over the Wii U, other than resolution/framerate. Analogue sticks feel really odd, as obviously I'm used to the Wii U gamepad, but I'm sure I'd get used to it.



      It's great, best thing ever, I'm preordering 50

    4. Yashu


      What game did you play on it? Also, how's the battery life?

  5. i won the Nintendo Switch competition and i'm going to the hands-on event,

    1. Hydralicious


      Oh wow! that's really cool congrats!

    2. Amy


      I'm so excited @Hydralicious

      Just need a way to get to London now, lmao

  6. I was just curious, who is your favorite fusion from SU?

    1. Amy


      i don't really like any fusions


      i like smokey quartz's theme music though

  7. oh my god that new Switch video is so good for nintendo dsklfjlsdkfj im freaking out

  8. PPG 2016 gets a lot more crap than it deserves. It's not great, but it's not awful just because it's not the exact same show you grew up with.
  9. i'll post this one more time, but if you could check out the review i made on sonic advance i'd appreciate any comments you could make on my writing or whatever, thanks

  10. I don't like game grumps.
  11. This is common knowledge
  12. What are you trying to say?
  13. Ah, but her personality isn't so apparent in Sonic Advance, I was talking purely about her gameplay! Also, thanks for the comment!
  14. i'd appreciate if some people would read and comment on my SA review, it'd mean a lot to me

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