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  1. i made a blog if anyone wants to check it out/bookmark it/subscribe/whatever

    it's about video games



    i'd really appreciate comments etc thank u

  2. @isagonj SORRY FIRE EMBLEM might just get FE Warriors because I really liked Hyrule Warriors though? Won't preorder tho
  3. So the main conferences of E3 2017 are good and done. So I wanted to compile my thoughts somewhere, so feel free to discuss with me if you'd like. Microsoft Microsoft's big thing this E3 was the Xbox One X. Guess what? It does 4K! Microsoft wouldn't shut up about it. So I thought Microsoft's conference was pretty cool. However, the amount of focus they put on the fact that the Xbox One X can do 4K was kind of annoying. I mean, I see why they did it, but it was like Buzzwords: The Conference. As for the Xbox One X, I may get one in the future to play Kingdom Hearts III on, given that it can do it at 1080p at 60fps (Not really a matter of whether it can, more of a matter of whether Squenix will.) The console itself is, as Microsoft would have you know, very very powerful. It's actually more powerful than my PC! Time for an upgrade soon I guess. I'm very impressed by the price point. £450? Very nice. I'm going to get a preowned one when Kingdom Hearts III releases in 2062. The fact that it is liquid cooled intrigues me. Notable games include Sea of Thieves, available for Xbone/PC, which I am interested in. Assassin's Creed Origins was announced, probably for XBone/PS4/PC, but I've never been interested in the series. And oh, guess what: MINECRAFT in 4K! So this is the power of the Scorpio[pause in speech] They also announced backwards compatibility for the original Xbox, which is pretty cool. The OG Xbox cannot be emulated on PC at this time, so I feel happy for fans of Xbox games. It's not huge for me though. So, the big thing for me in Microsoft's press conference? Life is Strange of course. Like wow, hello! My reaction was essentially: "Square Enix, neat" "Wait is that-" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Legitimately so excited for this game. I LOVED Life is Strange, and a prequel seems like a neat idea. I'd assume it's coming to Xbone/PS4/PC only, but I'd LOVE a Switch release. This is probably my favourite reveal at this E3. Bethesda Bethesda was probably the only conference I slept through. S-Sorry Todd[pause in speech] From what I gather they announced a Wolfenstein game or something, nothing I'm interested in. I thought the Skyrim trailer for Switch actually looked really cool, and it has definitely won me over. I don't even like Skyrim that much, but the incorporation of Amiibo functionality and the ability to play it anywhere seems awesome. The motion controls also seemed[pause in speech] Interesting. The Legend of Zelda: Skyrim Sword anyone? The trailer was actually beautiful and running at 60fps, which I REFUSE to believe will be the case when it releases. Even Xbone/PS4 run Skyrim at 30fps. However, if the Switch version runs at 60, I will eat a Joy-Con. The music choice for the trailer felt really odd, but somehow I find it fitting for the Switch. It's enjoyable to watch. Short and sweet. SONY LITERALLY nothing. Like literally. Nothing I was interested in. I gather Monster Hunter and some Uncharted game are coming, yawwwn. Sony is the true loser of E3 this year for me. Ubisoft Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is real, as expected. Actually looks pretty neat. I'll get it. I really like the artstyle and the gameplay looks[pause in speech] Different. Obviously we've known about this for months and months now. Most hype part of this conference for me was when Miyamoto (lad) walked out on stage with a gun. Nothing else from Ubisoft really interested me though. Nintendo Straight up: Rocket League. Neat! I'm not a huge fan, but I've seen a lot of people wanting it for Switch. Xenoblade 2 still on track for 2017 release, cool. Not my thing though. New Kirby game: Cool I guess? Kirby games are boring as hell though tbh. New Yoshi game: Okay[pause in speech]. CORE POKEMON RPG BEING DEVELOPED FOR SWITCH?! Thank God! Perhaps US/UM WILL be the last Pokémon games on 3DS! God damn it. MIPHA AMIIBO AAAAAAAAAH! Will get! The DLC comes out on 31st too, which is cool I guess. RIP my money. Not a huge fan of Mario games, but I'll get Odyssey, looks pretty good. This trailer confused the hell out of me at first though. Last 2 games they announced were 3DS games: Metroid 2 Remake and SuperStar Saga remake. I appreciate them keeping these out of the main presentation, and dedicating that to Switch. Other: Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date: Never Ever Sonic Forces has gone mega-edge. Some gameplay also emerged you can fish around for, I have to say it looks better than Generations but still not all that excited. Music is sweet though. Conclusion So that's all I really have to say. This leaves me with the following purchases this year: Sonic Mania (August 17th(?)) (PC/Switch) Splatoon 2 (July 21st) Skyrim Switch (Fall/Holiday) Life is Strange BTS (August 31st) (PC, if a miracle happens and there's a Switch version, I'll get that) Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (August 29th) Sonic Forces (Holiday) (PC, potentially Switch given it runs okay.) Mario Odyssey (October 27th I think?) Zelda DLC (June 31st) Potentially Rocket League Switch (???) Feel free to comment or whatever if you want to discuss stuff.
  4. I'm incredibly disappointed in all of it but I do feel as if we're all hating on Pokken just because it isn't a main series Switch game. UltraS/M honestly make me upset, S/M was already a disappointment to me and performed awfully on the 3DS, and now they're essentially rereleasing them for the cashgrab? At least do it on Switch as well so I can play the game at a decent framerate and resolution you heathens
  5. that was the worst nintendo direct ive ever seen and i long for death

  6. I've posted this before, but I'll never forget it. I must have been like 8 years old. I was playing Pokémon Diamond. I'm fairly sure I'd beaten the game by this point, but I had not done the optional 'mission' where you have to guide the woman through the cave. So, I went to do that. As everyone should remember, when you travel with someone in D/P/Pt, all your battles are double battles, with one Pokémon on your side being controlled by the AI. This lead to a rather unfortunate situation where I ran into my first ever shiny Pokémon, a Zubat. The woman's Pokémon killed the Zubat in one hit if I recall, and my first shiny was lost forever. A few years later, I finally encountered my first Shiny that I caught, but unfortunately it was a Boldore, a Pokémon I hate, in Pokémon Black 2, a game that I hate. I named him 'JESUS' and eventually traded him away for something.
  7. pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky
  8. Pokemon Claim: meowth Shiny? (y/n): y Dex #: 52 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n edit: i read wrong, that's dumb, number of posts is a dumb way to rank things
  9. my penguin was 3491 days old


    RIP... Sep 8 2007 - Mar 30 2017

    1. Tega


      Rest in pepperonis 

    2. AethericDoom
  10. I played the Switch for like 4 hours today, so if anyone has any questions, i'd be fairly happy to answer

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cookabeara


      does it suck

    3. Marcy



      It uses mini-disks, similar to the UMDs in a PSP. You can fit a whole 1.2GB on one!



      It's like. more or less the weight of the Wii U gamepad. None of the games really had an improvement in graphics over the Wii U, other than resolution/framerate. Analogue sticks feel really odd, as obviously I'm used to the Wii U gamepad, but I'm sure I'd get used to it.



      It's great, best thing ever, I'm preordering 50

    4. Yashu


      What game did you play on it? Also, how's the battery life?

  11. i won the Nintendo Switch competition and i'm going to the hands-on event,

    1. Hydralicious


      Oh wow! that's really cool congrats!

    2. Marcy


      I'm so excited @Hydralicious

      Just need a way to get to London now, lmao

  12. I was just curious, who is your favorite fusion from SU?

    1. Marcy


      i don't really like any fusions


      i like smokey quartz's theme music though

  13. oh my god that new Switch video is so good for nintendo dsklfjlsdkfj im freaking out

  14. PPG 2016 gets a lot more crap than it deserves. It's not great, but it's not awful just because it's not the exact same show you grew up with.
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