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  1. PSΔ Welcome rushes, to the Competitive Battling Fraternity, Pokestadium Delta PSΔ. Because I'm just starting out in college, I decided to do a frat theme for my RMT thread. Please forgive me. This fraternity consists of 6 brothers who like to party hard and wreck opposing teams in competitive intramural battles. The goal of our frat is to get in the ELO range of 1400+. So far, we have peaked at about 1230, which isn't so great. Now is your chance to rush our frat and meet the bros personally. Brogar @ Black Sludge Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Hex - Taunt - Will-O-Wisp - Sludge Wave Brogar is the president of the fraternity. With that said, the frat is constructed around him. His brothers inflict status ailments to opposing bros, and late game Brogar comes out to sweep up with Hex. Pokemon like Clefable tend to give my team problems with their bulk and wish abusing. Sludge Wave is a great way to get rid of her. I rarely ever lead with Brogar, therefore, taunt is rarely used. I'm thinking of switching this move out. Will-O-Wisp has been useful. Timid nature allows Brogar to outspeed a lot of opponents. Brogar tends to take a lot of damage switching in on neutral attacks, so he is best used as either or a revenge kill or after a slow U-turn. Overall, if I can protect him until late game, 9 times out of 10 its a win for the bros.Ferbrothorn @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Iron Barbs EVs: 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 SpD Relaxed Nature - Stealth Rock - Leech Seed - Gyro Ball/Power Whip- Thunder Wave Every team that I have ever run since the release of Gen 5 has contained Ferrothorn. Ferbrothorn is a bit different. Very versatile, he can withstand all neutral physical and special attacks. Moves like drain punch can be problematic, but I'll normally switch into Brogar in this situation. Special moves like Focus Blast, Overheat, and Flamethrower tend to OHKO him. In this case, I'll switch. Lack of leftovers can be problematic, but the extra damage from the Rocky Helmet is useful on switching into physical attackers. I'll usually set up Stealth Rock as soon as it feels safe, and Leech Seed comes next. Thunder Wave is vital. Ferbrothorn usually distributes paralysis more than my other Pokemon distribute status ailments because of his bulky nature. I have been running Gyro Ball, but I think that the grass coverage from a strong Power Whip can be much more useful. Overall, Ferrbrothorn has great synergy with his fellow bros Broscor and Slowbrobro. The three of them often cycle in and out to keep my opponents guessing.Broscor @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 244 HP / 8 Def / 200 SpD / 56 Spe Careful Nature - Earthquake - Toxic - Roost - Knock Off Broscor is normally my lead Pokemon. With that said, there are a lot of leads out there that can harm him with an ice attack. In this case, it is an instant switch to either Ferbrothorn or Slowbrobro. The first move is usually Toxic or Knock off. Generally I'll use Toxic on the more potent attacking threats and Knock Off on stalls. Roost is very useful to keep Gliscor healing, especially when my bropponent has one or two Pokemon left, both of which are badly poisoned. Earthquake is solid for steel types that resist Toxic like Magnezone and Heatran. It's usually a OHKO. Unfortunately, Broscor does tend to take a lot of damage from neutral special attacks, specifically Mega Charizard-Y's flamethrower. He can take care of Assault Vest Goodra though, who usually is a threat to this team.Bronectric @ Manectite Ability: Lightning Rod EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Thunderbolt - Volt Switch - Overheat - Hidden Power [ice] Bronectric is the newest pledge in the frat and the main sweeper. He takes care of a lot of threats with flying types, dragon types, ground types, grass types, etc. His coverage is quite nice. The switch in on a predicted Electric attack provides Bronectric with a nice boost. I have noticed a weakness outside of his STAB attacks, however. Hidden Power Ice doesn't always OHKO Pokemon, but with residual damage combined from stealth rock or any prior damage it took, it can help out. The metagame is heavy on flying types lately, and Bronectric takes care of them. He also benefits very much from the work of his brothers. In addition, Overheat works nicely to OHKO steel types, especially non-bro Ferrothorn. However, I usually end up having to take Bronectric out by switch or volt switch to account for stat loss. Will flamethrower OHKO ferrothorn?Scizbro @ Life Orb Ability: Technician EVs: 248 HP / 60 Def / 200 SpD Impish Nature - Defog - Roost - Bullet Punch - U-turn Scizbro is mainly used as my defogger and my fairy killer. He has great U-Turn/Volt Switch synergy with his bro Bronectric, and Bullet Punch is great for that last hit to knock off a very badly hurt Pokemon. Roost is nice if I have Scizor late game matched up against a Poisoned Pokemon. Defog gets rid of the hazards for his bros. However, I'm not so sure if Scizbro is the greatest fit for this frat. If there are better defoggers out there that would match this team, let me know. U-turn works very well against psychic types like Hoopa as well. As for a replacement, I'm thinking that Exbrodrill could do fine as a rapid spinner and all-out physical attacker.Slowbrobro @ Leftovers Ability: Regenerator EVs: 252 HP / 232 Def / 24 SpD Bold Nature - Scald - Slack Off - Thunder Wave - Psyshock The Bro of all Bros. The original Slowbrobro. STAB Scald is great at spreading damage and that possible chance of burn is vital. Thunder Wave to distribute the pain, and Psyshock to take care of various other threats. He's very bulky, and that Slack Off/Regenerator combo keeps him alive for a long time. Slowbrobro is the ultimate bro because he weakens the bropponents to a degree in which Brogar and Bronectric can really clean (frat) house. He has a safety net against electric types in Bronectric and Broscor. Non-STAB SolarBeam doesn't OHKO, and the switch out really saves him. Dark Pulse is an issue. Knock off 2HKOs. Any tips on how I can improve this team would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Love everyone TYBG

  3. Sign me up i guess I like mafia.
  4. Don't take this the wrong way. Who are you?

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    2. Chris


      Did you have another name?

    3. Poison


      I used to be Poisonpikachu, so not much different ^^;

    4. Chris


      Oh okay makes more sense now

  6. mfw my spirit lucario from 5 years ago is still one of the top pokecreations

  7. Darnit Kanye, ruining everything. My blog will never live up to Beyonce's, but this will be my first entry. Ask me anything and I'll answer it. No questions are off limits. In addition I will probably blog about my daily life. My old blogs from a couple of years ago gained some popularity. I plan on bringing back that same flair. Also, maybe I'll upload some music. Check out my mixtape.
  8. We still luv you <3

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      But did I even get a trial?


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      But technically it wasn't spam. This is a bit more complicated though.

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      I had a different definition of spam. But yeah, it was very....good of a test....I guess...

      Anywayy, now I know a different definition for spam. You learn new things errydey owo

  9. Everyone b changing their names who are u people?

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      You can steal my post, bump it, copy and paste it, whatever you want. Keep the logos. They're nice. Also we have to generate interest again. That died out lol.

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      Hahaha, true. I don't think I can take over it just yet. I still have a lot to do irl such as catch up with one math subject and catch up on art.

    4. Chris


      Ok so we'll just keep it under wraps for now lol

  10. Are blogs coming back or nah? These are the decisions that have to be made. Still so many familiar people around, I don't feel like I've been active for so long, but definitely very out of touch with all of you. I'd love to get back into things, pop my head in every now and then. Best way to do this is blogs. We (I) want blogs back!
  11. Glad to see y'all doing well. Interest definitely dwindles over time. When the website re-opened, Matty and Shinysharpedo pretty much inactive after the first month. I was basically done by the time my wrestling season came around in the winter and just never got back into it. With that said, I'm glad that you finally put these new admins in! They've always been active members of the community and had plenty of new ideas!
  12. It's cool to see when your profile is rated 5 stars. You think that everyone likes you and that you're wanted on the forums. However, as the ratings get lower and lower, I become more concerned with our members self-esteem. If I was a new, younger member with a 1 star rating I would feel unwanted by the community as a whole. It's not a good place to me. No, I'm not only saying this because of my own 4 star rating. Any opinions?
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