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  1. @Contract_Crawdad @Pepsi Man Your requests have been accepted. You will receive a PM for when your medals are added. Please look forward to it!
  2. @Kekleon @TheBadonkulator @AethericDoom @Nisa @Luxifer @Taiiyo Thank you all for ordering! You have all been added to the "regular customers" list. If any of you would like to receive the medal(s) for making an order here at the cafe, please check out the medal system post. We hope to see you again when the new menu arrives!
  3. Pokestadium Medal System The medal system is a new feature here at Pokestadium that allows members to be awarded for participating in various events, completing missions, or just being helpful members around the forums in general. Medals are displayed in the "Medals" Tab of a member's profile. Show off your achievements as a member with the medal system today! Common Medals are introduced in Waves. They are obtained by completing various missions. Event Medals are introduced with their respective event. They are obtained by completing activities within the event. Misc. Medals are unique medals. The way to obtain these are secret until discovered. You can apply to obtain a medal in this thread by filling out a forum below. Requirements to fulfill a medal will only be accepted with content/posts that's been created after the introduction of the medal system (Friday April 14 2017), with some exceptions (Medal #11, #13-18) (i.e. If there is a medal for creating a topic in the roleplaying section, you cannot obtain a medal for a roleplay you made before the introduction of the medal system.) MEDALS Common Medals - Wave 1 Event and Participation Medals Misc. Medals MEDAL FORM Medal(s) Requesting (please state the ID of the medal): Proof of qualification for the medal (try to attach links to whatever can prove you fulfill the requirements): -- Please PM me for any futher questions regarding medals. Members who RSVP'd for the "Medal System Launch' Medal will receive their gift during the week of April 17-23.
  4. man that sure was an unfortunate time for pokestadium to go down huh


    on the upside it looks like people can properly RSVP now

  5. Moomoo Milk Café Welcome to Moomoo Milk Café! This humble establishment is a place where Members can order some delectable treat's and drinks. "What must I pay with?" you may ask? It's very simple. The form of currency we use around here are icebreakers! You heard me, Icebreakers! To order a drink, all you have to do is order the icebreaker that comes with it. Drinks and treats around here are rotated weekly, and the icebreaker you must answer to order it will change as the menu changes. So, order up a drink, answer a fun question, and get a conversation going with other members! After you order a drink, your name will show up in the "Regular Customers" section. Medals are also given away for ordering at Moomoo Cafe! Please check the medal section for more info. ~ MENU ~ drinks Moomoo Milk A bottle of highly nutritious, creamy and delicious Moomoo Milk. Icebreaker Order: What consumable design do you like the best in the Pokemon Series? (Old gateau? Lava Cookie?) Tea Steamy-hot green tea. Quite bitter. Icebreaker Order: If you could have any Pokemon as your pet in the real world, which would it be, and why? treats Old Gateau A decadent cake straight from the Old Chateau. Icebreaker Order: What is the most amount of times you have RE's, hatched an egg, chained, etc. For a Shiny Pokemon? Share your shiny hunting story! Malasada Deep fried, tossed in cinnamon sugar. Sure to make your taste-buds very happy. Icebreaker Order: What's your Top 3 favourite OST's from any Pokemon game? What do you like about them? ~ REGULAR CUSTOMERS ~ @Kekleon @TheBadonkulator @AethericDoom @Nisa @Luxifer @Taiiyo We hope you enjoy your visit here at Moomoo Cafe. Have a pleasant time discussing to your heart's content with fellow customers!
  6. Hey NuVonde, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could integrate these recolored sprites. Please PM me them if you end up doing them. Thanks in advance!
  7. I assume to RSVP we just say that we are going to the event? (If so, I am going)

    1. ekevinn


      Yes, that works as well! I'll get you on the list to receive that exclusive medal :)

  8. Whats all this about a medal

  9. @Amy Hey there, the rules state that Veteran Members and Staff (members with 750+ posts/staff members) can claim 3 Pokemon. You are only at the beginner rank with 100 posts, so you can only claim 1 out of the three listed. Once you reach the Trainer Rank with 250 posts, you can claim another Pokemon. In the time being, which Pokemon would you like to claim?
  10. @Contract_Crawdad You need to have at least 250 posts to claim 2 Pokemon. Out of the two you listed, which one would you like to claim first? As soon as you reach 250 posts, notify me and I will add the other Pokemon you claimed. If it is claimed before you reach 250 posts, you must select another Pokemon. Refer to the Rank Chart in the rules for more info. It really depends on your rank. Currently, you can claim a total of 2 Pokemon.
  11. CLAIM A POKEMON In this thread, members of Pokestadium can "claim" a Pokemon, which will fill in the slot of the "Claimed Pokemon" section of your profile. The Pokemon's mini sprite will also appear beside it's name. What does this mean exactly? Well, it's pretty self-explanatory! Claiming a Pokemon proves your pride for the Pokemon. It's proving that you're it's #1 fan around here! Although the actual visual on your profile doesn't contain very much, at least you'll know that no other member will have the Pokemon that you have claimed! It makes you unique: This Pokemon is your partner! However, there are rules to claiming Pokemon... RULES: You must have at least 50 posts to claim a Pokemon. Regular (Beginner Rank and below) Members can only claim one Pokemon. Trainer-Rank Members can claim 2. Veteran Members+ and staff can claim a total of 3 Pokemon. [RANK CHART - represented by rank title, post count, and icon representing rank] Shiny Variants of Pokemon count as the regular variant (i.e. If you claim Spinda, then you are claiming it's regular variation and it's Shiny Variation. You must specify which variation you want it to say in your profile). Shiny Pokemon chosen from Gen 5+ will be represented by a non-animated version of their Shiny Sprite from the game they were introduced in. Forme's, (including mega-evolutions) however, can be claimed multiple times (i.e. If Member A claims the Altered Forme of Giratina, Member B can still claim the Origin Forme of Giratina. Forme's from spinoff games, manga, and other official material are up for grabs) Severe inactivity for a time period exceeding 2 months allows the opportunity for members to "steal" claims from other members. However, Claims cannot be stolen from Elite Members+ and Staff (e.g. Member C, with the Trainer Rank, claimed Primarina, but has been completely inactive for 2 months: not even visiting once within those months. Member D "steals" Primarina in a claim as Member C has been inactive. Member E, an Elite Member, claimed Krabby. Member F cannot steal Krabby from Member E as Member E is an Elite Member.) Fakemon/Pokecreations cannot be claimed. LIST OF CLAIMS: CLAIM FORM: Pokemon Claim: Shiny? (y/n): Dex #: Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): If so, which member has claimed this Pokemon? How long have they been inactive for? (Please include their @): If your claim post is upvoted by me, it means your claim is fulfilled. Go check out the tab in your profile to see if all is in order. If not, please shoot me a PM. Happy claiming everyone!
  12. Congratulations to the newly selected moderators @Pepsi Man @Primal @Genji!!! Glad to have you all apart of the team :)

  13. I'm actually so surprised! I got invited to the Nintendo Switch Preview Event in my city :o

    1. Luxifer


      That's awesome!

    2. Ace


      Congrats man, hope you'll have fun. o3o

    3. Anime Psyclone

      Anime Psyclone

      I wish I did. 

  14. I want to join a Pokemon-Based Roleplay and be a Pokemon, but there aren’t really any active ones. So, if you made one and save me a spot in it, thanks!

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    2. Poison


      Do what you did to post on kev's page but do it on your own page O_O

    3. Anime Psyclone

      Anime Psyclone

      It doesn’t work. 

      My headphones are broken ah well

    4. purpledragon24


      By any chance did you disable status updates?

      That option is in "edit profile"

  15. Banned for being on this site for 6 years
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