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  1. Best method is to not ask. Petey explained it relatively well enough, but yeah, my step is very important. Same man, same.
  2. Get meme'd on kiddo
  3. Sorry buckaroos but this isn't an April Fools Day joke. Yeah basically its exactly what it sounds like. Hydra is being promoted to an admin for literally too many reasons for me to even bother going over, so congratulations to him. He's done a great amount since he's become a mod and is probably one of the most active members on this site, and is a role model (although who knows if we can classify a joke role model good but meh) for a good amount of the community. So yeah, you go @The-Hydra. I'll also be promoting @Kekleon to PC Mod once again since he used to be a reliable one in the past along with more soon probably. Will all be determined here in the future. In other news, still kind of stuck on what I'm able to do with the site. I've fixed pretty much everything I could within my abilities, but the rest of the problems that have risen up are kind of hard to deal with. So, yeah. Enjoy this for now until I do something later maybe possibly.
  4. soleil is best girl fates
  5. There has been an update to rules everyone. Please go read it when you have the time. It will be taking effect immediately. More on it tomorrow.

  6. If you let Jirwolf in, I can fill in the other spot for them. Showdown Name: Lightning Dash Time Zone: GMT -6 (CST)
  7. Moved to Fun and Games so people can just post links if they want.
  8. lapis is slowly becoming my favorite SU character thanks season 3

    1. isagonj


      please protect her

  9. After some talking and working on it, we've decided to just make it the official server! Some things to take in mind with this: -Drama Room will be removed. If you have any issues with someone, bring it somewhere personal. (Private messages and the such). This basically means that no swearing is allowed on the server. If you pass a swear on accident it is fine, but do not do it often or purposely. -Sonic and Rinneko will be running the server with the rest of the staff as they were the ones to start it. The Staff will mainly just be watching for things breaking the rules but the chat is mainly to chill out and just have fun. Otherwise, just enjoy it and join us for it guys!
  10. If you would like a 4th judge since CP backed out, I can do it @Petey Piranha.
  11. Depends what you mean on back sprites. Do you mean 3D models or actual sprites? http://www.pokestadium.com/tools/sprites Our sprite searcher here will give you the shiny 3D models, however if you want a sprite version of the back shiny, it is not on there and would need to be done for you. If you need a sprite, feel free to ask and I'm sure someone can provide you with a shinified version of the back sprite.
  12. So, I'd like to start this off by saying right off the bat, congratulations to @The-Hydra for becoming our newest mod! He will be helping around the site like most do and I can't wait to see what he can bring to the site with his new powers. Hopefully a partner will join him soon. We will be promoting a new moderator possibly soon, so stick to this thread if you want to be updated on it. In other news, it would be best to talk about other issues that are currently at hand. As of the moment we are unable to edit anything outside of the forums as they are run and coded by Johan, which the current admins do not have control over. However, we do want to make the forums as they are to the best point they can be at, so that leaves some questions. What would you guys suggest? The current things that are being possibly considered as of the meantime: Possible Sun/Moon subforum, so people can avoid spoilers and the such. Also possibly stops any clutter. Should we try events again, and if so, what kind? What is your least favorite thing about the forum part of the site, and most favorite (as it currently stands)? I hope you guys can point out what we are missing, and hopefully we can make changes to make the forums the best they can with our current ability.
  13. Posts have been hidden to avoid cluttering in your contest thread. Thanks for taking what I said into consideration!

    1. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      No problem. Thanks for your concern.

  14. It is fine to have issues, we are here to resolve them, but if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm on when I can mianly to check PMs and fix small bugs that are possible. We are looking to make two new mods, but for the meantime just let us sort it out. One might be tomorrow or the next day, it has not been decided yet. Thank you for the corcern and anything that may have came off wrong.
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