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  1. I WANT IT SO BADDDDDDD URGH also please draw more inklings.
  2. can we bring back the ps family tree so i can be married to @Kibbeh and @Primal :))))))))

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Primal


      This is a foursome now 

    3. Kibbeh
    4. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      i've been friends with you for 6 years and i don't even get a spot i'm so offended honestly.


      i'm questioning our friendship.

  3. thats gay

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. mental


      is there something wrong with being gay?!

    3. Kibbeh


      no, I'm bi myself, we're just joking around

    4. mental


      oh ok XD. I got triggered

  4. yes, please do
  5. draw a fluffy freddy next
  6. literally everybody I've talked to about this had pointed out the nose being big I meant to draw it big, I was experimenting with faces however, I didn't expect it to be the thing that everyone noticed and commented on so I kinda freaked out about it
  7. fusion

    Please do not shout, you're gonna make me cry. I'd like to request a fusion of Electabuzz, Haunter, and Vileplume. No shines are necessary, but I'd like Electabuzz's color palette. Work at your own pace.
  8. From the album I like to draw.

    lightning wolf
  9. From the album I like to draw.

    a good color. a good girl.
  10. can she be my waifu tho
  11. Woah! A fellow classic Spyro fan! We must be a scarce people. Welcome to the forums my dude. If you ever wanna talk, PM me. Though, lately I'm not extremely active here and tend to be on Discord most of the time.
  12. taken by my 19562847583848274758482 real boyfriends


    1. Genji


      and they call me the slut



    2. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Who calls you that?

      So I know who to hunt down.

  13. Somehow, goats became a theme with this character. I like drawing big animal ears, so drawing fantasy characters is really fun.
  14. From the album I like to draw.

    my beautiful demon child shes a good girl and i love her (i made her recently for a story i am writing and i love her more than any of my long abandoned characters)
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