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  1. >doesnt have television i want to be hip with the kids
  2. i where do you live ive never heard that before
  3. the look?
  4. he have the clothes
  5. ???
  6. I'd like to request a banner, please :3 * Pokemon/Character: aurorus * Text: yurisaurus Color Scheme: pastel blues/purples/pinks depending on what you think looks best (though i doubt pink would fit) Other: can't think of anythin-
  7. im sorry i posted the fnaf screenshot pls dont block me i love you

    1. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      its ok i still love you


      dont do that again though i cant promise i wont block you

  8. shading is slowly becoming easier for me i think im glad you think it's pretty good ;-;
  9. never again

    From the album doodle-plodocus

    this was an experiment and it turned out both good and bad just...give me some greys please....
  10. little demon

    From the album doodle-plodocus

    this is what messing with black magic markers looks like
  11. I don't think I liked it enough to want a season 2//shrug
  12. Well, I found it fairly fitting.
  13. The entire show came out of nowhere
  14. The ending was the best part tbh
  15. one of the most kid-friendly anime i've ever watched
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