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  1. are you a pro genji

    1. Pro Genji

      Pro Genji

      i am in need of medical assistance 

  2. alright so I guess I'm just gonna leave the forum


    i dont really see a need to be here anymore(i may stalk once in a while, dunno)


    if you want to stay in contact with me just add me on discord


    PM me first though


    later dudes!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Panflam7


      I kinda don't want to look at this and be like "Oh well, this happened" and not say anything about it, but there's really nothing for me to say, so.. see you later alligator. I suck

    3. Kaps


      What forum? I'm confused.

    4. AnonymousDoom


      P o k e s t a d i u m F o r u m s

  3. ok I'm sorry for going way off topic but I have friends at school who bug me to draw stuff for them and get pissy whenever I don't so is it okay to say that it's annoying and half the time I really don't wanna draw what they want me to?
  4. puffin - pencil

    From the album doodle-plodocus

  5. In this case, "once in a blue moon" is an understatement. It's probably safe to assume that those features won't ever be updated.
  6. I just have to say that I absolutely adore your art ;-;
  7. why are you admin
  8. I like it! and honestly nationalities are such a mess dont argue about it pls
  9. i dont get it because im dumb lol explain
  10. look it's america
  11. I don't see how quoting that entire post was relevant, considering you basically just duplicated said "wall of text" to add to the programming discussion-
  12. Are you saying other people aren't allowed to make their own Pokémon games?
  13. those are some nice shoulders
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