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Found 8 results

  1. "OC" (not)

    From the album Fanart and stuff

    Idk, just boring stuff.
  2. Yes, I am very much aware that there is a 'Favourite Pokemon' thread, but to me it is now old, and didn't have restrictions, while this does. This isn't a thread about why you have a favourite Pokemon and stuff like that, this is for me to use for a project. If this is in the wrong area in the Forums, let me know and if you are able to, please move it (or it can be removed of course, if need be). Who's your favourite Pokemon (if you have one)? I'm working on something and I need character ideas. You can pick any Pokemon except Legendaries, the Eeveelutions, Pikachu's evolutionary line, or the Shinx evolutionary line. This is your only chance, be sure to take it. There will be no humans, fusions or non-Pokemon animals, or at least not yet. You'll see. If you can't think of a single Pokemon, a top 3 is fine. I will most likely choose only one of them though, unless I feel I need more. If I end up actually doing as I plan, I will post the project I am working on. (And yes, I'm an Aussie, hence why I spell it with a U.)

    From the album images

    VOLTMAN is my oc. He was banished from the Pokecreations section of the site for being "low quality and overall just plain dumb," and now lurks the gallery section, waiting for the right time to furiously whip the PC mods who wronged him. Pretty neat backstory, don't you think? Yeah, it is neat. Let's get this to 396 likes so I can share some more OCs!!! I didn't actually submit this to pokecreations and think the pc mods are swell please don't hurt me
  4. Jade!

    From the album The Pastel Port'

    Inspired by Poison's SU OC!; designed this character beforehand, but decided to give a brief sketch before going to bed. This isn't so much an OC as speculation on Centipeetle's uncorrupted form. I designed her for a comic based off a cool theory on corruption which I never got around to doing, so here she is! Jade dons Chinese-inspired armor, with Centipeetle's crystal segments forming parts of her armor. I imagined her to be a mix of Quartz and Pearl properties, especially considering her jazz instrument in the Monster Buddies OST, so she's kinda a neater Jasper/rougher Pearl. Her Gem is located in her neck. Her weapon is her acid generated from her palms, which can easily degenerate barriers and tear down enemy defense.

    © Steven Universe © Cartoon Network/Crewniverse

  5. From the album The Pastel Port'

    Some chill, super unsaturated art of Theory of Worlds' main protagonist, Evany! Was experimenting with hairstyles and gave her a ponytail. She's sipping a drink after lunch while looking down at her watch-phone thingy: humanity is slightly more technologically advanced in ToW.

    © Theory of Worlds © Rio

  6. For Sake

    From the album The Pastel Port'

    Some simple art of the first antagonists in Theory of Worlds! Which is currently still in hiatus/abandoned. shrug. Marve-Louise is an aloof, lonely scientist who fell in love with the God from another World, Daetea, scheming to destroy the World of Deus ex Machina for unknown reasons. [yes i actually figured out the plot at long last] After their mission is foiled, they run into the wild, later reforming into rebels against the the Order. The title is a play on words based on the exclamation "for God's sake": Marve-Louise forsakes her World for Daetea, a God.

    © Theory of Worlds © Rio

  7. From the album The Pastel Port'

    A character I designed for an art project between my friend and I, which unsurprisingly ended up getting abandoned. Aftershock, a simple decision,text-based game would revolve around Anastasia and the cause/effects of global warming, with an Alice Madness Returns-esque story and surreal scenery art.
  8. What if fans of Pokemon could influence GameFreak and make them create the pokemon game everyone likes? What would you like to see in a possible new upcoming game? (No, I am not talking about Sun and Moon) Be sureto post any gameplay tweaks and features you would enjoy, as well as custom fakemon or maybe even possible game titles.