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Found 108 results

  1. Pokemon: Out of the Darkness Plot: Rules: Form: The RP will start once we get 3 or more people. Completed forms: Hope you enjoy!
  2. From the album Cosmic Things

    Tsareena, but cosmic.
  3. A number will be randomly generated each day, and the Pokemon with that number in the national dex will be the one you give your opinion on that day! The averages will be later stored for all to see! I hope you enjoy rating/reading other people's ratings about your favorite (or least favorite) Pokemon. Simply rate the Pokemon on a scale of 1-10 and give us the reason for your rating! And today's Pokemon is- #257 Blaziken! My rating: 8.5 Blaziken's one of those Pokemon I just immediately register as awesome. Blazing kicking chicken man. I've never managed to use it on an in-game run (only ever used a Torchic on a nuzlocke and it died as a Combusken) but it's still a Pokemon I love using in battle. Speed Boost does make it a bit crazy for 6v6 formats (though tbh I think it'd be fine in OU now with the baton pass ban) but even without that it can be a potent sweeper thanks to its high physical and special attack combined with a great movepool. Also been helpful with Speed Boost for the Battle Spot and Battle maison/tree. And it's also a blazing kicking chicken man and I've had a cool action figure of it since I was 7. Stellar. #257 Mega Blaziken! My rating: 8.5 The design is above average as far as megas go, but not a massive improvement. The way it works in battle is also literally the same as regular Blaziken but with better stats, so although it's useful and possesses a different role than the base simply by nature of taking up a mega slot, it's not too interesting in terms of battling. All in all basically doesn't improve the way I feel about Blaziken, but doesn't make it worse either. Highest rating: Giratina from day 61, with 9.3 on average Lowest rating: Skitty from day 16, with 3.1 on average Highest mega: Venusaur from day 8, with 9.1 on average Lowest mega: Charizard X from day 56, with 7.1 on average Averages: Day 1 Bergmite (6.8) Day 2 Torchic (7.8) Day 3 Toxicroak (7.6) Day 4 Pansear (6.6) Day 5 Pelipper (6.6) Day 6 Yanma (7.8) Day 7 Comfey (5.1) Day 8 Venusaur (8.5) Mega Venusaur (9.1) Day 9 Magearna (6.3) Day 10 Chespin (6) Day 11 Zangoose (4.9) Day 12 Darumaka (7.5) Day 13 Noctowl (8.3) Day 14 Kakuna (6.7) Day 15 Tapu Koko (8) Day 16 Skitty (3.1) Day 17 Altaria (8) Mega Altaria (9) Day 18 Mienshao (7.1) Day 19 Carbink (3.6) Day 20 Golbat (5.9) Day 21 Claydol (6.1) Day 22 Aerodactyl (7.3) Mega Aerodactyl (7.6) Day 23 Luvdisc (4.9) Day 24 Rhyperior (7.3) Day 25 Elgyem (6) Day 26 Emolga (5.2) Day 27 Mankey (5.1) Day 28 Guzzlord (7.8) Day 29 Sceptile (6.9) Mega Sceptiile (8) Day 30 Croagunk (7.1) Day 31 Froakie (6) Day 32 Bounsweet (6) Day 33 Salandit (7.7) Day 34 Throh (5) Day 35 Tailow (7.8) Day 36 Masquerain (5) Day 37 Machop (5) Day 38 Lairon (7.7) Day 39 Nosepass (6.3) Day 40 Herdier (6.1) Day 41 Goldeen (6.7) Day 42 Pangoro (6) Day 43 Dragonite (7.9) Day 44 Dunsparce (8.6) Day 45 Wailord (8.3) Day 46 Trevenant (6.8) Day 47 Weepinbell (6.5) Day 48 Bisharp (8.6) Day 49 Mareanie (5.2) Day 50 Dragalge (7) Day 51 Magby (6) Day 52 Celebi (7.8) Day 53 Larvesta (7.4) Day 54 Carnivine (7.8) Day 55 Simisear (6.2) Day 56 Charizard (6.1) Mega Charizard X (7.1) Mega Charizard Y (7.4) Day 57 Fomantis (5.4) Day 58 Illumise (3.8) Day 59 Kyurem (8) Kyurem Black/White (8.7) Day 60 Pancham (4.8) Day 61 Giratina (9.3) Giratina-Origin (9.3) Day 62 Victreebel (8.3) Day 63 Quagsire (8.6) Day 64 Prinplup (5) Day 65 Hitmontop (7.3) Day 66 Makuhita (4.9)
  4. (Credit to the fine folks of the PUCL community for inspiring this game.) Here's how this game works: one person starts by thinking of a Pokemon, and noting a fact about it (ideally one shared with many Pokemon, such as it learning a move like Helping Hand.) Then other participants can take a guess of what Pokemon it might be- and after at least one person has guessed, the person who knows the Pokemon will confirm if the guess[es] are right or wrong, and then give another fact about the Pokemon. The facts should get increasingly specific as this process continues- starting off with moves, egg groups, and place in an evolutionary line, but eventually moving onto abilities and typings and whatnot. Ideally, your guesses should be based on your innate Pokemon knowledge, so use of external information sources is discouraged but of course can't be prevented. When somebody does guess the Pokemon correctly, they get to think of a new Pokemon and new questions. There is a limit of 10 facts. If nobody gets it in 10, then whoever guessed most recently can do the next mon/facts. Because of this, the 10th question should be made to make the answer quite obvious, but not outright reveal it. (For example, if the answer was Plusle, you could say "It's not Minun.") Also, if the person presenting the facts fails to answer guesses within 24 hours, then this responsibility falls upon whoever guesses most recently/whoever feels like picking it up. First hint rule: Form rules: Because this needs to be even more complex it'll be fun, I'll also keep track of who's been guessing correctly. If your guess was on the first fact, you'll get 10 points, and if it was on the last, you'll get 1. Leaderboards: I suppose I'll kick us off here: #1: This Pokemon learns the move Peck.
  5. PLEASE TELL ME FOLLOWING INFORMATION! What pokemon: Shiny version included: (yes or no) Any due dates: Any other specifications: RULES! 6 allowed in lineup at a time. If you see that I already have 6 orders, please wait until they are complete. People are allowed to make as many requests as they want, as long as they aren't spammed. If my work is posted publicly, I would like credit for it in the post. Examples of my work: TO-DO LIST! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  6. fusion

  7. I was just wondering if someone could tell me how to animate sprites in MS Paint? Thanks!
  8. From the album My Arts

    A new team approaches, but who are they? What is their motive?
  9. From the album My Arts

    The second step in becoming a successful criminal organisation. A network of admins and grunts with your goal in mind.
  10. Hello, I made this topic to discuss about project pokemon recolours, but you can talk about different stuff as well.
  11. All Pokemon movies are beyond terrible because they have Ash in them, but which one is the all-time WORST? I vote Arceus and the Jewel of Life. A trilogy of movies is just stupid, but this one is the worst. The plot, what happens, what on earth?! You can't even tell what's going on!! (The only Pokemon movie I like is Destiny Deoxys because all the cubes crack me up)
  12. Hi, I need help in pokemon sun for getting Perfect IV's for rowlet. Please give me any tips or information you know.
  13. pokemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    @isagonj IT'S FINALLY DONE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. SORRY THIS WAS SO LATE. So yeah I finally, finally got this Magmar done. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a tremendous hassle to get done, between being comprised of lots of hard-to-draw bits, having fire on it (fire is my nemesis when it comes to art), being at a more dynamic angle than I usually do, to just plain being way bigger than I should have ever made it - awful real life issues that kept interfering notwithstanding. HOWEVER, all that whining aside, I'm pretty pleased with the end result. It was good practice on a number of things, and an excuse to draw my babe Magmar is always good in my book. It was also a good lesson in why trying to make a 500 px tall sprite it a terrible terrible idea when you're a hobby artist at best. I really hope you like it Isa, I did my best to please. Also shinies are easy to make and I know you're fond of shiny Magmar (everything is better in pink, after all) so I went and made an alt version. Too bad I just barely missed you changing your avi from a shiny Magmar ; P EDIT: Since PS decided to resize my image to a blurry mess, might as well put the original version down here too.
  14. From the album My Arts

    A fusion of Cacnea and Dedenne
  15. If you know me, you know I'm not the biggest fan of the 6v6 singles/OU format of Pokemon. I much prefer VGC, Battle spot, or doubles formats for a wide variety of reasons. It seems people sometimes also get turned off from competitive Pokemon as a whole because the battling style that matches the game is plagued with so many issues. So, why not make it better? Presenting... STADIUM MONS (open to not bad names) The idea behind Stadium Mons is to allow a format where the large swaths of less viable Pokemon are carefully buffed, thus providing a meta where it's easier to use Pokemon you like as opposed to what's currently best or close for roles A B and C. Of course, there's still some inequality, but drastically less than you'd find in the standard 6v6 format. Some Mega/Event ubers Pokemon also have restrictions place upon them, making them less broken and thus legal for use in this format. You can find the full rules/master buff list for Stadium Mons here: Please do play around with the format in custom game, feel free to set up battles and whatnot here or on the discord. (Random deserted server ideal for use) As for this thread, it can be used to give thoughts on the format, share replays/sample teams, make suggestions regarding potential buffs, express concerns with existing buffs/nerfs (being lackluster or too good) and ask any other questions you might have. Sample Teams: Merciless: Stall: Sun:
  16. Well would you look at that, it's the Pokestadium Summer League! What is the PS Summer League, one might ask? It's a battling competition that will be ongoing for the duration of the rather warm times (Summer.) The gist of this competition is that there will be eight (8!) Gym Leaders for challengers to defeat and obtain badges from. Upon beating them, they will become champion, unless there should already be a presiding champion- then of course they're going to have to fight, but more on that later. SOME GROUND RULES: GYM LEADERS: Here's the list of the eight members that are currently serving as gym leaders. If you'd like to challenge one of them, send a PM here or on the discord to any of the ones you're currently prepared to battle with your team. It's a good idea to hang out at this server frequently if you want to have the best shot at getting your battles in. Be sure to save a replay of your battle as backup validation of your victory. CHALLENGING THE LEAGUE: To challenge the league, you of course must build a team of six Pokemon. You should try to pick your Pokemon carefully, as you must use the same Pokemon for all battles against Gym Leaders. You can change them if you'd really like, but be warned- you will lose any badges you have currently obtained should you change any of your Pokemon, and you'll have to re-obtain those badges with the new team. The Gym Leaders can be challenged in any order, and as in the games they'll all use one type exclusively. Because of this, it would be a good idea to bring teams with a lot more variety that will prove more versatile for these battles. Also be aware that if you lose a battle against a Gym Leader, they aren't absolutely compelled to fight you again until three days have passed. Of course, they could rematch you right away, but whether or not they'll do that is a decision for the individual gym leader. To challenge the league, simply fill out the following form and post it here or send it in a PM: BECOMING CHAMPION: Once you've defeated all eight Gym Leaders and collected every badge, you will become champion of the Summer League! That is, unless there's already a champion. In which case you'll have to fight them. Should a challenger lose against the champion, they must wait at least one week before there is to be a rematch. The Champion and challengers of course will still only being using the team they collected their eight badges with. There are also some perks to being champion: On a total side note, if anybody is interested in making a banner or badges so they don't have to be made by me and thus look bad, that'd be stellar. Have fun challenging the Summer League!
  17. From the album Comics

    (You might have to zoom in to see the text better)

    © Pokemon

  18. fakemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    MalfaeThe Specter PokemonType: Ghost/FairyAbility: IllusionStats: 65 / 90 / 60 / 90 / 65 / 110Pokedex Entry: It appears to young children and unwary travelers as friendly domesticated Pokemon such as Skitty or Glameow, luring them into its maze-like lair. Those it takes mysteriously vanish, only to reappear weeks later emaciated and with no recollection of the event. --- I've been having trouble getting starter stuff done, so in the meantime I figured I'd post a small, cutesy one off Pokemon with no evos or pre evos. This was originally made for a friend, but I liked it enough to rework it a bit and post it as a spoooOOoOOoOoOooky Fakemon. Might change the name later, feels a little boring, but I guess I can't beat myself up too much in a series where names like Torchic and Talonflame are commonplace. I imagine them having variable, widely different sets of eyes depending on their mood and/or types of attacks used, kinda like the primids - hence the blank white stare in the "default" art - though I could only be bothered to do four though it's more like three since one just displays that it can have a blank face and I'm laaazy. They do have more, hypothetically infinite, though.
  19. pokemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    Something I've been working on for the past week or so, this is just a Charizard done in my typical "gross long necked abomination" aesthetic. Why? Idk, Charizard is just a simple Pokemon who's design is fun to mess with. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, and believe it or not, it's not even the first time I've tried my hand at a Charizard reimagining, though that picture is old and dated now and also just a boring profile, so I decided to give it another go, full body this time. I'm not too pleased with how the left wing and hand turned out, but as a whole, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out. It was a fun exercise in form and expression. For those curious, I did in fact make a shiny version, though for the sake of redundancy I probably won't upload it anywhere except here:
  20. pokemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    Cactling The ThornTail Pokemon Type: Grass Ability: Overgrow | Hidden Ability: Thick Fat Stats: 64 / 63 / 69 / 34 / 60 / 20 Pokedex Entry: "Although normally sluggish and lethargic, Cactling can shed its heavy tail when threatened and zip off at startling speed. The expendable tail grows back within a week." Smoleo The Hothead Pokemon Type: Fire Ability: Blaze | Hidden Ability: Reckless Stats: 53 / 65 / 40 / 52 / 40 / 61 Pokedex Entry: "Smoleo is a stubborn and vain Pokemon prone to tantrums. It expresses strong emotions by expelling intense flames from its ears." Lazulith The HardWater Pokemon Type: Water Ability: Torrent | Hidden Ability: Damp Stats: 60 / 42 / 70 / 53 / 55 / 30 Pokedex Entry: "Its skin constantly secretes a mineral rich slime, and a Lazulith's tracks can easily be recognized by the crusty—but harmless—stains left in its path." Since Fakemon have been popular on PS as of late, I figured I post a few more of my own, starters for an unnamed region directly west of Johto that will probably never get expanded upon. I've actually had these done for a long time, but they were originally intended to be posted in a thread dedicated to aforementioned region. That mini-project lost steam quickly though and never got posted, and so the planned starters just sat on my computer gathering dust for awhile. Since that project will probably never come to fruition, I figured I might as well post them to the gallery, so here they are .3. Being inspired by and hypothetically set in gen 2, they have more simple designs with more limited color pallets, an aesthetic that while I don't like quite as much as the more wild designs of later gens, has a sort of charm I wanted to emulate. Will I ever post their evos? Maybe, who knows.
  21. @Petey Piranha ; ))) The question is simple- what is the best pink Pokemon? Which reigns supreme among the pink in your mind? I'm definitely not asking for any particular reason. On a side note, here's a list of all the apparently pink Pokemon just so we're all on the same page. For me, the best pink Pokemon would have to be Slowpoke. Of course, as a pink Pokemon, there's a lot of pressure on Slowpoke to be adorable and charming- despite these expectations, however, slowpoke still manages to overwhelm my senses with giddiness to this day every time I look at it. A pink, hairless, lop-jawed otter who takes tremendously long to respond to any sort of stimulus? Yes, that's very good, sign me up many times.
  22. From the album Drawings of stuff

    A charmeleon drawing. Pokemon doesnt belong to me but nintendo and game freak.
  23. Adventures in genwun (featuring Blastoyse) is a comic that originated here on Good 'ol Pokestadium. I only got to make a few comics before the forum closed, but I continued the series on Pokepavillion and other Pokemon forums, and thanks to the support of those who read it, over the months I actually started making them regularly, and it managed to grow. This thread will be for updates on his adventures and general discussion/commentary as well. Here are just a few examples of his adventures, rises, falls, lawsuits, anti-Venussor propaganda, etc.: Did you like them? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you get chronic nausea? All of the above? I sure hope so. Feel free to comment any of these emotions you may have felt and other things relating to these comics here, that's what the thread's for. DOUBLE NOTE: CREDITS TO THE HONORABLE AND GREAT SCIZ FOR THE RETURN OF VENUSSOR PANEL, HE IS VERY WELL THE BEST PERSON ALIVE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH AND IF YOU NEED SOMETHING FOR A COMIC I RECOMMEND BOTHERING HIM.
  24. Welcome to a project called: Pokemon Crossed over with Digimon fusions! Alright, basically if you don't know what digimon is, then search it up yourself. So I want pokemon fusions to look like digimon, and as digimon has its own games, they have their own sprites as reference for this project, but I wont likely fuse them up with digimon as their shading is a bit more complicated than pokemon sprites. Example of a digimon sprite: and There is around 500 digimon to make with pokemon so choose the pokemon that will fit best. I have already made omnimon its not the best but here: Im looking for: Rookies: (Like agumon gabumon ect) Babies (Like koromon, botamon, punimon, tsunomon ect) Royal knights (Like Examon, Gallantmon, Alphamon ect) Megas (Like war greymon, Tigervespamon ect) Ultimates (Like Ancient greymon, angewomon, Aeroveedramon ect) Champion's (Like Gekomon, Garurumon, Geogreymon ect) THANKS
  25. What is the best designed Pokemon in your opinion, and from which generation? *Please Do Not Bash People's Opinions*. Mine is Nidoking. I love his claws and the edges on his body. The color on his body is very well coloured. The purple is a perfect purple. Generation 1.