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Found 96 results

  1. (Credit to the fine folks of the PUCL community for inspiring this game.) Here's how this game works: one person starts by thinking of a Pokemon, and noting a fact about it (ideally one shared with many Pokemon, such as it learning a move like Helping Hand.) Then other participants can take a guess of what Pokemon it might be- and after at least one person has guessed, the person who knows the Pokemon will confirm if the guess[es] are right or wrong, and then give another fact about the Pokemon. The facts should get increasingly specific as this process continues- starting off with moves, egg groups, and place in an evolutionary line, but eventually moving onto abilities and typings and whatnot. Ideally, your guesses should be based on your innate Pokemon knowledge, so use of external information sources is discouraged but of course can't be prevented. When somebody does guess the Pokemon correctly, they get to think of a new Pokemon and new questions. There is a limit of 10 facts. If nobody gets it in 10, then whoever guessed most recently can do the next mon/facts. Because of this, the 10th question should be made to make the answer quite obvious, but not outright reveal it. (For example, if the answer was Plusle, you could say "It's not Minun.") Also, if the person presenting the facts fails to answer guesses within 24 hours, then this responsibility falls upon whoever guesses most recently/whoever feels like picking it up. First hint rule: Form rules: Because this needs to be even more complex it'll be fun, I'll also keep track of who's been guessing correctly. If your guess was on the first fact, you'll get 10 points, and if it was on the last, you'll get 1. Leaderboards: I suppose I'll kick us off here: #1: This Pokemon learns the move Peck.
  2. A number will be randomly generated each day, and the Pokemon with that number in the national dex will be the one you give your opinion on that day! The averages will be later stored for all to see! I hope you enjoy rating/reading other people's ratings about your favorite (or least favorite) Pokemon. Simply rate the Pokemon on a scale of 1-10 and give us the reason for your rating! And today's Pokemon is... #453 Croagunk! My rating: 7 There are some things about Croagunk's design I don't like, the face seems a bit off and all the weird detail is just dripping with gen 4. It also doesn't look too much like a frog. However, it's still relatively rather interesting for an unevolved Pokemon so that's where I give it credit. Poison/Fighting is a typing still entirely unique to Croagunk and its evolution, Brock's Croagunk is fairly memorable even if you've seen just a few episodes of the gen 4 anime, and it always has interesting animations in the games. Plus, it's the Pokemon Looker has, so that's pretty cool. Highest rating: Venusaur from day 8, with 8.5 on average Lowest rating: Skitty from day 16, with 3.1 on average Highest mega: Venusaur from day 8, with 9.1 on average Lowest mega: Aerodactyl from day 22, with 7.6 on average Averages: Day 1 (4/20/17) Bergmite (6.8) Day 2 (4/21/17) Torchic (7.8) Day 3 (4/23/17) Toxicroak (7.6) Day 4 (4/24/17) Pansear (6.6) Day 5 (4/25/17) Pelipper (6.6) Day 6 (4/26/17) Yanma (7.8) Day 7 (4/27/17) Comfey (5.1) Day 8 (4/28/17) Venusaur (8.5) Mega Venusaur (9.1) Day 9 (4/29/17) Magearna (6.3) Day 10 (4/30/17) Chespin (6) Day 11 (4/31/17) Zangoose (4.9) Day 12 (5/1/17) Darumaka (7.5) Day 13 (5/2/17) Noctowl (8.3) Day 14 (5/3/17) Kakuna (6.7) Day 15 (5/5/17) Tapu Koko (8) Day 16 (5/6/17) Skitty (3.1) Day 17 (5/7/17) Altaria (8) Mega Altaria (9) Day 18 (5/8/17) Mienshao (7.1) Day 19 (5/9/17) Carbink (3.6) Day 20 (5/10/17) Golbat (5.9) Day 21 (5/11/17) Claydol (6.1) Day 22 (5/12/17) Aerodactyl (7.3) Mega Aerodactyl (7.6) Day 23 (5/13/17) Luvdisc (4.9) Day 24 (5/15/17) Rhyperior (7.3) Day 25 (5/16/17) Elgyem (6) Day 26 (5/17/17) Emolga (5.2) Day 27 (5/18/17) Mankey (5.1) Day 28 (5/19/17) Guzzlord (7.8) Day 29 (5/21/17) Sceptile (6.9) Mega Sceptiile (8)
  3. If you know me, you know I'm not the biggest fan of the 6v6 singles/OU format of Pokemon. I much prefer VGC, Battle spot, or doubles formats for a wide variety of reasons. It seems people sometimes also get turned off from competitive Pokemon as a whole because the battling style that matches the game is plagued with so many issues. So, why not make it better? Presenting... STADIUM MONS (open to not bad names) The idea behind Stadium Mons is to allow a format where the large swaths of less viable Pokemon are carefully buffed, thus providing a meta where it's easier to use Pokemon you like as opposed to what's currently best or close for roles A B and C. Of course, there's still some inequality, but drastically less than you'd find in the standard 6v6 format. Some Mega/Event ubers Pokemon also have restrictions place upon them, making them less broken and thus legal for use in this format. You can find the full rules/master buff list for Stadium Mons here: Please do play around with the format in custom game, feel free to set up battles and whatnot here or on the discord. (Random deserted server ideal for use) As for this thread, it can be used to give thoughts on the format, share replays/sample teams, make suggestions regarding potential buffs, express concerns with existing buffs/nerfs (being lackluster or too good) and ask any other questions you might have. Sample Teams: Merciless: Stall: Sun:
  4. Well would you look at that, it's the Pokestadium Summer League! What is the PS Summer League, one might ask? It's a battling competition that will be ongoing for the duration of the rather warm times (Summer.) The gist of this competition is that there will be eight (8!) Gym Leaders for challengers to defeat and obtain badges from. Upon beating them, they will become champion, unless there should already be a presiding champion- then of course they're going to have to fight, but more on that later. SOME GROUND RULES: GYM LEADERS: Here's the list of the eight members that are currently serving as gym leaders. If you'd like to challenge one of them, send a PM here or on the discord to any of the ones you're currently prepared to battle with your team. It's a good idea to hang out at this server frequently if you want to have the best shot at getting your battles in. Be sure to save a replay of your battle as backup validation of your victory. CHALLENGING THE LEAGUE: To challenge the league, you of course must build a team of six Pokemon. You should try to pick your Pokemon carefully, as you must use the same Pokemon for all battles against Gym Leaders. You can change them if you'd really like, but be warned- you will lose any badges you have currently obtained should you change any of your Pokemon, and you'll have to re-obtain those badges with the new team. The Gym Leaders can be challenged in any order, and as in the games they'll all use one type exclusively. Because of this, it would be a good idea to bring teams with a lot more variety that will prove more versatile for these battles. Also be aware that if you lose a battle against a Gym Leader, they aren't absolutely compelled to fight you again until three days have passed. Of course, they could rematch you right away, but whether or not they'll do that is a decision for the individual gym leader. To challenge the league, simply fill out the following form and post it here or send it in a PM: BECOMING CHAMPION: Once you've defeated all eight Gym Leaders and collected every badge, you will become champion of the Summer League! That is, unless there's already a champion. In which case you'll have to fight them. Should a challenger lose against the champion, they must wait at least one week before there is to be a rematch. The Champion and challengers of course will still only being using the team they collected their eight badges with. There are also some perks to being champion: On a total side note, if anybody is interested in making a banner or badges so they don't have to be made by me and thus look bad, that'd be stellar. Have fun challenging the Summer League!
  5. From the album Comics

    (You might have to zoom in to see the text better)

    © Pokemon

  6. fakemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    MalfaeThe Specter PokemonType: Ghost/FairyAbility: IllusionStats: 65 / 90 / 60 / 90 / 65 / 110Pokedex Entry: It appears to young children and unwary travelers as friendly domesticated Pokemon such as Skitty or Glameow, luring them into its maze-like lair. Those it takes mysteriously vanish, only to reappear weeks later emaciated and with no recollection of the event. --- I've been having trouble getting starter stuff done, so in the meantime I figured I'd post a small, cutesy one off Pokemon with no evos or pre evos. This was originally made for a friend, but I liked it enough to rework it a bit and post it as a spoooOOoOOoOoOooky Fakemon. Might change the name later, feels a little boring, but I guess I can't beat myself up too much in a series where names like Torchic and Talonflame are commonplace. I imagine them having variable, widely different sets of eyes depending on their mood and/or types of attacks used, kinda like the primids - hence the blank white stare in the "default" art - though I could only be bothered to do four though it's more like three since one just displays that it can have a blank face and I'm laaazy. They do have more, hypothetically infinite, though.
  7. pokemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    Something I've been working on for the past week or so, this is just a Charizard done in my typical "gross long necked abomination" aesthetic. Why? Idk, Charizard is just a simple Pokemon who's design is fun to mess with. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, and believe it or not, it's not even the first time I've tried my hand at a Charizard reimagining, though that picture is old and dated now and also just a boring profile, so I decided to give it another go, full body this time. I'm not too pleased with how the left wing and hand turned out, but as a whole, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out. It was a fun exercise in form and expression. For those curious, I did in fact make a shiny version, though for the sake of redundancy I probably won't upload it anywhere except here:
  8. pokemon

    From the album Nove's Pixels

    Cactling The ThornTail Pokemon Type: Grass Ability: Overgrow | Hidden Ability: Thick Fat Stats: 64 / 63 / 69 / 34 / 60 / 20 Pokedex Entry: "Although normally sluggish and lethargic, Cactling can shed its heavy tail when threatened and zip off at startling speed. The expendable tail grows back within a week." Smoleo The Hothead Pokemon Type: Fire Ability: Blaze | Hidden Ability: Reckless Stats: 53 / 65 / 40 / 52 / 40 / 61 Pokedex Entry: "Smoleo is a stubborn and vain Pokemon prone to tantrums. It expresses strong emotions by expelling intense flames from its ears." Lazulith The HardWater Pokemon Type: Water Ability: Torrent | Hidden Ability: Damp Stats: 60 / 42 / 70 / 53 / 55 / 30 Pokedex Entry: "Its skin constantly secretes a mineral rich slime, and a Lazulith's tracks can easily be recognized by the crusty—but harmless—stains left in its path." Since Fakemon have been popular on PS as of late, I figured I post a few more of my own, starters for an unnamed region directly west of Johto that will probably never get expanded upon. I've actually had these done for a long time, but they were originally intended to be posted in a thread dedicated to aforementioned region. That mini-project lost steam quickly though and never got posted, and so the planned starters just sat on my computer gathering dust for awhile. Since that project will probably never come to fruition, I figured I might as well post them to the gallery, so here they are .3. Being inspired by and hypothetically set in gen 2, they have more simple designs with more limited color pallets, an aesthetic that while I don't like quite as much as the more wild designs of later gens, has a sort of charm I wanted to emulate. Will I ever post their evos? Maybe, who knows.
  9. @Petey Piranha ; ))) The question is simple- what is the best pink Pokemon? Which reigns supreme among the pink in your mind? I'm definitely not asking for any particular reason. On a side note, here's a list of all the apparently pink Pokemon just so we're all on the same page. For me, the best pink Pokemon would have to be Slowpoke. Of course, as a pink Pokemon, there's a lot of pressure on Slowpoke to be adorable and charming- despite these expectations, however, slowpoke still manages to overwhelm my senses with giddiness to this day every time I look at it. A pink, hairless, lop-jawed otter who takes tremendously long to respond to any sort of stimulus? Yes, that's very good, sign me up many times.
  10. From the album Drawings of stuff

    A charmeleon drawing. Pokemon doesnt belong to me but nintendo and game freak.
  11. Adventures in genwun (featuring Blastoyse) is a comic that originated here on Good 'ol Pokestadium. I only got to make a few comics before the forum closed, but I continued the series on Pokepavillion and other Pokemon forums, and thanks to the support of those who read it, over the months I actually started making them regularly, and it managed to grow. This thread will be for updates on his adventures and general discussion/commentary as well. Here are just a few examples of his adventures, rises, falls, lawsuits, anti-Venussor propaganda, etc.: Did you like them? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you get chronic nausea? All of the above? I sure hope so. Feel free to comment any of these emotions you may have felt and other things relating to these comics here, that's what the thread's for. DOUBLE NOTE: CREDITS TO THE HONORABLE AND GREAT SCIZ FOR THE RETURN OF VENUSSOR PANEL, HE IS VERY WELL THE BEST PERSON ALIVE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH AND IF YOU NEED SOMETHING FOR A COMIC I RECOMMEND BOTHERING HIM.
  12. Welcome to a project called: Pokemon Crossed over with Digimon fusions! Alright, basically if you don't know what digimon is, then search it up yourself. So I want pokemon fusions to look like digimon, and as digimon has its own games, they have their own sprites as reference for this project, but I wont likely fuse them up with digimon as their shading is a bit more complicated than pokemon sprites. Example of a digimon sprite: and There is around 500 digimon to make with pokemon so choose the pokemon that will fit best. I have already made omnimon its not the best but here: Im looking for: Rookies: (Like agumon gabumon ect) Babies (Like koromon, botamon, punimon, tsunomon ect) Royal knights (Like Examon, Gallantmon, Alphamon ect) Megas (Like war greymon, Tigervespamon ect) Ultimates (Like Ancient greymon, angewomon, Aeroveedramon ect) Champion's (Like Gekomon, Garurumon, Geogreymon ect) THANKS
  13. What is the best designed Pokemon in your opinion, and from which generation? *Please Do Not Bash People's Opinions*. Mine is Nidoking. I love his claws and the edges on his body. The color on his body is very well coloured. The purple is a perfect purple. Generation 1.
  14. Ok so I just started fusing after a long time ( I used to be good ) and I lost all the files to my good but old sprites. I have made some sprites got used to it and I made these (Not all of them are in here) Some of them were not accepted and I can understand why, but I think I need to improve my spriting skills but I don't know where to start. If you can please help me It would mean quite a lot!
  15. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love drawing pictures! I'm finally ready to show everyone some of the things that I like to make! Well, I've actually been ready for a while, but now I've found out how to do it. Now, these are all hand drawn by me, so please don't say anything rude. I like constructive criticism, but don't please don't say anything like "His hair is awful" because that's just mean and I already say all of that stuff to myself. I mainly draw gijinkas, which are pretty much people that look like Pokemon. So, here are a few of my favorite drawings I've made. (They're not in any order) ((WARNING! All images are very large!)) I will do requests of Pokemon only. I will pick whichever gender I want and it may take a while for me to put them up. Suicune Girl Lugia Boy Ho-Oh Girl Altered Giratina Boy Manaphy Girl Land Shaymin Boy Sky Shaymin Girl Virizion Girl Gallade Boy Pachirisu Girl Registeel Girl Absol Boy
  16. This is a post that you can show off your Ultra Rare Pokemon that you caught My first one o.o
  17. HEYO! im replier, 11 years old, welcome to my sprites gallery! >_> ------ I like spriting, and, i like spriting. Have i said that i like spriting? ----- You will see some of my sprites, and sprites who i gived to pokestadium (like Arnecray, Rock Guardian). my sprites are very basic tho, nothing like Xero Dracoheart... Got #1 in Pokestadium 6 times Got in the weekly rank 12 times ----- ------ Robotic Kingler: Hard worked for that. Made to Krab Klub. Kabuchomp: A quick fusion made to Krab Klub. Magbuzz (Gen 4 Backsprite): I tried to make my first Backsprite, soo Persian (Egg): My first Egg. Is not goooood but, ok. Jigglytorb (Gen 1): My first Gen 1 Sprite. Made to win a contest ;P Robotic Hitmonchan: One of my robots. Is cool, but is not sooooo special. Although, this is a good sprite. Inferno Lickitung: My second Inferno / Pillowshade try. I like that style so much. #4th Camerupt (Torterra DNA): Some of my Pokefusions. Again, a Quick Sprite. Inferno Typhlosion: My first try of Inferno. Liked so much the result, but, the sprite don't was this style (the Fire doesn't was Blue, was normal). #2nd. Mewtwo (Pillowshade): My second try. Liked the result, ;P Robotic Glalie: My fav Robot ;D. MADE ME #1 ;D Mightray: A quick sprite with Mightyena + Luxray. Robotic Buizel: Inspired by a Robotic Floatzel maded by BisharpSomethingSomething. thx ;P #5th. Cloyster Silhouette: inspired again by bisharpsomethingsomething, i didn't knew that thing called "Silhouette" exist. Kadrawnt: maded to enter in Krab Klub. PLEASE IGNORE THAT CRAWDAD Steler Blaster: I love Undertale. Jirachi (Concentraded): dafuq this is, i just wanted to jirachi meditate. Kecleon (Rock): Kecleon with Rock Type form. Gangel (Dark): The Dark form of Gangel. Gangel: my best sprite. WON TO ME #1 PLACE Slanape: A quick sprite that i maded. Slaking + Infernape. Rock Guardian: A little failed sprite. It could be better. But, it get #1 in Pokestadium ;D Meevew: Mew + Eevee. quick sprite i made. Arnecray: One of my bests sprites. I liked that so much, i maded that sprite to not be that... but, this is the result. AGAIN #1 Sparke: Spark + Snake; A cool sprite that i made. Unova Zygarde: A simple sprite but who get #1 in Pokestadium. ---- Conclusion: I evolved much on spriting, and i like this so much. Hope i get even better and make some top quality sprites.
  18. Alola! From the Pokestadium BATTLE FACTORY 2.0 Welcome to the second-ever Pokestadium Battle Factory! For those of you who remember the original, we can basically get right into it, and for those who don't remember/weren't around, the description from the first carries across the basic idea still- "The Pokestadium Battle Factory is a tournament that, as you might have guessed, is largely based on the Battle factory challenge from the gen 3 and 4 games. In the traditional Battle Factory fashion, you won't be battling with your own Pokemon or sets. Rather, you'll choose from a variety of pre-selected Pokemon and movesets. Unlike the traditional Battle Factory, however, these battles will be 6v6 on Pokemon showdown (set in anything goes) so you'll have a lot more Pokemon to choose from. For each slot of your team, there will be three Pokemon with pre-made sets for you to choose from. These pre-selected sets will be sent to you in a PM upon the starting date of the tournament of, and you'll have three full days to confirm your selection. Like the last time, there's some quirks you should keep in mind, though of course by nature of us being on the cutting edge of a new generation, they're a little different than before: If you'd like, upon successfully defeating an opponent in battle, you can PM me and ask to replace one of the Pokemon on your team, and I'll PM you three more sets that can be used in its place. If none of the sets seem better than the one you're currently using, however, you do have the option to decline. (Your time to make a decision on this is basically just until your battle is arranged with your next opponent.) However, now, there is an added alternative to this! An actual feature of the original Battle Factory was scouting your opponent's team, and if you don't feel like swapping out one of your Pokemon, you can also scout your next opponent's team a bit. You can either ask me for a broad generalization of what kind of moves and overall build they have, or the specific set of one of their Pokemon. (when asking for a specific set, ask something like "The set of their fastest Pokemon?" or "The set of their Z-move Pokemon?") Round 1 bracket: Fill out this microscopic form to join in on the fun! Please do provide any questions you may have in addition to your form, and good luck attempting to dethrone current frontier brain, @Yunn Goos!
  19. Which Pokemon do you think is the cutest? With me, it would DEFINITELY be Happiny. Chansey is my favorite Pokemon, so how could I think it's baby form isn't incredibly adorable?
  20. What is your favorite Generation 1 Pokemon? Post your reason if you want to <3 Mine is Dragonair. I love his design, being slightly similar to Dratini, but looking even better :3
  21. This is a particularly simple game. All we're gonna do is recite all 3 Pokéraps, from Electrode all the way to Cacnea. Rules: 1. You can only add one Pokemon name per post 2. The Pokemon names have to be in the order they appeared in the Pokéraps. 3. If you don't know, don't randomly post a name. Ok, and with that, we will start. Electrode
  22. As the title may suggest, this thread is for sharing terrible moves, EV spreads, and whatnot that you once used. Just keep in mind this is for competitive battling only, not in-game stuff. These are sets that you knew you were going to be using in a competitive way. Unfortunately, you just didn't realize how awful they were o3o Anyhow, here's the first "competitive" Pokemon I ever trained/used: Slick (Eelektross) (M) @ LeftoversAbility: LevitateEVs: I made sure that they were all even, or at least closeQuirky Nature- Bounce- Aqua Tail- Thunder- Coil Okay, so as you can tell, there are countless things wrong with this, but I'll go into detail anyway because that's something I do. You see, I pretty much always used Eelektross for most of gen 5, which was when I was first getting into battling. Why? Well, it's one of my favorite Pokemon, and I also felt like it was super good despite not even knowing its stats. Now, I gave it a quirky nature, because I couldn't bear the thought of one of his stats being lowered just a little and somehow costing me a battle. EVs were all spread around because, hey, he's using all of the stats, right? While Coil and Aqua tail weren't the worst choices, I have no idea what I was thinking with Bounce and Thunder. I guess I thought Bounce was good coverage, and I didn't realize it basically allowed my opponent to decide whether or not their current Pokemon would take a hit or not. And then there's Thunder, which is quite a bad choice considering it doesn't get boosted by Coil, but I figured screw it because I loved having it always hit with the extra accuracy...from coil. Again, I wasn't the best. And finally, I had given him the leftovers, which is probably the only fully competent decision I made. I should also bring up I was using this set in triples. With no support. Owch. As you can imagine, my sorry bunch never won too much on the Wi-fi battles, but I guess this didn't matter much since it was B/W and bitter opponents would DC seconds after losing, thus eradicating your win. But hey, I did occasionally manage to win, thanks to hax/opponents that were somehow even more incompetent. I realize this is a pretty extreme example, but as I already stated it was literally my first attempt at making a competitive Pokemon. Although I guess I still hadn't learned my lesson by the time I was using showdown because a similar set was on my first OU team So, whether they were worse than a well-thought out Delibird, or just gimmicky/mediocre, feel free to share a bad set you once ran or are still running
  23. About a simple question as they come- what's your favorite type? Why is it your favorite? Do you like it in battle the most, or are a lot of the Pokemon you like of that type? Whatever it is, feel free to share! My favorite type is definitely Rock. Ever since I caught my first wild Pokemon (a Geodude in Pearl) I appreciated it having resistances to all the common attacks you see early-game (Normal, Flying, Poison) and being super-effective against the ever-present bugs and birds. There's also a lot of Rock Pokemon I adore, Tyranitar,Golem and Nosepass being some of my all-time favorites. The fossils are among my favorite Pokemon conceptually as well, and there's not really an uninteresting one among them in my opinion. Competitively, Rock Slide just might be my favorite move (and although Stealth Rocks makes 6v6 a much less enjoyable format imo it's still a cool move in theory.) Rock does have some inconvenient weaknesses, particularly Grass and Water when you're playing in-game, but I still think they're more than solid. (HA)
  24. From the album Drawings of stuff

    Mega charizard X cuz why the hell not. Art by me. Pokemon does not belong to me, but the pokemon company does.
  25. From the album Drawings of stuff

    A pokemon Oc I did in my spare time, nothing much. Art made by me.