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Found 100 results

  1. (Credit to the fine folks of the PUCL community for inspiring this game.) New rule, please read: Here's how this game works: one person starts by thinking of a Pokemon, and noting a fact about it (ideally one shared with many Pokemon, such as it learning a move like Helping Hand.) Then other participants can take a guess of what Pokemon it might be- and after at least one person has guessed, the person who knows the Pokemon will confirm if the guess[es] are right or wrong, and then give another fact about the Pokemon. The facts should get increasingly specific as this process continues- starting off with moves, egg groups, and place in an evolutionary line, but eventually moving onto abilities and typings and whatnot. Ideally, your guesses should be based on your innate Pokemon knowledge, so use of external information sources is discouraged but of course can't be prevented. When somebody does guess the Pokemon correctly, they get to think of a new Pokemon and new questions. There is a limit of 10 facts. If nobody gets it in 10, then whoever guessed most recently can do the next mon/facts. Because of this, the 10th question should be made to make the answer quite obvious, but not outright reveal it. (For example, if the answer was Plusle, you could say "It's not Minun.") Also, if the person presenting the facts fails to answer guesses within 24 hours, then this responsibility falls upon whoever guesses most recently/whoever feels like picking it up. Because this needs to be even more complex it'll be fun, I'll also keep track of who's been guessing correctly. If your guess was on the first fact, you'll get 10 points, and if it was on the last, you'll get 1. Leaderboards: I suppose I'll kick us off here: #1: This Pokemon learns the move Peck.
  2. A rather simple question, but I still think it's good that this basic topic gets remade now and then just so everyone knows the favorite mons of the currently active members. So yes, what is your favorite Pokemon? Or if you'd prefer, what are your top 5 or 10 favorites? If you're not completely sure of your favorite(s), I found that this tool was pretty useful for helping to narrow it down. It's also interesting to use in the sense that you end up thinking of the reasons why you like a Pokemon after deciding it's a favorite, as opposed to the other way around- sort of a reverse engineering of the process. Anyhow, here are my top 10 mons as determined by myself and the machine o3o (as you're probably aware by now, I really like typing- you guys totally shouldn't write as much as I did lol)
  3. This here's a tutorial about getting your Pokemon on Sun and Moon as strong as possible through IVs, EVs, and Natures! The main goal of this tutorial is to teach anyone* how to... 1) Figure out and then obtain the ideal nature for an individual Pokemon 2) Keys to training and keeping track of a Pokemon's EVs (Effort Values) 3) Chaining and breeding in order to get perfect IVs (Individual Values) 4) Do other useful things like obtain hidden abilities and know when to hyper train 5) Ultimately obtain your very own Pokemon as ready for battle as they come! *Note: This tutorial assumes very little prior knowledge of most of the topics discussed, so please excuse what may feel like the occasional statement of the obvious. Some things that unfortunately won't be addressed (or at least not with much detail,) at least not in this particular tutorial 1) Breeding/SRing for specific Hidden Power types 2) Methods of increasing the odds of shiny Pokemon 3) Ideal movesets/where to get all TMs First things first, congratulations on beating Pokemon Sun and Moon! What a game, huh? I liked the part with the dialogue. If you haven't beaten Sun and Moon, I'd really recommend it, as it makes a lot of the tasks discussed in this tutorial miles easier. Starting with what's probably the simplest part of getting your competitive Pokemon... Part 1: Natures Part 2: IVs Part 3: EVs If you have any questions or comments on the content/information provided in this tutorial, please do post it here!
  4. Welcome to the finale of Pokemon MS Paint Version! Pokemon MS Paint is a five-part series which involves drawing a randomized Pokemon in MS Paint. Each user will be given a maximum of fifteen minutes to draw each Pokemon. The viewers, which are all of you, will vote on who you think has the best drawn Pokemon. The results have been added up from all five episodes and the winners have been declared! -- First off, I know that Legend, Isagonj, and I had a really great time doing this challenge. It was nice to get out of our comfort zone and try something just for pure fun. We didn't have to make anything look as perfect or extravagant as we would normally intend to do, so this was a pleasant experience as a whole. In the end, whoever comes out on the top doesn't really matter (but let's get real, bragging rights are the best kind of prize). And of course, thank you to the audience for voting. It's been a little under a year since we started this series, so the long-awaited results are in! In First Place, @Yashu In the beginning, I didn't think I would make it very far, so this was surprising! I'm very clearly better than both Legend and Isabel and blew this competition out of the water. In all seriousness, I think that both Isabel and Legend did far better than me, but again, it doesn't matter who came out on top. (It's not rigged I promise) In Second Place, @isagonj I commend Isabel for her unique styling and vibrant color pallets throughout this competition. I'm sure she doesn't care too much and she's probably in some kind of wormhole playing Fire Emblem. In any case, congratulations! In Third Place, @Legend The saying "last, but certainly not least" definitely applies to Legend. To let you in on a little secret, Legend uses a Mac Computer and didn't have access to MS Paint. He actually used Aseprite the whole time, but was restricted to MS Paint-only features. He's somewhere, lurking around PS. #ResurrectLegendFromTheDead
  5. are you a boy or a girl

    From the album The Pastel Port

    Fanart for a youtuber I enjoy watching. The title is a joke on how comments always confused her voice for a young boy's in the past. this is like my first time drawing pokemon in years
  6. Thoughts on Pokemon and eSports

    There's been quite a bit of talk recently about Pokemon and eSports- how Pokemon is an eSport, why it is or isn't, how it could take steps to become more seriously considered as one. So, might as well get into my stinking heap of opinions- Pokemon is not an eSport. Of course, treating it like a revelation is somewhat obnoxious, though a lot more people seem to refer to Pokemon as an eSport (or a developing one) without really giving what qualifies it as one much thought. When asked to explain what makes Pokemon an eSport, people typically point to it meeting the most loose and vague definition of it- "a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers." VGC is undoubtedly multiplayer, competitive, and in more recent years watched by spectators. Case closed, right? Well, no, not really. By this logic, any group of people who get together and stream Mario party are participating in an eSport, which we can all agree Mario Party under no circumstance is. But what makes Pokemon more like Mario party and less like something along the lines of League of Legends? Time for some funnerific discerning! Non-Pokemon teams Basically every big eSport has two teams consisting of several players in a given match- this is important, as it's the one of the central reasons we even have the term "eSports" as two teams consisting of several skilled players is the main parallel between an actual physical sport and one that's entirely virtual. In Pokemon, it's the individual against... everyone else with Pokemon who wants to win, basically. In VGC, there's no group of players that are somehow working towards the same goal. Players can work together in some regards by sharing sets and thoughts on the meta, but ultimately each person is the only one directly contributing to their success, which is pretty uncharacteristic for an eSport. Hm? Skill? A defining aspect of an eSport is the level of devotion put in by players, who have typically spent hours upon hours perfecting their skills and teamwork at a said game. Pokemon doesn't really require skill, however (don't worry, not gonna make the highly flawed "10% chances ruin everything" argument.) All Pokemon requires is a decently put together team and a good understanding of the meta and what people use. It still takes time to build a team and gain this knowledge of course, but doesn't require any of the intensity or nearly as much time any other professional eSport player would need to prepare. The only aspect of competitive Pokemon and VGC that could even somewhat be labeled as skill are the prediction aspects (your opponent's leads, move choices, switches, etc.) but considering that you can't really train your prediction skills (you could consistently find that people make certain choices in certain situations and then predict appropriately, but hey that falls under knowledge accumulation then) and is mostly just based on your gut feeling I wouldn't consider it. Not to say those who have won VGC world championships and whatnot aren't undoubtedly excellent players, but rather that being a great player requires a different, simpler type of ability than do other eSports. Anybody can throw a ball with a monster inside of it This point's somewhat similar to the last one, but hey it's my blog so most of you have probably stopped reading now and I get to type whatever I want now. Watermelon's horrible. Anyhow, once given a team and some knowledge of the meta, basically anyone can be a successful Pokemon player. Copying and pasting teams is also pretty popular, so then you're already halfway there. Of course, typically the players with more slightly more original variations on things and put in the most time are the ones that ultimately succeed, but you get the idea- basically anyone can succeed at a high level even with relatively very little preparation, simply due to the game not requiring any lightning quick reflexes or even extensive mastery of a certain Pokemon or team, which takes out a lot of the usual "you gotta admit how amazing these players are" factor that any sport usually has going. Follow me? The way VGC tournaments are structured (swiss) sometimes make who moves on and who doesn't somewhat confusing, but also the general way they're handled/streamed makes it pretty hard to follow any one individual. Usually, the only way one gains notoriety among VGC players is by doing well at a regional or some other event with an team that uses an unusual Pokemon or strategy. (players that do well will generally still be looked to for sets and ideas, but almost never followed or discussed.) Not only is it hard to follow players that you find interesting or noteworthy, interactions between players are mostly non-existent- it's not usually a huge thing in eSports, but you still do see rivalries and/or friendships forged between players now and then, which is always interesting and adds an extra layer to the whole thing. Now, I'm not saying Pokemon VGC would necessarily become an eSport if it was like Wrestling, with storylines and personality gimmicks for players (it would just be the best thing ever.) But yes in short the visibility for these kind of things would need to be greatly improved. VGC Players used Pay Day! But it failed! So, this one's pretty big- despite cashmoneymoolah not typically being used in definitions of eSports, I'd say it's actually quite defining- the main reason anybody even cares about these things enough to start agreeing upon a term for them is because there's money involved, which is essentially what makes eSports different from big flashy video game tournaments. Sure, very recently (2016 or perhaps 15, I believe it was) The Pokemon Company replaced the scholarship prizes they typically gave out to the final winners of VGC formats with an actual cash prize, but that's basically the beginning and end of where money gets involved in competitive pokemon battling. Nobody's getting paid, there's not really any sponsors, nothing along those lines (not necessarily even saying that they should, as I doubt any money is really made off of VGC tournaments by the Pokemon Company.) I suppose placing such emphasis on paying players in some way would call into question the legitimacy of something like college basketball, but of course that's faulty as it's sportlike in basically every other way (and though whether or not it's enough is controversial, players are undoubtedly still being compensated in some manner.) In short, the general lack of compensation/sponsors really makes something a hard sell when trying to consider it as an eSport. I suppose a lot of the motivation behind this was simply an overreaction on my part, just getting annoyed with how frequently competitive Pokemon gets referred to as an eSport without a second thought by the VGC community. But words and especially terms made just for rather new things like eSports have specific meanings (insert original political joke here lololol,) anOhd using them without actually thinking about it can often lead to a shared distortion of reality going on in people's heads. Oh, and one last thing before I close this mess out- Pokemon shouldn't try to become an eSport. I'm not sure if Pokemon being more like an eSport would actually make it much more enjoyable for players, and certainly would remove the core, more philosophical ideas behind what Pokemon should be that still exist in its competitive scene. I think it's great that basically anybody can become good at playing competitive Pokemon, go do some VGC stuff, and not have to worry about putting in too much time and effort to train, finances, or anybody else being extremely invested in their failure or success. It's seems a lot more, you know... fun. and on that note, I'm gonna close this out and go drink some doritos please do share any commentsthoughtsideasetc.etc.etc.
  7. pokemon Memetafage Reference Sheet

    From the album PC's Pixels

    Memetafage The Viral Pokemon Type: Psychic/Poison Stats: 47 / 53 / 41 / 149 / 103 / 127 Average height: 0'8" - 2'1" Average weight: N/A "Huge swarms congregate within anything that can perceive them, feeding and replicating uncontrollably. Its origin and true nature are poorly understood." So yeah, I saw PS was having a sort of art day (or was anyways, it's not ridiculously late lol) and decided to come out of lurking to post something I was working on today. A theoretical maybe ultrabeast - like Cosmog, it's part of an evolutionary line and doesn't have a BST of 570, so whether it is truly an ultrabeast or simply another being that happens to come from ultraspace is debatable - it was part of some random fakemon sketches I did today. I liked Memetafage the most, so that was the one I sprited. If the name and faux dex entry didn't give it away, I based this on the concept of a mental virus (specifically, the bacteriophage, a surprisingly unused concept in the Pokemon universe for such a neat looking li'l bug), which is basically already what a meme is anyways except this one is pointy. Anyways I had more to say but the gallery uploader got messed up and I don't feel like writing any more so whatever. May get the pre-evos up tomorrow. 13/10 weird looking dog but would boop its snoot any day of the week.
  8. From the album PC's Pixels

    Cytosite The Concept Pokemon Type: Psychic/Poison Stats: 23 / 31 / 27 / 59 / 67 / 83 Average height: 0'4" - 0'11" Average weight: N/A "They can only exist as long as they are perceived as existing. It is unknown what happens to Cytosite whom nobody remembers." Xenosis The Amnestic Pokemon Type: Psychic/Poison Stats: 37 / 43 / 31 / 109 / 87 / 113 Average height: 0'8" - 2'0" Average weight: N/A "It creates new Cytosite by replacing memories with replicas of itself. Infections are characterized by an inability to recall personal information." Said I would post Memetafage's pre-evos yesterday, well here we are and I dun did a do. Still not terribly pleased with how these turned out, jelly shading is definitely NOT my forte, but I did the best I could I suppose. I've decided that they're definitely ultrabeasts as they're part of a canon where ultrabeasts aren't bound by such strict rules, one I hope to expand eventually. Speaking of. So in the interest of not cluttering the gallery these are the last fakemon I'll be posting here, butt, I do plan to eventually make a thread where I'll be cataloging them as well as other things pertaining to the canon they exist in. As much as I'd like it will probably never get to the ROM hack stage, but eh, whatever.
  9. Pokemon in real life 2

    From the album Trashy stuffs ._.

    Fixed the cutout problems.its better to use paint.
  10. Adventures in genwun (featuring Blastoyse) is a comic that originated here on Good 'ol Pokestadium. I only got to make a few comics before the forum closed, but I continued the series on Pokepavillion and other Pokemon forums, and thanks to the support of those who read it, over the months I actually started making them regularly, and it managed to grow. This thread will be for updates on his adventures and general discussion/commentary as well. Here are just a few examples of his adventures, rises, falls, lawsuits, anti-Venussor propaganda, etc.: Did you like them? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you get chronic nausea? All of the above? I sure hope so. Feel free to comment any of these emotions you may have felt and other things relating to these comics here, that's what the thread's for. DOUBLE NOTE: CREDITS TO THE HONORABLE AND GREAT SCIZ FOR THE RETURN OF VENUSSOR PANEL, HE IS VERY WELL THE BEST PERSON ALIVE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH AND IF YOU NEED SOMETHING FOR A COMIC I RECOMMEND BOTHERING HIM.
  11. Necrozma

    From the album Pan's Art Dump

    Too tired to think of a description. Took me like 7 hours or more.
  12. Pokemon in real life 3

    From the album Trashy stuffs ._.

    The true meaning of meme making YES.
  13. Which Pokemon do you think is the cutest? With me, it would DEFINITELY be Happiny. Chansey is my favorite Pokemon, so how could I think it's baby form isn't incredibly adorable?
  14. Pokemon in real life

    From the album Trashy stuffs ._.

    Sorry for the terrible cutout,im a noob ;-;
  15. What's your favorite main series cry? Why? Is it original? (gen 1-5) or updated? (gen 6-7) My favorite cry is....well...the Pokemon name is embarrassing....I call the Pokemon "Evil" instead of using the name :/ Hmm some Pokemon don't have a good explanation for their cries so there are a few exceptions.
  16. I am offering to fuse any and all Pokémon sprites. That is all. Examples of my work: Form Pokémon to fuse: Base Pokémon: Palette: Other Comments: !!!!RULES!!!! I have school, so if I don't get your fusion done immediately, please understand. I will fuse up to seven Pokémon. I will not fuse anything of a vulgar nature. Ex.: Were I asked to attach male genitalia to a Pokecreation, I would refuse your request, and would continue to refuse your requests for a probational period of time. If you post the pokecreation or its likeness anywhere on the internet, I require you give credit where it is due. You may make only one request, and must wait until I have completed the first to ask for another. If you'd like me to redo it, please ask politely, but I will not redo it 2 days after its completion.
  17. Welcome to my shop once again guys! Firstly the rules again- Same rules as last time only 10 orders at a time. One member can give 4 orders in one week Please wait. Patience is important Please do not spam 'Is it done yet?' You can the give the 2nd order only when the first order has been completed. Enter the word “Primal” in the others section as a proof that you have read the rules . Forms- Recolour Username- Base Pokemon- Colour of which Pokemon- Others- Cola Delivery Pokemon Username- Pokemon- Cola in Hand (Y/N)- Background Colour (Y/N)- Others- Stamps Username- Pokemon (Evolution/Single)- Background Colour- Others- Eggs Pokemon- Shiny/Normal- Others Outlines- Username- Pokemon- Outline colour- Other- Missingno-fication Username- Pokemon- Others- Orders- Coming soon- Christmas Specials! Thx for visiting See u soon!!!
  18. Alola! From the Pokestadium BATTLE FACTORY 2.0 Welcome to the second-ever Pokestadium Battle Factory! For those of you who remember the original, we can basically get right into it, and for those who don't remember/weren't around, the description from the first carries across the basic idea still- "The Pokestadium Battle Factory is a tournament that, as you might have guessed, is largely based on the Battle factory challenge from the gen 3 and 4 games. In the traditional Battle Factory fashion, you won't be battling with your own Pokemon or sets. Rather, you'll choose from a variety of pre-selected Pokemon and movesets. Unlike the traditional Battle Factory, however, these battles will be 6v6 on Pokemon showdown (set in anything goes) so you'll have a lot more Pokemon to choose from. For each slot of your team, there will be three Pokemon with pre-made sets for you to choose from. These pre-selected sets will be sent to you in a PM upon the starting date of the tournament of, and you'll have three full days to confirm your selection. Like the last time, there's some quirks you should keep in mind, though of course by nature of us being on the cutting edge of a new generation, they're a little different than before: If you'd like, upon successfully defeating an opponent in battle, you can PM me and ask to replace one of the Pokemon on your team, and I'll PM you three more sets that can be used in its place. If none of the sets seem better than the one you're currently using, however, you do have the option to decline. (Your time to make a decision on this is basically just until your battle is arranged with your next opponent.) However, now, there is an added alternative to this! An actual feature of the original Battle Factory was scouting your opponent's team, and if you don't feel like swapping out one of your Pokemon, you can also scout your next opponent's team a bit. You can either ask me for a broad generalization of what kind of moves and overall build they have, or the specific set of one of their Pokemon. (when asking for a specific set, ask something like "The set of their fastest Pokemon?" or "The set of their Z-move Pokemon?") Round 1 bracket: Fill out this microscopic form to join in on the fun! Please do provide any questions you may have in addition to your form, and good luck attempting to dethrone current frontier brain, @Yunn Goos!
  19. OkayThis is how it works: Characters Pokemon Background I would Post an example,But i'm out of room for attachments. But if I had some room,I would do Scratchy (As in ME,not the one in "The Simpsons")In a Charizard costume,Or at least Chazuurim: Good luck and have fun posting your outfits!!! :3
  20. Welcome to... MirandaPoke's Shopping Corner for Magical Sprites 2.0 Rules: Fusion Username: Base Pokemon: Other Pokemon (1-4): Color of which Pokemon: Other: Recolor Username: Pokemon: Colors: Any specifics?: Other: Color Swap Username: Pokemon: Colors of which Pokemon: Both?: Other: Super Pokemon Username: Pokemon: Anything invisible? (Like the Umbreon): Other: Rotomization Username: Pokemon: Which Rotom: Other: Retypes Username: Pokemon: Type (Only 1): Other: Overworld Recolors Username: Pokemon: Colors: Any Specifics?: Other: Overworld Trainer Recolors Username: Overworld Sprite (Please post image): Hair Color(s): Skin Color: Eye Color: Top Color(s): Bottom Color(s): Shoe Color(s): Accessory Color(s): Other: Sprite Avatars Username: Sprites (Please post images, unless their Pokemon): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Avatars Username: Image(s) (Must be a render/transparent background) (If you don't want a specific image, then I can find one): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Banner Username: Image(s) (Must be a render/transparent background) (If you don't want a specific image, then I can find one): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Artwork *Note: These will take a lot longer* Username: What do you want? (Nothing too complicated) (Images are helpful): Colored?: Other: Randomizer (I will randomly pick a subject and make a sprite based on what you want.) Username: Specific subject/Pokemon you want in it: Other: Completed Orders
  21. Why, it's the Pokestadium Advent Calendar What is an advent calendar, you might ask? You see, it's a special kind calendar that tracks the 24 days of December before Christmas, which usually contains chocolate or ornaments or some other kinda cool stuff for each day. Of course, there's probably a lot more interesting historical and religious significance to it, but I don't know it, and with any luck, you guys don't care! So, a more important question is, what's the Pokemon-focused forum equivalent to an advent calendar? Well, for all 24 days leading up until jingle day, a question regarding some aspect of Pokemon will be posted. You then, uh, answer it! And it's fun! I swear! Regardless of the December holiday of your choice! (I personally have the strongest religious connection to National Cotton Candy day on the 7th.) So, the advent calendar question for December 17th... What is your favorite Water-type starter?
  22. A foreword: this RP was inspired by the concept around which the Augment RP was based, for whatever small handful of you might even know what that is, which was shown to me by CP. I’m not going to say this is a reboot, copy, or in any way affiliated with Augment, nor was Augment the original creator of this concept, but it was the inspiration for this RP. In summery, this is a fusion based Pokemon RP. Think ReBURST, except not like ReBURST at all. The world is in trouble, but nobody but you and your employers know how or why. How you chose to address this poblem, be it with violence or diplomacy, however, is entirely up to you. That all being said, I present Pokemon: Synthesis! RULES -All standard Pokestadium rules and, by extension, PS’s RP section rules apply. Breaking these rules will be treated as breaking this RP’s rules. -I will allow cursing, though nothing that goes beyond PS’s set language rules. -Godmodding, powerplaying, bunnyhopping, and all other strains of unfair play are strictly banned, especially in battle. Nobody enjoys dealing with excessive dodging, every hit being critical, and the like. Even against NPCs perfect battles are boring and come off as more obnoxious than impressive. -When creating and playing your character, please avoid Mary Sue behavior. Seriously. Don’t. -One liners are not allowed under any circumstances, as they are difficult to play off of and make RPing tedious. -Up to two characters are allowed per player. If significant activity picks up, I may raise this to accommodate. -No Legendaries, including minor bst 600 and below ones. In the future, special events may show up where players will have an opportunity to catch a Legendary, but starting with one will not be permitted. *Side note, beyond this Legendary limit, there are no hard restrictions on how many/what Pokemon you can use, or the moves they can learn given that it is a legal set that falls within the beginning perimeters I set (this includes the Alola dex, such as Pokemon like Mimikyu or Komala, however I expect good reason for an Alolan Pokemon to be in Kalos should you take this path). The Pokemon you own should make sense, though. A trainer with only one badge should probably not have a Garchomp with five other Pokemon to boot. Do not abuse the freedom I am giving you. -Only up to three Pokemon may have a strong enough bond to allow fusion when you start, and typically, it will be less than this. As the RP progresses, if I see significant character growth and interaction with a player’s Pokemon, I will grant them “bonded” status at their request. If a bonded Pokemon evolves or a new Pokemon can fuse, you will have to find a Pokecenter at which you can receive a new SynthChip from Chimera Corp. to adjust accordingly. -If you have read the rules, put a synonym for “fast” in the other section of your character sheet. CHARACTER SHEET (please, please, please delete bracketed text. Also, be sure to PM them to me, we no longer accept sheets in the RP thread) Username: Name: (First and last, please!) Gender: Age: (Nothing under 14 please, it just wouldn’t make sense for a 10 year old to be hired by a large scale organization to hunt down highly dangerous monsters) Appearance: (Text preferred, but a picture is acceptable. If you use a picture, however, I still expect a few lines of text detailing things that can’t be seen, e.g. height and the like. Otherwise I expect a word count of at least 150, or roughly four lines [characters submitted prior to the adjustment of this rule are not subject to it, and do not have to edit their sheets] do not hesitate to be as descriptive as you can!) Personality: (At least 225 word count, or roughly 6 lines please.) History: (Also at least 225. Please do not leave anything out or be unnecessarily vague for the sake of “mystery,” other players should not be confused ooc regarding your character’s origins.) Other: Pokemon: Species: Name: (Note that your Pokemon are not required to have a name, and many trainers do in fact opt to let Pokemon keep their base names. Up to you to decide how your character would regard Pokemon names.) Current Moves: (Anime rules - you are not restricted to just four moves, and may learn more as the RP progresses. Starting Pokemon, however, may only have up to five moves, two of which may be egg moves (must be from the same parent obviously), and one TM move if you so choose, or any combination of these. Additionally, as this is more close to the anime than the games in terms of mechanics, bear in mind moves do behave somewhat differently. Otherwise poor moves like Tackle and Slash are far more viable, and moves like Ice Beam and Flamethrower, while still quite good, are not the OHKO powerhouse moves they are in game. I am not going to restrict what moves you can learn base power wise, but please don’t abuse this.) Currently bonded?: (Yes or no, can this Pokemon and its trainer fuse?) Other: (Anything else worth noting about this Pokemon?) (Rinse and repeat for as many Pokemon as you have.) --- Spot reserved for Gruffin (the RP section is not quite as slow as I thought it was, but still, I'm going to have to question how much reserved spots matter anyways and yet here I am still doing them for no real reason).
  23. Just so you know you can only roleplay with your own character (not an already-made Pokemon or fusion.). And please don't ask me why I used a Mega Evolving Altaria GIF. I love roleplays so please do this.
  24. pokemon Dapper Sylveon

    From the album PC's Pixels

    Context for my avatar. No real extensive lore behind this, I was simply suggested to do a Sylveon, and about halfway through I started experimenting with its design and before I knew it I had invented a personal alt form of Sylveon. It is not much different from regular Sylveon, although it has an added Dark typing, and its SpA and SpD are switched.