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Found 32 results

  1. Welcome to my Shiny Redesign Shop! Just request a shiny you want redesigned (I will use sprites from Generations 3 to 5, nothing retro or 3D) and what colors you want me to use on what parts of the Pokemon. I will post them when finished, in a style of Normal, Original Shiny, Your Shiny, as seen below in some of my example artworks. I can also do my own colors if you have no preference, such as invert colors (oricorio style), "when in doubt, gold/pink/green it out", or my own design. I can do a whole evolution line, megas, Alolan forms, alternate forms, primal forms, or all of the above. Just give me an order and I'll get on it. It is first come, first serve, so if there are multiple requests before you, I will do those first. Try to keep orders to one Pokemon, or to one line of Pokemon, don't overload me with orders in the same message, because some people might be waiting patiently behind you. Picture Format: (Normal) (Original Shiny) (New Shiny) (Type of Shiny) Order Form: Pokemon: ___________ Evolutionary Line?(Y/N) Mega/Primal? (Y/N) Alternate Form/Alolan Form? (Y/N) Type of Shiny: ____________ Inverted Colors+Own Design Own Design Pink Shiny Gold Shiny (Line) Green Shiny Own Design(Line) Own Design(Line)
  2. Julian's Fusion Sprite Shop Hi Pokestadium! If you don't know me, I'm Julian! And this is my shop! I'm offering any Pokemon fusion sprite you request! Some examples of my work above and below. Form Username: 2 Pokemon being fused: Any Extras: Rules ONLY 2 POKEMON CAN BE FUSED Please do not rush me if I take a long time to make your order. Only one order at a time please. Please do not download my sprites to Pokestadium. I will post my sprites before delivering orders. Please credit me if you do use my sprites I will try to get orders done ASAP. That's about it and I hope to see your guys' orders soon! Completed Orders
  3. Hello everyone! Here's whats happening: I will make any sprite for you. Whether it's a god lucario or a fusion or a human pikachu, I'll make it! Just ask in the comments and I'll do it soon. Please do not post in Pokestadium because I'll be doing that already beforehand. If you post anywhere else please credit me.
  4. Welcome to my shop, click the spoiler below to see what I offer Forms: Fusions: Recolors: Type Swap: Rules: Completed Requests Queue: 1: 2: 3: Can't wait to see you guys' requests! By the way here's some of my previous works
  5. Welcome to my shop! RULES: All PS and All PS shop forum rules apply, of course! I only will take in six requests at a time, look below to see if any spaces are available. ONLY two requests per person in the Queue. Up to six Pokémon per request. I can use most Pokémon from Gen 1-6, None from 7. If it is TOO complicated I cannot do it, I'll usually explain why through PM. If you want to use the sprite I make for you on Pokecreations, or anything else big like that, PM me first, I will almost always say YES, as long as you give credit to ME for the spriter. Types of requests you can make: Fusion: A fusion is where I fuse up to six Pokémon together, creating a new Pokémon. Form: Username: Pokémon to fuse: Available for others to use?: Details and specifications: Type Swap: A type swap is where I switch the types of another Pokémon. Form: Username: Pokémon to change its types: Available for others to use?: New Types: (Up to two types) Recolor: A recolor is where I change the colors of a Pokémon with another. Form: Username: Pokémon to change colors of: Pokémon to use the colors of to put on the other Pokémon: Available for others to use?: That's it for now! More things will come in the future. Finished Requests:
  6. I am offering to fuse any and all Pokémon sprites. That is all. Examples of my work: Form Pokémon to fuse: Base Pokémon: Palette: Other Comments: !!!!RULES!!!! I have school, so if I don't get your fusion done immediately, please understand. I will fuse up to seven Pokémon. I will not fuse anything of a vulgar nature. Ex.: Were I asked to attach male genitalia to a Pokecreation, I would refuse your request, and would continue to refuse your requests for a probational period of time. If you post the pokecreation or its likeness anywhere on the internet, I require you give credit where it is due. You may make only one request, and must wait until I have completed the first to ask for another. If you'd like me to redo it, please ask politely, but I will not redo it 2 days after its completion.
  7. In the Realm of Aetheric Magic... You spot a magician demonstrating a trick on two plushies: "Take an Eevee, take an Arceus, and whadd'ya get? Eeveus!" He brandished a plushie in the air that seemed to be an Eevee with Arceus's gold plating. You walk up to his shop stand and walk to the counter. Then you realize he's an amateur You find the Rules. Welcome to Doom's Fusion Specialties! Here are some guidelines: All rules of Pokéstadium apply. There is a code: Username. As long as you use the form it will be automatically applied. Be generally nice to people. Please. Please give me credit for anything bigger than using it for fusions, etc. Anything like using your request for a fan game, or submitting to Creations, send me a PM. I have studies that I am busy with, so please one request per week, and there will be four slots. I will most likely expand this if it does not interfere with my life too much. NOTE: I will lock the shop a little randomly because of things that pop up in my life. Types of Work You Can Request: Recolor Options: Basic Recolor Palette Swap Color Inversion Fusion Options: 2, 3 or 4 Pokémon Fusion: (Four will be harder to make) Specialty Sprites: Coming Soon! (Stuff like Chrome, Glitch, Dessert, etc.) Slots: CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED Completed Orders:
  8. Welcome to... MirandaPoke's Shopping Corner for Magical Sprites 2.0 Rules: Fusion Username: Base Pokemon: Other Pokemon (1-4): Color of which Pokemon: Other: Recolor Username: Pokemon: Colors: Any specifics?: Other: Color Swap Username: Pokemon: Colors of which Pokemon: Both?: Other: Super Pokemon Username: Pokemon: Anything invisible? (Like the Umbreon): Other: Rotomization Username: Pokemon: Which Rotom: Other: Retypes Username: Pokemon: Type (Only 1): Other: Overworld Recolors Username: Pokemon: Colors: Any Specifics?: Other: Overworld Trainer Recolors Username: Overworld Sprite (Please post image): Hair Color(s): Skin Color: Eye Color: Top Color(s): Bottom Color(s): Shoe Color(s): Accessory Color(s): Other: Sprite Avatars Username: Sprites (Please post images, unless their Pokemon): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Avatars Username: Image(s) (Must be a render/transparent background) (If you don't want a specific image, then I can find one): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Banner Username: Image(s) (Must be a render/transparent background) (If you don't want a specific image, then I can find one): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Artwork *Note: These will take a lot longer* Username: What do you want? (Nothing too complicated) (Images are helpful): Colored?: Other: Randomizer (I will randomly pick a subject and make a sprite based on what you want.) Username: Specific subject/Pokemon you want in it: Other: Completed Orders
  9. You find yourself in a strange place. It appears to be an old temple that has been deserted for quite some time. All around there are broken pillars that you presume once held valuable artefacts and offerings, but now they sit among the ruins. Sunlight seeps through one of the many openings in the ceiling, the rays hitting one peculiar looking pillar. It seems to be made of a darker stone than the rest and unlike the others, a strange doll sits upon it. On closer inspection you see it looks like a Banette in a tattered old lab coat. Its eyes are dull and lifeless; If there ever was life in this doll, it's obvious it's been gone for a long time. Your thoughts are confirmed by a voice that comes from behind you "I'm afraid that he's been missing for quite a while now- all you have there is a relic of a time long gone." You turn to see a large Entei standing proudly in the centre of the ruins. It seems to shine brilliantly with the rays of light adding to its glory. The Pokemon continues once you turn around. "I guess this entire place is a relic really. At one point it was as lively as anywhere else. People would pass through on a daily basis, ordering items and just generally having a good time. Now though, I don't know if anyone ever even looks this way. Then again, I see the Doc's old store caught your fancy. Hmm, well, If you're interested then I guess I could have a go at making you something. After all, it was his policy to never turn away a customer. Well, in that case, I guess I should welcome you. Welcome, to The Never Zone! Rules: - All PS rules apply -Please don't spam and be patient. If I've taken more than a week on anything, please send me a message to remind me - Credit isn't necessary for any of this (anybody could do it after all), but still, please don't post anything with it claiming to be your creation - I'm open to criticism, so if you ever want anything changing on an order, just tell me - It used to be the 'cool' thing back in the day to have a code to prove that the rules have been read, but these are pretty basic rules anyway and I'm quite trusting, so no code needed What I offer: Glitch Pokemon: Username: Pokemon: Shiny: Generation/Sprite Style: Other: Recolour: Username: Pokemon: Colours you want: Other: Inverted Recolour: Username: Pokemon: Shiny?: Other: Palette Swaps: Username: Pokemon 1: Pokemon 2: Shiny?: Other: Stamps: Username: Pokemon: Shiny? Other: Team Poses: Username: Trainer Sprite (please post): Pokemon: Shiny?: Generation/Sprite Style? Any trainer alterations?: Other: Signatures (May take a bit longer to make than the sprite work): Size: Background Image (please post): Any particular images? (If so, also post): If not, any particular theme/fandom to base it around? Any text? Other:
  10. Welcome to my shop! Gallery Rules 1. All normal Pokéstadium rules apply. 2. If more than 4 people are in the queue you cannot request one until a space is open. I may open more queue spaces later. 3. If you use these, give credit. 3.5. You are not allowed to upload these to Pokécreations or any other similar thing. 4. Please be polite at all times. Not doing so will disable you to request anything else from my shop. 5. Check if your request has already been done. You can do this by looking in the gallery. If it isn't there, you can request it. (Still follow rule 2 though as well) 6. Add "Pokey Mans Gen 207" in the Other section of your request form so I know that you read the rules. Sprite Types Retypes Submission Form Username:____________ Pokémon:_____________ Type 1:______________ Type 2 (optional)____________ Other:______________________ Fusions Submission Form Username:_______________ Pokémon 1 (Body):______________ Pokémon 2 (Colours):______________ Shiny?: ______ Pokémon 3 (Limbs): (optional)____________ Other: _________________________ Chrome Submission Form Username:____________ Pokémon:_____________ Chrome Colour: ____________________ Other:______________________ Devamp Submission Form Username:____________ Pokémon:_____________ Which sprite? (i.e. Black&White):_________________ Version of final product (i.e. Gold&Silver): ___________________ Shiny?: ______ Other:______________________ Recolours Submission Form Username:____________ Pokémon:__________________________ Colours: ____________________ Other:______________________ Stamp Submission Form Username:____________ Pokémon:__________________________ Shiny?: _________________________ Other:______________________ Queue __________ __________ __________ __________
  11. this is a shop for fusions of 2-4 pokemon only that is all rules: all the ps rules apply as you would guess GIVE ME TIME i have a busy life on top of the fact i only really get internet at school constructive critique is accepted and wanted but don't be mean to me examples of my work form: pokemon to fuse: base pokemon: extra details:
  12. something

    Shops seem to be trending around here and then I realised: Maybe if I made one, it'd help me out of my sprite block, which has lasted for tooooo long! Anyway. You see a sign that reads: NEW SHOP OPENING! CHECK IT OUT --> Hey, why not. You follow the arrow and come to a small cave opening. You squeeze through and keep inching through the cave until you find a Sliggoo rushing around and organising things. You poke her and she drops a pile of papers. She yelps and picks them up hurriedly, turning around. "Oh - Hey there! Sorry I didn't see you come in. Welcome to my, uh, new startup business! For now we're, uh, in this chill cave. Huh? Y-you think I just don't have the funds to get a building in the big city? Well if you think that...'re absolutely right! Aah! How about you get something and help out my business? I can't do much right now, but I hope to add more to my services later! Y-yeah that's right! It's not even a real shop! I will do everything... FOR FREE! Isn't that great? W-what? You say I'll never have any way to move to the city like that? Well, I don't care, I like this cave! So, um, wynaut request a fusion? Uh, you want examples? Okay, over in that corner! Some of my fusions got lost in a fire, sadly, but you can still see some. I think they're decent, at least." "Okay, ready to request something? I'll be here! Thank you so much for visiting. I'm really new to this whole business thing." Okay so generic rules time: Form (I've only got fusions for now): Pending:
  13. Hey, Look, Listen everyone! The PSID Thread is back, and better than ever! For those who may have been inactive or unregistered on the forums before the shutdown, Yuuko (previously DaisukeNX) and I (previously PsychoPikachu) had a shop where we made identification cards for forum members to use in their signatures or profiles. Users would give their ID information and one of the two of us would make a card to fit the request. Here's what the original looked like: After Yuuko joined me to help make the ID's, his style was given to users as a second choice. Here's kinda what they looked like: Oh, how time has passed. This time around we'll be using the same format. Also, we have 2 new styles and 2 new rules. Rules: You must have at least 100 Posts to qualify for a license (this makes it easier on me and Dai)You must only display your full-sized license in your About Me (size requirements for signatures don't match up, which brings me to the next thing) We have new styles now. Artists change with the times, and that holds true for us Photoshop scientists as well. each style will have a mini version and a full sized version to put in your signature or About Me, respectively. current styles: Minimalistic: Modular (Yuuko's style) Modern: Classic: << DISCONTINUED DUE TO REDUNDANCY >> Modern and Classic styles will be posted when their templates are completed/revamped. For now, you may request a Minimalistic or Modular License, if you want. EDIT: Modern style (both sizes) now available! it's basically an updated version of classic, and for the same reason, classic has been discontinued. Basically, all we need is the type of ID you're requesting, your ID info (the information to put in the 'about me' section), a custom quote, your Pokemon party, a color scheme (optional) and any other details that the style calls for (trainer sprite, join date, etc.). Yuuko and I will take it from there. Use this form to make a request. We'll be waiting! Username: Style of ID (Minimalistic, Modern, or Modular):Form(s) of ID (Signature form, full form, or both):Image: Quote:About Me Info:Pokemon Team:Color Scheme (explain in detail, eg. "I want my username red", "I want the colored bars pink"):
  14. Welcome to... You enter a mysterious cave, the only lights are glowing emeralds beside you, they're as bright as the sun. You touch one and feel a jolt of electricity and you faint. You wake up, in a bright room, with 20 Golems, you are very confused, even ore so when a Golem talks, "Hello there, we are the Golem Squad, placed here by Lord Dialga. Dialga can make many things and he gives them to special travellers here, would you like to own one, just follow these simple rules." You are still confused but agree to look at the rules, one of the Golems give it to you and you begin to read. Rules Please wait patiently for your order You can only order twice a day Once the waiting list is full, no more orders, or this gets locked Put Golem in your other section Follow the form No mean comments Have fun You give back the paper to the Golem and they gesture to look behind you, you stand up and turn around, you see hundreds of items and other things, you run towards it but a Golem stops you, "No, not yet, fill out one of the forms and your order will be given to you, you need to look at the items first." Items Small Banner Small Banner Username: Image(must be transparent): Background: Round or Straight: Text: Other: Big Banner (Please note that these are usually used for profiles, they're too big to be in your signature) Big Banner Username: Image(must be transparent): Background: Round or Straight: Text: Other: Avatars Avatars Username: Image(must be transparent): Background: Rounded or Straight: Text(if applicable): Other: Fusion Fusion Username: Pokemon 1: Pokemon 2: Colours of which pokemon(1 or 2): Other: Recolour Recolour Username: Pokemon: Colours: Other: Palette Swap (Please note, I'm still a beginner at this so they might not turn out greatly) Palette Swap Username: Pokemon(2): Other: That's all, goodbye, hope you enjoy my shop and like the things you get. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  15. Welcome to... MirandaPoke's Shopping Corner for Magical Sprites Here are the only rules: 1. Be respectful to everyone. 2. Do not post anything like, "Is my order done yet?" because the chances are that I'm probably still working on it. If it has been 2 weeks, then kindly remind me that I still have to finish you're request. 3. Make sure you put the word house in the 'other' section of your forms or it won't get accepted. 4. You must give me credit, even if it already has my signature on it. Also, don't get rid of that signature. 5. Use the order form. It's easier for me to look at that rather then a big list of what you want. 6. Please don't order 5 things at once per person because then it will get confusing. 7. Make sure you say what you are ordering. I have had problems before where they only put the form. 8. Don't freak out if I criticize my work. I do it a lot... 9. I do not use XY sprites, so please don't ask. 10. If you order an Avatar, do not take off my signature. 11. I might stray away from the form a little bit, depending on what I need to do. It shouldn't be that much, though. 12. Check these rules every now and then. You might be surprised about what has changed. 13. From now on, I will put all sprites in the finished order section without posting them. I'll send you a PM/Comment on your profile, so you'll have to find them there. This is just to go along with the new shop rules. 14. You are allowed to use custom sprites, but you must put down who made it and the sprite's name. 15. Enjoy your sprite and have fun! Here's what I have to offer: Basic Fusion (Kyogre/Charizard) Username: Base Pokemon: 1 Other Pokemon: Other: Basic Fusion Username: MirandaPoke Base Pokemon: Kyogre 1 Other Pokemon: Charizard Other: ______ Advanced Fusion (Ampharos/Uxie/Deoxys) Username: Base Pokemon: 2-4 Other Pokemon: Which Pokemon's Colors?: Other: Advanced Fusion Username: MirandaPoke Base Pokemon: Uxie 2-4 Other Pokemon: Deoxys, Ampharos Which Pokemon's Colors?: Ampharos Other: _______ Recolor (Purples/Reds) Username: Pokemon: Colors: Other: Recolor Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Vanilluxe Colors: Red, Purple Other: ________ Color Swap (Meloetta Using Tepig's colors) Username: Pokemon: Colors from which Pokemon?: Other: Color Swap Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Meloetta Colors from which Pokemon?: Tepig Other: _______ Snake Pokemon (Dragonair/Suicune)(Zebstrika/Rayquaza) Username: Snake-like Pokemon: Other Pokemon: Use head of original Pokemon? (Such as the Zebstrika/Rayquaza example): Other: Snake Pokemon Username: MirandaPoke Snake-like Pokemon: Dragonair Other Pokemon: Suicune Use head of original Pokemon?: No Other: ________ Snake Pokemon Username: MirandaPoke Snake-like Pokemon: Rayquaza Other Pokemon: Zebstrika Use head of original Pokemon?: Yes Other: ______ Super Pokemon (Gallade)(Umbreon with invisible ear) Username: Pokemon: Would you like a part to be Invisible? (Like Super Umbreon): Other: Super Pokemon Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Gallade Would you like a part to be Invisible?: No Other: ______ Super Pokemon Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Umbreon Would you like a part to be Invisible?: Yes Other: ______ Rotomization (Butterfree/Original Rotom) Username: Pokemon: Which kind of Rotom?: Other: Rotomization Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Butterfree Which kind of Rotom?: Original Other: ______ Sprite Avatars (Mawile, Riolu, Houndoom, Milotic, Lugia, Shaymin (Both), Virizion, Manaphy, Mudkip, Vulpix, and Eevee on a hill) Username: Which Pokemon?: Do you want a Trainer sprite? (Please put it/them here): Background: Drawn or picture (for background): Text: Text Color: Other: Sprite Avatars Username: MirandaPoke Which Pokemon?: Mawile, Riolu, Houndoom, Milotic, Lugia, Shaymin (Both), Virizion, Manaphy, Mudkip, Vulpix, and Eevee Do you want a Trainer sprite?: Yes Background: Fields Drawn or picture: Drawn Text: MirandaPoke Text Color: White Other: _______ Avatars (Custom Pokemon are not allowed for this) (Milotic) Username: Pokemon (Only 1): Background: Text: Text Color: Other: Avatars Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon (Only 1): Milotic Background: Underwater Text: Milotic Text Color: Blue Other: ______ Inferno (Red Gigalith (Yes))(Orange Buizel (No)) Username: Pokemon: Colors: Specific parts to show? (Such as Gigalith's eyes and rock parts): Yes or No Other: Inferno Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Giagalith Colors: Red Specific parts to show?: Yes Other: ______ Retypes (Fairy Umbreon) Username: Pokemon: Type (Only 1): Other: Retypes Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Umbreon Type: Fairy Other: ______ Banner (Custom Pokemon are not allowed for this) Username: Pokemon (Up to 10): Background: Text: Text Color: Size (Big like right or small like left): Other: Banner Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Houndoom, Shaymin (Sky), Mudkip, Milotic, Vulpix, Mega Mawile, Riolu, and Eevee Background: Beach Text: MirandaPoke Text Color: Blue-ish-Purple Size: Small Other:______ Custom Trainers*New (Previously made sprites are not allowed) Username: Gender: Hair Color(s): Top Color(s): Bottom Color(s): Shoe Color(s): Skin Color: Eye Color: Hair Style (Long/Short/etc.): Top Style (Tang-top/Short-sleeve/Long-sleeve/etc.): Bottom Style (Long skirt/Short skirt/Shorts/Pants/etc.): Shoe Style (Flip Flops/Boots/Tennis Shoes/etc.): Other: Custom Trainers Username: MirandaPoke Gender: Female Hair Color(s): Orange Top Color(s): Green Bottom Color(s): Green Shoe Color(s): Dark Green Skin Color: Peach Eye Color: Blue Hair Style: Long Top Style: Short Sleeve Bottom Style: Medium Skirt Shoe Style: High Heels Other: _______ Custom Trainers Username: MirandaPoke Gender: Male Hair Color(s): Blonde Top Color(s): Green and Dark Green Bottom Color(s): Blue Shoe Color(s): Black and white Skin Color: Peach Eye Color: Green Hair Style: Short Top Style: Short Sleeve Bottom Style: Pants Shoe Style: Tennis Shoes Other: ______ Overworld Trainer Recolor*New Username: Overworld Sprite: (Place here) Hair Color(s): Skin Color: Eye Color: Top Color(s): Bottom Color(s): Shoe Color(s): Accessory Color(s): Other: Overworld Trainer Recolors Username: MirandaPoke Overworld Sprite: Hair Color(s): Red Skin Color: Peach Eye Color: Green Top Color(s): Black and Electric Blue Bottom Color(s): Black and Electric Blue Shoe Color(s): Black and Electric Blue Accessory Color(s) (Please specify which is for what):White hairbows Other:________ Overworld Pokemon Recolor*New Username: Pokemon: Colors: Other: Overworld Pokemon Recolor Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon: Articuno Colors: Prurple, Black, and Red Other:_______ Randomizer (I will randomly pick a subject and make a sprite based on what you want.) Username: Specific subject/Pokemon you want in it: Other: Randomizer Username: MirandaPoke Specific subject/Pokemon you want in it: Mudkip Other: _____ Here are all of the completed orders. Take them if you wish, but remember to give credit.
  16. ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴ Why hello there, I welcome thee to my shop. Yes Xenomorphs make everything better Rules: All Pokestadium rules apply. Don't ask if your order is done unless if its been a week or more & don't spam. Once it is done, I will notify you via profile comment & I will place it in the Finished Order Section below (so I don't fill up comment spaces) Only a maximum of two orders per person at one time. I do not use XY sprites nor animated gifs because they take me too long to complete so please don't ask. Use the order forms please. You may use the sprites that you ordered anywhere but you must note they were from me. Even tiny text works. If you read the rules put the Promo Code on the form. Promo Code: "Drive Evil Crazy!" (no one will know this reference well except Griffon)Previews of Orders: - - - - Forms: Example Form: Recolor: Username: DaSkylandersJunkie Pokemon: MewTwo Primary Color: Blue / Red Secondary Color: Yellow / Orange Third Color (if the original sprite has one):Fourth Color (if the original sprite has one): Eyes: Orange / Green Shiny: Yes Icon: No Other: Promo Code: Drive Evil Crazy! Blank Form: Recolor: Username: Pokemon: Primary Color: Secondary Color: Third Color (if the original sprite has one): Fourth Color (if the original sprite has one): Eyes: Shiny: Icon: Other: Promo Code: Example Form: Palette Swap: Username: DaSkylandersJunkie Base Pokemon: Mudkip Palette: Seviper Receive opposite Swap: YesShiny: Yes Icon: No Other: Promo Code: Drive Evil Crazy! Blank Form: Palette Swap: Username: Base Pokemon: Palette: Receive opposite Swap: Shiny: Icon: Other: Promo Code: Example From: Stamps: Username: DaSkylandersJunkie Pokemon: Mudkip Evolution line: Yes Mega Evolution: Yes Background Color: Blue Other: Promo Code: Drive Evil Crazy! Blank Form: Stamps: Username: Pokemon: Evolution line: Mega Evolution: Background Color: Other: Promo Code: Example From: Basic Fusion: Username: DaSkylandersJunkie Base Pokemon (Palette, Body) : Mukip Secondary Pokemon (Head, Accessories) : Seviper Icon: Yes Shiny: Yes Receive opposite Fusion: YesReceive PokeDex Info: No Other: Promo Code: Drive Evil Crazy! Blank Form: Basic Fusion: Username: Base Pokemon (Palette, Body) : Secondary Pokemon (Head, Accessories) : Icon: Shiny: Receive opposite Fusion: Receive PokeDex Info: Other: Promo Code: Example Form: Advanced Fusion: Username: DaSkylandersJunkie Base Pokemon (Palette) : Mudkip Secondary Pokemon (Body) : Charmander Third Pokemon (Accessories): Gyarados Icon: No Shiny: NoReceive PokeDex Info: No Other: Promo Code: Drive Evil Crazy! Blank Form: Advanced Fusion: Username: Base Pokemon (Palette) : Secondary Pokemon (Body) : Third Pokemon (Accessories) Icon: Shiny: Receive PokeDex Info: Other: Promo Code: Example Form: Retype: Username: DaSkylandersJunkie Pokemon: Mudkip Type 1: Steel Type 2 (optional):Icon: No Shiny: No Other: Promo Code: Drive Evil Crazy! Blank Form: Retype: Username: Pokemon: Type 1: Type 2 (optional): Icon: Shiny: Other: Promo Code: Waiting List: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:Finished Orders: - - Also I'm out of Ideas for DSJ Socializes so you can suggest ideas here & my profile comments. (If this shop is successful I may make a 2.0 version in the future) Thank you for ordering & have a wonderful day!
  17. Narrator: The spooky depths of the sea,what could be hidden there. Well there was this one guy who said he saw some kind of shop down there What a nut job he must be really craz- Random Dude: I swear I saw a shop it had a sign out side saying this... 1.All Pokestadium rules still apply here. 2.Please be nice with your orders, I also don't want to here stuff like "Is my order done yet?" because if it isn't ready, then chances are I am working on it. 3.No swearing please. 4.Lastly, please have fun! 5.Also, to show that you have read the rules, in the "other" section you have to write the word "Cranky". Narrator: Um... sure you did but as I was saying, he said th- Random Due: I swear there were these signs saying... Avatars Username: Text: Pokemon: Background: Other: Banners Username: Text: Pokemon(Up to 3): Background: Other: 2D and 3D inverts Username: Pokemon: Shiny?: 3D or 2D?: Other: 3D Team Poses (with inverted colours) Username: Pokemon(Up to 6): Any Shiny: Inverted or not?: Other: 2D Team Poses(with inverted colours) Username: Pokemon(Up to 6) Any Shiny: Inverted or not?: Other: Colour Cards Username: Friend-Code: Colour: Primal's Lucky Dip If you order this you'll get somethign special or slightly new that I shall rarely make so you never know what you'll get. Username: Any Pokemon that has to be in it?(only 1): Other: Double Colour Avatars Username: Colour 1: Colour 2: Pokemon: (If a mega pokemon just say, Mega ....) Other: [NEW] Funny Pokemn Pics/Memes Username: Background Colour: Text: Pokemon: Other: Country Recolours Username: Country: Pokemon:: Parts you want to recoloured: Random Person: Do you believe me now, hey what are y- Narrator: Hospital,this person needs a mental doctor,he's gone MAD! (Psst, while those two are being idiots go and order something) Waiting List 1. 2. 3. 4.
  18. Welcome to Jake’s Shop for All! Firstly Here Are the Rules – 1. There can be only 10 members at a time. 1 member can give 4 orders in a week. 2. Please wait for your order (It’ll come soon for sure). 3. Do not write “Is my order done yet?” because It can be possible I am working on it. 4. Please don’t give 1 order more if your previous one is not completed. 5. Enter the word “Primal” in the others section as a proof that you have read the rules. 6. Do not copy others’ orders. Forms Recolour (Castform with Caterpie’s Colours) Username- Base Pokemon- Colour of which Pokemon- Others- Cola Delivery Pokemon Username- Pokemon- Cola in Hand (Y/N)- Background Colour (Y/N)- Others- Stamps Username- Pokemon (Evolution/Single)- Background Colour- Others- Banners Username- Pokemon (Max 2)- Size (I do best with 500 x 200)- Text- Text Colour- Font- Others- Eggs Pokemon- Shiny/Normal- Others- Pokeball Username- Pokemon- Pokeball (Leave blank if want common)- Other- Outlines- Username- Pokemon- Outline colour- Other- Missingno-fication Username- Pokemon- Others- Username- Pokemon- BG Colour- Others- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.Thank you for visiting my shop! See you soon!
  19. Welcome to the New Never Zone my wonderful ladies and gentlemen! This place at first was small and needed help to rise up, and that's just what it did! However, the greater they are, the harder they fall, so when it did, if fell sort of hard but not amazingly hard. Anywho this shop has returned from the pits of wherever it was before and it is ready for action! Rules: All Pokestadium rules applyPlease don't spamI'll have a waiting list of 4 peopleTo prove you have read these, please tell me- Heads or Tails?Please give creditDon't post anything on any other site without my permissionDue to the likes of school, it may take me longer to finish some requests so please don't get impatient Hopefully you'll like these, and I am open to criticism, but please don't be rude What I offer Glitch Pokemon Username: Pokemon to be glitched: Shiny? Gen 5/6?: Other: Invert Recolour Username: Pokemon: Shiny: Other: Recolour Username: Pokemon: Colours(Up to 3): Other: Palette Swaps Username: Pokemon1: Pokemon2: Shiny?: Other: Stamps Username: Pokemon: Shiny: Other: Team Poses Username: Trainer sprite: Pokemon(Up to 6): Shiny: Gen 5/6?: Other: This is a new idea I had for the shop. Basically I think of any old thing and give it to you. This could mean you could get 7 Pokemon stamps, or 4 stamps and a glitch, or 1 glitch, or 2 recolours or even experimental items such as avatars and banners.... Username: Goody Bag to be sent by PM or be displayed on the shop? Other: 1: 2: 3: 4:
  20. Hello and welcome to my store! Here you can order sprites including recolours, stamps, galactic Pokemon and much more! Also, make sure your remember to read the rules! RULES ALL POKESTADIUM RULES APPLY HERE · Please allow me up to 2 weeks to get your order done. Obviously it won’t usually take that long but sometimes I get a little busy because of school. · I don’t want to hear any of this: “Hurry up with my sprite!” or “Is it done yet!” or ‘I NEED IT NOW DAMMIT!” It will be done when it’s done. If you continuously nag at me I will cancel your order. · You have to have at least 10 posts to order. If you don’t your order will not be accepted. · Include the word universe in the ‘Other’ section so I know that you have read the rules. · Only one order per person at a time. · Also do not order if the waiting list is full please. · You can only use the sprites on other websites if you have my permission. · Last but not least, please give me credit for the sprites if you happen to use them. OFFERS Galactic Pokemon Pokemon: Space/Star Colour: (NOTE: Blue is the default colour) Other: Ghostly Pokemon (NOTE: The picture with the blue background is just to show you what it looks like without a white background) Pokemon: Other: Recolour Pokemon: Colours: Other: Stamps Pokemon: Shiny: Y/N Other: Basic Fusion Pokemon 1: Shiny?: Y/N Pokemon 2: Shiny?: Y/N Other: NOTE: Some of the sample pictures do not have a transparent background since I was in a bit of a rush. WAITING LIST 1. RaccoonoftheGalaxy 2. MirandaPoke 3. yashu204 4. isagonj 5. PrimalPalkia2610 Thanks for visiting!
  21. Hello, I'm Leon. Before you order please read the rules RULES *All PokeStadium rules apply *The waiting list is unlimited *3 requests per member at a time *Credit me *Please dont rush me. If its been at least 4 days and you havent recieved your order,then please just remind me kindly *Finished requests will send to you via PM, so you definately recieve it * Password is Gizmo Here's what I have to offer... I want a fusion! Base pkmn: Second: Third (optional): Password: Other: I want a recolor! Pkmn: main color: 2nd color: 3rd color: (if pkmn has more than 2) Password: Other: I want a data Pokemon! pkmn: outline: Password: Other: I want an Inferno Pokemon! pkmn: Color: Password: Other: I want my Pokemon to be paper! Pkmn: Password: Other: I want a PKMN keychain!pkmn: Password: Other: I want my PKMN to have an aura! pkmn: color: Rotom/Arms(Y/N): Password: Other: I want my PKMN to be Slenderman!pkmn: Target(Y/N): Password: Other: I want my PKMN to change type!pkmn: type(s): Password: Other: Finished Orders
  22. Hey! The order list is full at the moment. Come back soon! So I remade the shop. That's cool. Though this place features less of everything, there are drawings and stuff, so that's cool. Plus it'll be more likely I get your order done quickly. RULES!: 1. Follow the rules. 2. This is my artwork. Gimme credit when I make you stuff, okay? 3. Don't whine please. I have a life too, y'know, and I forget things sometimes. 4. However, if it's been a week or more, you should probably remind me... I forget things a lot, as-fore-mentioned. 5. All Pokestadium rules apply 6. I'm not an experty expert. If my thing doesn't look as awesome as you wanted it to, I'm sorry I guess. Don't go flip your lid about the slightest thing off, though... 7. Use common sense. That's obvious. 8. 74 IS THE PASSWORD 'CAUSE IT IS THE BEST NUMBER! xD FORM Username: What do you want (please try to make it somewhat simple! ;^; ): Anything I need to know?: Password: FORM Username: Thing you want to be derpified (nothing too hard please! ;^; ): Anything else I need to know?: Password:
  23. ~The Grinning Cat Mirror Shoppe~ this amazingly fabulous banner by Hikaru On your way home from work/School you notice a newly opened shop called "The Grinning Cat Mirror Shoppe" you decide to stop in and you are very surprised when you see a Cat sitting behind the counter he notices you staring at him open mouthed and says "What you've never seen a Cat managing a shop? anyways let me introduce myself I am the Majestic Cheshire Cat, Owner of this fine little shop which offers Magical Mirrors which can show you not only your reflection but other incredible things! feel free to look around!" The Rules 1. All Pokestadium rules still apply here. 2. Please do not post anything like, "Is my order done yet?" because the chances are that I'm probably still working on it. If it has been a week, then kindly remind me that you still haven't gotten your request yet. 3. Please try to allow others to request. If you've ordered five sprites within a 4 day period, please try to slow down. 4. Only one request at a time. 5. Please include the password in your form to show that you have read the rules. The password is Alice 6. If you use my work please credit me. 7. Currently there is no waitlist if I get too many orders I will lock the shop 8. The merchandise will change from time to time, also just want to get this out of the way I am very indecisive which is why I'm always changing stuff in my shop You walk to the first mirror, it's a beautiful gold and silver mirror but seems a bit mismatched you look into the mirror and see beautiful creatures that appear to be made for various parts of various animals ~Fusion~ Username: Base Pokemon: 1 or 2 more Pokemon: Other: You walk to the second mirror, the frame of this mirror seems to be made out of glass while the inner part of the mirror is made out of highly reflective gold and inside that mirror you see creature that seem to have swapped colours with one-another ~Colour Swap~ ( Vaporeon using Espeon's colour and Espeon using Vaporeon's colors) Username: Pokemon: Colours from which Pokemon: Other: The third mirror seems to be quite dull and inside that mirror you see creatures with no shadows or any sort of shading ~Shadeless~ Username: Pokemon: Other: The fourth mirror seems to be made from pure shadow and glass and when you look in you see creatures made from pure shadow but not all of them are black there are some that are red and some blue ~Silhouette ~ Username: Pokemon: Colour: Other: The fifth mirror is just a long sheet of glass so you ask the Cat about it and he says "That one I can make look however you want" ~Banners~ Username: Banner: Image/Character on Banner: Background Color/Image: Text : Large(600x200) or Small(500x200): Other: The sixth mirror is covered and when you ask the Cat if you may take off the cover you tells you no, so you have no idea what kind of mirror lies under the cover ~Randomizer~ Username: Pokemon: Other:
  24. Eclipse's Prop Shop You open the door to a recently opened shop in your town. Inside, you find an umbreon wearing a beret with a paint brush in it's mouth. It drops the paintbrush and says: "Hello customer! My name is Eclipse. Welcome to my shop! Here I like to make sprites. All of my masterpieces are free as long as you follow these rules:" Always follow normal PS rulesI will have a spriteover waitlist of 1 sprite. Please check the waitlist (below) before asking about a spriteoverYou can give suggestions but please no negativityGive me at least 2 weeks to finish your sprite. If it has been more than two weeks, then please politely remind meInclude the word Eclipse in the other section so that I know you have read the rulesBe sure to check back here. Things can change!Give me credit when you show or use these sprites (please don't use them on Pokecreations, but anywhere else is fine)Most of the time, if your sprite is any kind of fusion I will post it on PokecreationsPlease only one request at a time per person, but you are allowed to have a spriteover and one other thing at the same time.If you include a custom sprite, it must be made by/for you, or by me, and it must include who made it.If you use a custom sprite not made by me, be sure to include it's name.After getting a spriteover, please wait 3 days before requesting a new one, as other people may want one"Enough with rules, let me show you what I have to offer:" Lucky for you, you can use your custom sprites as long as you include who it was made by, and it's name! Retype: (Fire Skarmory) Pokemon/Sprite: Type (Before you ask, yes fairy is allowed): Other: Gijinka: (Alakazam/Gardevoir) Pokemon/Sprite: Trainer (either paste a sprite or leave it up to me): Other: Basic Fusions: (Laparas+Torterra/Seadra+Gorebyss) Base Pokemon/Sprite: Other Pokemon/Sprite (only one): Other: Advanced Fusion: (Celebi+Mawile+Houndoom) Base Pokemon/Sprite: Other Pokemon/Sprites (up to 10): Other: Spriteover: Picture: Colors: Other: 1. Crinkles101
  25. Ω Zek's Sprite Shop Ω Rules: 1- All Pokestadium rules apply. 2- Do not make more than one order at a time. I will only accept two if it's an avatar and a banner (matching, preferably). * 3- You can only make one orders per day. * 4- I may take a specific amount of orders. Check the wait list. 5- Ask for permission before using any of the sprites I made. This includes putting them on your About Me page. 6- Give credits if I let you use my sprites. 7- Do not post my sprites anywhere else than on Pokestadium. 8- Notice some items are more complex than others and might take more time to be completed. So be patient. 9- If your order takes more than five days to be posted you may contact me, either through PM or status updates. * 10- Include the word "please" in your form to prove you have read the rules. Rules marked with a (*) might change. Keep checking them before ordering. Recolour Username: Pokémon to recolour: Colour(s): Other: Colour Swap Username: Pokémon to swap colours: Other: Inferno Username: Pokémon to inferno: Colour(s): Body parts to inferno: Other: Invert Username: Pokémon to invert: Other: Disguise Username: Main Pokémon: Disguise: Other: Retypes Username: Pokémon to retype: Type: Other: Basic Fusion Username: 1st Pokémon: 2nd Pokémon: Colour(s): Other: Advanced Fusion Username: Pokémon: (Up to 5 Pokémon, including colour) Specific parts to switch?: Colour(s): Other: Overworld Trainer sprite Username: Hair: (Style+Colour) Clothes: (Style+Colour) Eye Colour/Pokémon(up to 3)/Accessories: (Optional) Other: Overworld Trainer sprite (animated) * Username: O.W. Trainer: (I will only use O.W. sprites made by me) Direction: (Left, Right, down etc.) Pokémon: (Optional) Lineless Username: Pokémon: Other: Cosplay * Username: Pokémon to cosplay: Character: Other: EnergyMon (Idea by Giraffe) * (regular) (full) Username: Pokémon to Energise: Colour: Full animation?(Y/N): Other: Avatar (200px width 200px high) Username: Background (Description or link to image): Image (Description or link to image): Text(Y/N and what text): (If you want you can include font style and colour) Other: Banner (600px width 180px high) Username: Background (Description or link to image): Image (Description or link to image): Text(Y/N and what text): (If you want you can include font style and colour) Effect?: Other: The ones marked with a (*) are more complex and more take more time to finish than the others. Keep that in mind when ordering. Coolnerd121 - Retypemastle3400 - EnergyMonMirandaPoke - CosplayRaccoonOfTheGalaxy - Banner