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Pokestadium Rules

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Hello there, members of Pokestadium! Welcome to the grand hall of Forum Rules! In here you will find the Forum rules for the whole forum and for each and every sub-forum we currently have! Please take your time to read over and understand these rules as they are important.


The Rules(Last updated - 8th March, 2016, +10 GMT)

- Do not Spam. No exessive use of strikethroughs, all caps, font sizes, etc. This also includes double-posting. Please also make sure that all your posts are relevant to the topic of the thread you are currently in. You are also not allowed to post in topics which are at least a month inactive. (One Warning Point)

- Make an effort to use proper spelling or grammar. Please don't post like this: "y u do dis" or "hahaha very funny i thought u lost oh well i guess you win this time wanna rematch". Please also refrain from writing in "jejemon" (l33t speak) as I call it: "h3ll0 p30pl3 h0w 4r3 u 4ll" (One Warning Point)

- Be respectful towards others and have a positive attitude. Please do not cause fights and break out super heated arguments that are offensive and hurtful. Be friendly! We're all friends here! (One Warning Point)

- Do not post inappropriate content. Everything you post, even in status updates, must be safe for work, and are PG 13+. No excuses, no swearing, no any bad thing. This counts in PMs as well, because we don't like being shown these things. (Three Warning Points)

- Do not unsolicitedly advertise other websites. You can't just go around and tell people to join your new forum and such, or show people a super cool website without permission. That's not nice, it makes cats sadder and sadder each time. Don't let them get even sadder. (One Warning Point)

- Do not discuss warnings and bans. These things are only to be discussed by the people involved (rule breaker and mod who took action) (One Warning Point)

- Do not create multiple accounts. If you are to be caught doing this, all your accounts will be IP banned, meaning you cannot join the forums ever again. We don't want that to happen. (Permanent Ban for all accounts - 20 warning points)

- Do not steal other people's artwork or impersonate others. This is counted as theft. It is against the law, especially if it is protected by copyright. You have to pay $500,000 for every file you claim as your own, and that is horrible. You are accountable for that, remember it. (5 Warning Points)

- You may be under 13 on the forums, but you must behave yourself and follow all the rules placed. If you are found to be breaking rules constantly and are underage, your account will be banned. You can make another account though, when you turn 13 that is. (Temporary ban until your Birthday)


*Note: All your warning points will be gone after six months, they are not permanent.*

Now once you have a good look and understand the forum rules, you may also read the sub-forum rules below! They all have nifty labels on them and links to the sub-forum for your ease of access!


Off-topic Rules



Off-Topic Forum Rules

  • Off-Topic still has boundaries

In other words this means that you should only be posting things that do not fit elsewhere within the forum, it does not mean that you can post anything that you want to post. Inappropriate subjects should be avoided at all costs, anything that has to do with: M-rated things, drugs, ROMs, warez, or anything else that could fit on the illegal or far too mature side of subjects. Remember, this is a forum where people from 13+ are able to visit, make sure that your material is appropriate for our youngest members to look at.

  • Avoid controversial topics

Religion, politics, gay marriage and such topics like that which are very controversial and are something that cause heated debates between people should be avoided as much as possible. While it may feel like we're being very strict on this matter it's been determined that these types of topics cause very strong emotions in people, leading to arguments and potential flame wars between members that otherwise would be very good friends and friendly towards each other.

So as much as you may want to discuss this kind of thing in threads, please keep it to PMs so that we don't cause friction between members because of topics that can make people lose their temper as they're very important beliefs to those members.

  • Posts should contain more than just a Youtube video and/or an image

If your post only had a video or an image in it it will be seen as spam and you will receive a warning. If you're going to post a video or an image make sure that you have more quality text outside of just these two things, perhaps explain the image or video or give your feelings on the matter. Something that adds quality to the reason why you've placed the video/image in your post.

  • Respect other members in the forum

If you feel that you disagree with another member's post or thoughts make sure that when you disagree with them you do it respectfully. This means that you do not insult them or berate their opinion, instead respectfully give them your reasons why you believe differently than their opinion. If you do so very well you may even convince the person to come to your opinion instead!

  • Do not use inside jokes

While it can be fun continuing on jokes that you have with your friends here on PS, such as perhaps who is your 'family' on PS, or something that happened in chat once, if you make jokes like that out of context on your posts then it will only allow those that are involved in the jokes to communicate with you. The rest of the users, who do not have access to the joke or even any idea what your comments mean, will feel left out and create a barrier between you where the other members feel like they're not welcome.

  • Threads require structure

Do not create a thread in which members can post anything at all about the subject of your thread, instead make the thread about a particular part of the subject you're talking about.

      "In this thread talk about anything or as much as you know about The Legend of Zelda!"

      "This thread is dedicated to the series, The Legend of Zelda. What was your first Zelda game? Do you have a favourite Zelda game? Which Zelda game have you played most recently?"

Can you see which thread you'd prefer to talk in, which one would simply delve into spam and no coordinated discussion between the people? Indeed the second one is what we want, in which people can discuss specific things with other users and have a directed focus on what's going on.

~ Credits to @DeadlyInformant and @Bloom for the rules provided



Artwork Rules



Artwork Forum Rules


Welcome to the artwork forum! Here is the section in which you'll be able to show off the artwork that you've created. In this section there will not be any writing, however. Please put your stories, poems, etc into the writing section.


  • Plagiarism/Theft is not allowed

If you did not create it then do not use it in your threads, do not claim that you made it. Even if you don't claim that you created it the fact that it is in your thread implies that it is yours, which is again not allowed. The only exception to this would be threads like creating a region in which you're working together with other members to create sprites or drawings of the Pokemon in your region, in which case you must make sure that it's said that they are not yours.

  • Art Bumping

You are only allowed to bump your own thread, however when you do bump your thread it must be with new content or a new announcement. Simply putting something that ultimately just means "bump" is something that will get you in trouble with a warning.

  • Make sure your material is appropriate

Remember that this is a forum for people 13+, therefore your content must be acceptable within that age range. Anything rated G to PG13 is acceptable, anything further than that will get you into trouble, big trouble if it's very inappropriate.

  • Threads must have three pieces of art or one detailed large piece

Whether it's three sprites, three drawings, or even as something as simple as three sketches your threads must have three art pieces within it to be posted. This is to make sure that you have material in which to show off and are not just showing off one or two things that you've created.

The exception to this rule is when someone has a large piece of art, one that you've spent lots of time on, could be hours or days. It has to be detailed, something simple that you put together that happens to be 800x800 pixels large in Paint and just made some trees and a cabin on would not be acceptable enough.

  • Things that can be posted here
  1. Pixel Art/Sprites
  2. Regions
  3. Drawings
  4. Paintings
  5. Photos
  6. Music
  7. Animations
  8. Comics

How should I post on people's threads?


That's a very good question, I'm glad that you're interested in this! If we don't know how to properly post it may end up very bad for people who are looking to not only share their drawings but also get feedback on how to change them.

Why don't we first view some things that we shouldn't be posting?

  • That sprite looks amazing. xD
  • Epic drawing!!
  • Oh god why did you even draw that, it looks awful
  • I don't know why you tried, that first drawing is just ew

Can you see why we wouldn't like these types of comments? The first two may be positive but they're also not doing anything to help the artist. What about the sprite makes it good? What about the drawing is so great? What do you like the most, so that the artist knows it's something people like and to keep doing it?

The last two are also something we don't want, they're so full of negativity that it's just harmful. Why does the drawing look awful [and how can we phrase that better so that it's not so hurtful to hear]? How can the artist work on fixing something that's messed up with the drawing? Offer some insight into how you do your art, or if you don't do art tell them why it looks strange to you. Knowing why something looks off, which the artist might be able to tell something is wrong with their drawing but be unable to put their finger on it, helps them more than you know.

What is it that we'd prefer to see?

  • That sprite is amazing, the color pallete that you used makes it look more realistic. Nice job. xD
  • That drawing is epic, although I suggest you try to redo the feet as they are too big.
  • While that drawing is a very good concept may I suggest trying to start out with a different pose? It may be too advanced for starting out, when I tried something like that I found simpler things helped me more.

Not only are these more details comments but they also give more insight into what the artist is doing well or a path they can take to make their work better. We're all here to help each other out, no matter how much we like the idea of showing our work off, and the best way we can get better is to have others help us.

~Credits to @DeadlyInformant for the rules provided



Fanclubs Rules



Fanclub Rules

Welcome! Here are the rules for the fanclub threads that are allowed in this section. Follow them when you post your thread. Save a draft of your thread, if it is not approved it will be denied and you will be PMd with the information for what you'll need to change in order to get it approved.


There are two things your fanclub is required to have in order to be approved, ensure that you include these when you post your fanclub. Your fanclub can include more than just these, of course.

  • Join form
  • Discussion topics


  • Fanclubs must be positive

A fanclub that descriminates or is against something is not allowed. Something that is "anti-____" will not be accepted.

  • No duplicate fanclubs

If a fanclub for something has already been created and is still active then do not create a second fanclub for it.

  • No overly specific or broad fanclubs

Make sure that your fanclub is not too broad of a topic. Instead of creating a fanclub for video games instead focus on, for example, Legend of Zelda.

Make sure also that your fanclub is not so specific that it will have very few topics to go over. For example don't create a fanclub for Link, instead create a fanclub for Legend of Zelda.

  • Keep promotional discussion to PMs

If you wish to discuss banners or other personal reward systems for a fanclub, PM the fanclub owner and anyone else who may be involved with it. Make sure that your fanclub thread focuses on the topic and doesn't get distracted with promotional things.

  • Answer the discussion topic in your application post

When you're applying to a fanclub make sure that you are answering the current discussion topic so that it is not simply an application post but also giving some discussion material to the fanclub itself.

~ Credits to @DeadlyInformant for the rules provided



Roleplaying Rules



Role-Playing Forum Rules

In the Role-playing section, you can submit Role-plays by posting the topic in the section. Role-plays will be approved after being reviewed by the current moderators (Theoretical Selkie, Sylveona, Heavenly Super Sonic, Poison, and Sonic20) before they can be seen on the forums.

1. Avoid spamming

  • Do not post in a role-play unless you intend to be a part of it. (Moderators are exempt from this rule)
  • Please do not submit a roleplay that you plan on only being between two people. Public roleplays are meant to be a group effort, keep private roleplays to a private message. Do not start roleplays until you have a minimum of three people signed up for it.
  • Do not constantly nag the topic poster with reminders or needless information, as it is rude and impolite.
  • Double posting is not allowed except by the topic starter. Instead, use your edit button

2. Plagiarism is not permitted
Do not steal or copy ideas of a role-play made by a different person. Ask for their permission first and have them grant it to you to avoid this.

3. Avoid God-modding
God-modding is the act of making a character too overpowered to the point where nobody would be able to beat them, kill them, or they just wouldn't be affected by anything. This is not enjoyable to others and is unfair.

4. Out of Character Chatting
Place any out of character talk in a set of brackets, such as: ((...)), [[...]], and {{...}}

5. Minimum info needed for a Role-Play
Please refer to Basic Submission Guidelines for more details.

6. Avoid Scripting
Role-plays should be written like a novel, complete without any random stops. Do not write it like a play and put asterisks for action. Instead, explain it fluently. This is not what is allowed:


Character A: Dialogue
Character B: *action* Dialogue


7. If a Role-play has no replies in 30 days, it will be locked
This is to prevent necrobumping and regular bumps constantly. If you want it unlock it, PM a moderator.

8. Try to keep up with the Role-plays you join
Don't make a form for a role-play if you believe you can't keep up with it. Role-playing is a commitment, and you should at least try to post every few days. If you can't keep up, ask your other role-players to see if they'll slow down.

9. No cursing is allowed
As a forum rule, you are not allowed to have cursing in your role-play. This includes censoring it and just having it in general. 

10. You must have a copy of your roleplay saved to your computer.
The mods are not responsible if you do not have a copy of your roleplay handy. This makes the approval process much faster, rather than you posting it and then the mods having to give you another copy because you didn't write it somewhere else to be able to fix any problems with it if needed.

11. One-liners are not allowed.
This is a section-wide rule. One-liners can be defined as short posts with little details, often only 1-2 lines in length. For example, this would be an one-liner:


She laughed, moving her hand over Eric's. "I'd like to stay with you a little longer." She said. "But it's a little too late to say that. Go home, you idiot."


In order to avoid one-liners, please put detail and effort into your posts. In general, this is the length we'd like to see for most posts in the section:

Melville was dealing with quite a large clump of monsters himself. The circle under them glowed red, indicating that they were hostile to him. Well. That's a problem. Time to use the environment to his advantage. He turned around and started running for a stand of hardy oaks. Predictably, the mob of reptilian monsters followed him, howling as they went. As he reached the trees, he jumped up, kicked off the trunk, and vaulted over the monsters' heads.


12. Refrain from "driving" someone's RP
"Driving" in this case would be controlling the flow or progression of somebody else's roleplay without their consent. This is generally irritating or disheartening to the topic creator and sometimes other roleplayers.

Useful Links

Role-playing Brainstorm Thread


~Credits to all the RP Staff and @Dash for providing the rules



Forum Games Rules



Forum Games Rules


  • Forum game topics must be posted in Forum Games Forum
  • Make sure your topic is appropriate, it cannot be offensive or controversial
  • Once a thread is posted it must be approved by a moderator to be seen
  • If the rules are broken the thread will be locked and warnings will be given out as needed
  • If rules are repeatedly broken, forum games as a whole will be removed
  • One liners and short posts are acceptable but ONLY allowed in the forum games threads
  • Post must be relevant to the game (Putting "ADKSLJDF" in something that has nothing to do with randomly hitting the keyboard is not allowed)
  • All Pokestadium rules still apply, posting standards are lowered for these games however

Examples Of Acceptable Forum Games

  • Alphabetical Pokemon Game
  • Compliment The Poster Above
  • Guess Who Posts Next
  • Count To 10000 Thread
  • Daily Chit Chat Thread

Examples of Unacceptable Forum Games

  • Rate The User Above
  • Inappropriate Pokemon Name Game
  • Make A Rumor About The User Above
  • GIF Wars 

Additional Information

  • If you see rule breaking in the forum game threads report it, do not mini-mod it.
  • Check your game thread frequently to ensure it is going as it should
  • These threads/games are casual, please do not feel pressured or afraid of breaking the rules. Keep common sense, be appropriate, and you will be fine.
  • Since Forum Games are apart of the Forum Games forum, posts here do not add to your post count.

~ Credits to @Bloom for the rules provided




If you have further questions, please refer to @DeadlyInformant's topic: Pokestadium FAQ - Contribute!

And our Asking Thread


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Adding back in some of the rules from the old fourm because they're still relevant and enforced

General Recommendations

These aren't rules so won't get you penalized for minor infractions, although if they are repeatly violated, warning points may be given. 

Bumping old topics
If a topic's last post was made more than a month ago, don't bump it unless in special cases when you have something that contributes to it. You are free to create a new and similar topic.

You're not supposed to publicly point out whether or not a topic or post is against the rules or not if you aren't officially a Moderator here. Either report the topic, or just let a Moderator handle his or her business.

Stay on topic
Try not to post in such way so that a topic is steered towards a whole different subject. If you want to discuss about a different subject, create such a topic or use the spam thread. 

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