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New Canvas by yashu204

(credit to yashu for that nice banner)


Welcome to Spiritomb's Spooky Spriting Spree! In this contest, participants will be made to create all kinds of frightening fusions and deceptive disguises. Submissions will be judged not only on the quality of the spritework, but also on how well the concepts behind your creation blend. You have until the 30th to submit your sprites, so there's no need to rush.


The first category is...Fusions! For this category, you will have to do a fusion using only two Pokemon. Many good horror movies utilize the classic fusion, something like a man with a fly head. (They usually don't throw in the horse and octopus until the more desperate sequels.) There's another restriction as well- the Pokemon used must be GhostDark, Poison, Psychic, Bug, or Fairy. You can submit as many fusions as you want- however, only the one reviewed best by the judges will count- the others will not give bonus points. If you'd like to enter this category, just fill out the following form and post it here (or PM if you'd prefer your work stayed private during the duration of the competition.)







Pokemon used:


(Example submission)




Name: Tentacrypt

Typing: Ghost/Poison

Pokemon used: Tentacruel, Cofagrigus



The second category is... Disguises! A big part of Halloween is of course dressing up as various goblins and ghoulies. And, uh, whatever else really. For this category, you'll have to make a Pokemon sprite disguising itself as something else, or wearing a costume of some sort. The costume can be pretty much anything- a creature, character, object, or even another Pokemon, so let your creativity run wild! As with the Fusions category, just fill out this form and post it here or PM it to the judges.






Disguised as:


(Example submission)




Pokemon: Grovyle

Disguised as: Luigi (of the Super Mario Bros. games)



(if the reference for your Pokemon's costume is more obscure, please provide a link so the judges can properly discern whether or not the sprite captures the likeness)




(people you should PM your submissions should you choose to go that route)



1. The-Hydra

2. Yashu

3. CP_






Good luck and happy spriting everyone!





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I will participate in the first category...



Name: Duskitomb

Typing: Ghost/Dark

Pokemon used: Duskull and Spiritomb




Name: Mawodile

Typing: Fairy/Dark

Pokemon used: Mawile and Krookodile




Name: Muosion

Typing: Poison/Psychic

Pokemon used: Muk and Duosion




Name: Golbarill

Typing: Poison/Fairy

Pokemon used: Golbat and Azumarill




Name: Scoliwile

Typing: Bug/Fairy

Pokemon used: Scolipede and Mawile


And for the second category:



Pokemon: Dugtrio

Disguised as: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle

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My profile picture is a start anyway :D

i have the picture on imgur but its double the size



Type: Ghost/ Fairy

Pokemon used: M-Gardevoir / Chandelure



Pokemon used: M-Gardevoir / Gourgeist

Type: Ghost/ Grass



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Gardenant / Trevoir

Pokemon used: Shiny Trevenant / M-Gardevoir

Type: Ghost/ Grass



Pokemon Used: Chandelure / Drifblim

Type: Fire / Ghost



For disguises

Pokemon: Marowak

Disguised as: Undertale's very own PAPYRUS                Nyeh heh heh heh heh heh HEH!

Type: Ghost/Fighting



Pokemon: Cubone

Disguised as: Sans

Type: Ghost/Dark


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I'd like to join this contest, too! I may add more sprites to this post in the future.


Name: Whimsicreep

Typing: Fairy/Dark

Pokemon used: Whimsicott, Cacturne

Sprite: 65odoj.png


Name: Krydreigon

Typing: Ghost/Dragon

Pokemon used: Spiritomb, Hydreigon

Sprite: 2d7u35.png


Pokemon: Voltorb

Disguised as: Electrode


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Here's some for the first category:


Name: Mismagzee

Type: Dark/Fairy

Pokemon used: Mismagius and Spritzee



Name: Mawlass

Type: Steel/Ghost

Pokemon used: Mawile and Froslass


Here's some for the second category:


Pokemon: Wobbuffet

Disguise: Buzzblob (from Legend of Zelda)

Type: Normal



Pokemon: Ditto

Disguise: Leever (also from Legend of Zelda)

Type: Steel/Normal

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I'll join too, I haven't sprited in a while so this was a good refresher. Anyway here's my submission for the first category
Sprite:  fsVEjpf.png

Name: Vileplugrigus

Typing: Ghost/Poision

Pokemon used: Vileplume and Cofagrigus

And here's my submission for the second category

Sprite:  pzsSipp.png

Pokemon: Wobbuffet

Disguised as: Teepo from tales of xillia 

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1 hour ago, Abdul Wasay champ said:

how can i participate???

To enter this contest all you have to do is reply with your sprite and the credentials specified in the rules located at the top of the post.


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Here's my Halloween Sprite Entry! <3


Miscelebi by LapisJaguar

Pokemon: Miscelebi

Pokemon Used: Mismagius and Celebi

Type: Psychic / Ghost


ZombieCelebi by LapisJaguar

Pokemon: Zelebi

Pokemon Used: Celebi

Type: Poison / Psychic


Corpse Bride Gothitelle by LapisJaguarCorpse Bridesmaid Gothorita by LapisJaguarCorpse Flower Girl Gothita by LapisJaguar

Pokemon: Corpse Wedding Trio (Ghoulitelle, Gothorotte and Goreita)

Pokemon Used: Gothitelle, Gothorita and Gothita

Type(s): Ghost/Psychic, Ghost/Psychic, Ghost


Hounderus by LapisJaguar

Pokemon: Hounderus

Pokemon Used: Houndoom (The heads are from different Gens)

Type: Dark









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I'll participate :D



Pokemon: Gothiance

Pokemon Used: Gothorita & Diance

Type: Fairy/Psychic



Pokemon: Meowlia

Pokemon Used: Meowstic (Female) & Kirlia

Type: Psychic



Pokemon: Xernphox

Pokemon Used: Xerneas & Delphox

Type: Fairy/Fire







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I have some more sprites for the 1st category



Pokemon: Zorovoir

Pokemon Used: Zoroark & Gardevoir

Type: Psychic/Dark



Pokemon: Whimitomb

Pokemon Used: Spiritomb & Whimsicott

Type: Ghost/Grass



Pokemon: Espbreon

Pokemon Used: Umbreon & Espeon

Type: Psychic/Dark

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i'll give them both a go





Pokemon: pinsipede

Pokemon used: pinsir and scolipede

types: Bug/Poison 





Pokemon:  Dustox

disguised as:  Beautifly

Edited by people999
there was an image out of place and i wanted to put it back

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Well, considering that the spooktimes are finally winding down, it's time to announce the winners! Thanks to @Yashu and @CP_ for helping out with the judging. complain to them if you don't like the results 


For the fusions category:


First Place: @Panloco with Muosion!




Second Place: @Pepsi Man with (making this name up as one was not given lol) Cofagrigeye!




Third Place: @Panflam7 with Krydreigon!




For the disguises category:


First Place: @Primal with Wobbuffet as Teepo!




Second Place: @Panloco with Dugtrio as the Kanto starters!




Third Place: @people999 with Dustox as Beautifly!




Thanks to everyone for entering and submitting such cool sprites- some great spooky medals made by @Petey Piranha will be given out to all winners/participants. Please do continue to enter (and thus make possible) Pokestadium spriting contests!



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