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    • By The-Hydra

      (credit to yashu for that nice banner)
      Welcome to Spiritomb's Spooky Spriting Spree! In this contest, participants will be made to create all kinds of frightening fusions and deceptive disguises. Submissions will be judged not only on the quality of the spritework, but also on how well the concepts behind your creation blend. You have until the 30th to submit your sprites, so there's no need to rush.
      The first category is...Fusions! For this category, you will have to do a fusion using only two Pokemon. Many good horror movies utilize the classic fusion, something like a man with a fly head. (They usually don't throw in the horse and octopus until the more desperate sequels.) There's another restriction as well- the Pokemon used must be Ghost, Dark, Poison, Psychic, Bug, or Fairy. You can submit as many fusions as you want- however, only the one reviewed best by the judges will count- the others will not give bonus points. If you'd like to enter this category, just fill out the following form and post it here (or PM if you'd prefer your work stayed private during the duration of the competition.)
      The second category is... Disguises! A big part of Halloween is of course dressing up as various goblins and ghoulies. And, uh, whatever else really. For this category, you'll have to make a Pokemon sprite disguising itself as something else, or wearing a costume of some sort. The costume can be pretty much anything- a creature, character, object, or even another Pokemon, so let your creativity run wild! As with the Fusions category, just fill out this form and post it here or PM it to the judges.

      (people you should PM your submissions should you choose to go that route)
      Good luck and happy spriting everyone!
    • By Yashu
      Do you enjoy decorating your profile page? Would you like to show off your skills and get in the Spook-a-thon spirit? If so, Mimikyu's Menacing Profile Customization Contest sounds like the ideal contest for you! This contest focuses on profile decorating and "spoopyfying" your page with all sorts of Halloween esc decorations.
      If you would like to enter, simply send me a PM requesting that you would like to enter. You are expected to have your profile finished by October 30th, which is when the judging will take place. This being said, you may enter anytime from now until October 29th. Judging will be based off of smoothly you have tied your decorations into your profile and of course, the amount of spoopiness. 
      There will be three places, first, second, and third. As for prizes, they will depend on the rank of your placing. First place winner will receive glory, second place will receive slightly less glory, and the third place will gain some petty bragging rights. You're welcome.
      Good luck to everyone~
      Sableye needs your help! His beloved items have scattered all across Pokestadium and he can't seem to find them! Are you willing to go to the ends of this forum and help a friend?
      Sableye's items have been hidden by @Gir, @The-Hydra, and @Yashu throughout Pokestadium. They could be hidden in topics, posts, gallery images, or even comments! Who knows where they could be hidden away? You may randomly come across Sableye's items, even when you're not looking for them, but be on the lookout, regardless. To help you with your scavenger hunt, Sableye has compiled a list of his missing items. Once you have found all the items or have simply given up, PM Gir and I all the locations which you found them in. People who have found all of them / whoever finds the most will be awarded a spooky medal.
      (the icons listed below do not count toward the contest)
       Sableye's Checklist 
      - Rare Candy x1 
      - Reaper Cloth x1 
      - Pumpkins x2 
      - Skeletons x2 
      - Twisted Spoon x1 
      - Ghost x2 
      - Spell Tag x1 
      ~Happy Haunting!~