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(Credit to the fine folks of the PUCL community for inspiring this game.)


New rule, please read




The first hint must narrow it down to a group of Pokemon (even a larger one) that distinctly share some trait everyone can make an educated guess on from their own Pokemon knowledge- this includes things such as Moves, Abilities, Typings, Egg groups, Native Region, or Physical attributes (color, wings, horns) and other things of this nature. Keep in mind that the things named should be qualities the Pokemon has, rather than ones it doesn't have. (for example, you could say "This Pokemon learns Hurricane" but not "This Pokemon doesn't learn Hurricane.") Keep in mind this new rule only applies for the first hint- you guys can still do whatever types of hints you like otherwise. (oh, and finally I'll just note that moves like Toxic and Rest don't count as they rule out very few Pokemon, and also before anybody gets hurt learning a move by Sketch doesn't count as actually learning it.)




Here's how this game works: one person starts by thinking of a Pokemon, and noting a fact about it (ideally one shared with many Pokemon, such as it learning a move like Helping Hand.) Then other participants can take a guess of what Pokemon it might be- and after at least one person has guessed, the person who knows the Pokemon will confirm if the guess[es] are right or wrong, and then give another fact about the Pokemon. The facts should get increasingly specific as this process continues- starting off with moves, egg groups, and place in an evolutionary line, but eventually moving onto abilities and typings and whatnot. Ideally, your guesses should be based on your innate Pokemon knowledge, so use of external information sources is discouraged but of course can't be prevented.


When somebody does guess the Pokemon correctly, they get to think of a new Pokemon and new questions. There is a limit of 10 facts. If nobody gets it in 10, then whoever guessed most recently can do the next mon/facts. Because of this, the 10th question should be made to make the answer quite obvious, but not outright reveal it. (For example, if the answer was Plusle, you could say "It's not Minun.") Also, if the person presenting the facts fails to answer guesses within 24 hours, then this responsibility falls upon whoever guesses most recently/whoever feels like picking it up.


Because this needs to be even more complex it'll be fun, I'll also keep track of who's been guessing correctly. If your guess was on the first fact, you'll get 10 points, and if it was on the last, you'll get 1. 




The-Hydra, 63 points


Hydralicious, 27 points


Pepsi Man, 26 points


Luemas, 27 points


Doug is a furry, 17


Kaotic, 13 points


Gir, 12 points


Yunn Goos, 10


Nisawesome, 8 points


Money12wolf, 8 points


Yashu. 7 points


Supremerpus, 6 points


Contract_Crawdad, 6 points


Eeveeking1st, 6 points




I suppose I'll kick us off here:


#1: This Pokemon learns the move Peck.

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(bless you kibbeh <3)


But unfortunately, it's not Spearow.


#2: This Pokemon learns the move Jump Kick.

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Image result for doduo


Yessiree, that's correct! @Hydralicious is the winner of the first round! He'll be given the appropriate points, and it now falls on him to choose a new Pokemon and provide the facts on it! Thanks to everyone who's participated in this round.

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I think you mean lightly fried fish filet, but no-


#9: This Pokemon can have the Pressure ability.



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