Pokemon Countdown! (new rule added)

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1 hour ago, The-Hydra said:

Image result for slugma

The answer is Slugma! The game once again goes to @Kaotic !

Ooh, once again, aye?


Let's get on with this now!


#10: This Pokémon is a Rock Type

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I don't think Sharpedo is in Unova but hey it learns Leer for sure since I'm training one and it might be in there so that

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Very leery indeed, but not Treecko


#6 - This pokemon is found in Long (Unbikable) Grass in both RSE and ORAS

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no dylan its not go and run in the long grass until you find a bear that will eat you


It is a great regret to declare that @Pepsi Man has indeed correctly guessed it. It is Tropius



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listen to me do not mock me and do not question my actions. i have good reason as to ignore until just a DAY later (oh no a day oh noes im gonna die i cant post on this forum game) so hush 


#10: This pokemon is psychic type.

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