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1 hour ago, The-Hydra said:

Image result for slugma

The answer is Slugma! The game once again goes to @Kaotic !

Ooh, once again, aye?


Let's get on with this now!


#10: This Pokémon is a Rock Type

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I don't think Sharpedo is in Unova but hey it learns Leer for sure since I'm training one and it might be in there so that

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Very leery indeed, but not Treecko


#6 - This pokemon is found in Long (Unbikable) Grass in both RSE and ORAS

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no dylan its not go and run in the long grass until you find a bear that will eat you


It is a great regret to declare that @Pepsi Man has indeed correctly guessed it. It is Tropius



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listen to me do not mock me and do not question my actions. i have good reason as to ignore until just a DAY later (oh no a day oh noes im gonna die i cant post on this forum game) so hush 


#10: This pokemon is psychic type.

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      A number will be randomly generated each day, and the Pokemon with that number in the national dex will be the one you give your opinion on that day! The averages will be later stored for all to see! I hope you enjoy rating/reading other people's ratings about your favorite (or least favorite) Pokemon.

      Simply rate the Pokemon on a scale of 1-10 and give us the reason for your rating!
      And today's Pokemon is-
      #257 Blaziken!

      My rating: 8.5
      Blaziken's one of those Pokemon I just immediately register as awesome. Blazing kicking chicken man. I've never managed to use it on an in-game run (only ever used a Torchic on a nuzlocke and it died as a Combusken) but it's still a Pokemon I love using in battle. Speed Boost does make it a bit crazy for 6v6 formats (though tbh I think it'd be fine in OU now with the baton pass ban) but even without that it can be a potent sweeper thanks to its high physical and special attack combined with a great movepool. Also been helpful with Speed Boost for the Battle Spot and Battle maison/tree. And it's also a blazing kicking chicken man and I've had a cool action figure of it since I was 7. Stellar.
      #257 Mega Blaziken!

      My rating: 8.5
      The design is above average as far as megas go, but not a massive improvement. The way it works in battle is also literally the same as regular Blaziken but with better stats, so although it's useful and possesses a different role than the base simply by nature of taking up a mega slot, it's not too interesting in terms of battling. All in all basically doesn't improve the way I feel about Blaziken, but doesn't make it worse either.
      Highest rating: Giratina from day 61, with 9.3 on average
      Lowest rating: Skitty from day 16, with 3.1 on average
      Highest mega: Venusaur from day 8, with 9.1 on average
      Lowest mega: Charizard X from day 56, with 7.1 on average
      Day 1 Bergmite (6.8)
      Day 2 Torchic (7.8)
      Day 3 Toxicroak (7.6)
      Day 4 Pansear (6.6)
      Day 5 Pelipper (6.6)
      Day 6 Yanma (7.8)
      Day 7 Comfey (5.1)
      Day 8 Venusaur (8.5) Mega Venusaur (9.1)
      Day 9 Magearna (6.3)
      Day 10 Chespin (6)
      Day 11 Zangoose (4.9)
      Day 12 Darumaka (7.5)
      Day 13 Noctowl (8.3)
      Day 14 Kakuna (6.7)
      Day 15 Tapu Koko (8)
      Day 16 Skitty (3.1)
      Day 17 Altaria (8) Mega Altaria (9)
      Day 18 Mienshao (7.1)
      Day 19 Carbink (3.6)
      Day 20 Golbat (5.9)
      Day 21 Claydol (6.1)
      Day 22 Aerodactyl (7.3) Mega Aerodactyl (7.6)
      Day 23 Luvdisc (4.9)
      Day 24 Rhyperior (7.3)
      Day 25 Elgyem (6)
      Day 26 Emolga (5.2)
      Day 27 Mankey (5.1)
      Day 28 Guzzlord (7.8)
      Day 29 Sceptile (6.9) Mega Sceptiile (8)
      Day 30 Croagunk (7.1)
      Day 31 Froakie (6)
      Day 32 Bounsweet (6)
      Day 33 Salandit (7.7)
      Day 34 Throh (5)
      Day 35 Tailow (7.8)
      Day 36 Masquerain (5)
      Day 37 Machop (5)
      Day 38 Lairon (7.7)
      Day 39 Nosepass (6.3)
      Day 40 Herdier (6.1)
      Day 41 Goldeen (6.7)
      Day 42 Pangoro (6)
      Day 43 Dragonite (7.9)
      Day 44 Dunsparce (8.6)
      Day 45 Wailord (8.3)
      Day 46 Trevenant (6.8)
      Day 47 Weepinbell (6.5)
      Day 48 Bisharp (8.6)
      Day 49 Mareanie (5.2)
      Day 50 Dragalge (7)
      Day 51 Magby (6)
      Day 52 Celebi (7.8)
      Day 53 Larvesta (7.4)
      Day 54 Carnivine (7.8)
      Day 55 Simisear (6.2)
      Day 56 Charizard (6.1) Mega Charizard X (7.1) Mega Charizard Y (7.4)
      Day 57 Fomantis (5.4)
      Day 58 Illumise (3.8)
      Day 59 Kyurem (8) Kyurem Black/White (8.7)
      Day 60 Pancham (4.8)
      Day 61 Giratina (9.3) Giratina-Origin (9.3)
      Day 62 Victreebel (8.3)
      Day 63 Quagsire (8.6)
      Day 64 Prinplup (5)
      Day 65 Hitmontop (7.3)
      Day 66 Makuhita (4.9)