Tantiem Pokemon Spriting Contest

By Scratchy3607 in Contests,
In Tantem,It's perfect to add pizzazz. And the perfect thing to add pizzazz is one some of the pokemon! These will be  called Tantiem pokemon,Pokemon that adapted To Tantem's enviroment. they are just like aloloIan pokemon,but the live in a different region.I just need a bunch of sprites.The Contest ends when this topic reaches 250 replies!the 75 best Tantiem Pokemon entries gets to be included in Pokemon Icicle and Copper!   Please bear in mind that Tantem is divided in 4 environments: The Mountains,The Forest,The Steep Canyons,And The Ocean.   Spriting rules: Please Refrain from adding inappropriate content You must have a sprite that matches the environment Spritework must be yours.   Contest rules: Be Kind To other entries Pokestadium rules apply Have the best of fun!     Form:   Example: I also prefer doing something other than a mountain Tantiem pokemon because I already recieved 3 mountain tantiems.other than that,a sing forest Absol.   Notice:due to the abundance of tantiem pokeon in mountain Tantem,I will place those pokemon in other areas as well.for example:AnonymousDoom's Musharna will not just be in mountain Tantem,but also in Canyon Tantem as well.
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