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The Opposite-Alike Game

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Basically, this is a modification of an Opposite game. The difference is that you alternate between words that're opposites and words that're similar. 

An example is; 


Opposite: Ice

Similar: Water

Similar: Wet

Opposite: Dry

Similar: Fly

Similar: Insect

Similar: Ant

Similar: Aunt

Opposite: Uncle

You either type a word that is opposite or similar to the previous word. It can be in concept (both) or even in spelling and rhyming (similars only). There are no restrictions on what word you use, as long as it's appropriate. You can use proper nouns, so long as whatever you refer to is easily recognizable.

 If we get to a point of staleness, I'll reset the word. 


All you need to include is the word you type and whether is an Opposite or a Similar of the previous word.


Okay,  the first word is:


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Increasing specificity

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