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So I was talking to @The-Hydra on the PS Discord and I suggested a revival of the Showdown Replay Thread (Which had been attempted to be revived a few times in the past)

Now, here is the 'conversation' where I was ordered to make it.





It's pretty much designed to be a place where users can share replays of battles on the Battling Site Pokemon Showdown. Whether because of a funny or cool moment, or as an RMT based around their strategy. If you don't know how to share a Showdown Replay, hit the 'Upload and Share' button after a match at the bottom right just under the battlescape. It will then give you a link that you can share with the world. (And us, so that we can ridicule you for liking Psyduck and/or Golduck. (Or for being Sciz))


Anyway, if you do wish to post replays here, there are a few ground rules first:


  • You must give some fodder for discussion along with your replay, which is to say, you cannot pull a @Yunn Goos and just go 'GET REKT SON' or 'LOOK WHO I BEAT.' Whether this is asking for feedback on your team and strategy, or giving examples of what worked well with your team that you would like to share with others.
  • You should also caution people if a replay contains material that may disturb people, such as swearing. (Sue @The-Hydra if even this is against the rules, he said it was fine)
  • Users with Psyducks as their avatar need not apply (jk)


So without further ado, I declare this open.


(Oh also here's a 'Shared Replays' spoiler:)


Okay, so since I didn't want to double post, here's just a random battle I had.

I made a few stupid mistakes, but for the most part I think I did alright. I misjudged the Metagross and lost my Regice for it, same thing with the Persian and my Sandslash. Also, I think the algorithm for giving people Legendaries and UBs is stupid and unfair. It doesn't split them evenly, I once battled a guy who had 6 legends in a randbat while I was stuck with NU and RU mons. So other opinions on that would be cool. Other than that enjoy the battle.

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