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First overdue things first, our new forum moderators! @Pepsi Man, @Primal, and @Genji have all been selected, due to their consistent activity/contributions over the years and extensive knowledge regarding the rules of the site. I look forward to seeing them help make PS a more enjoyable experience for everyone!


Additionally, it's been decided that the Contributor rank will now be given out a bit less conservatively- as opposed to being based on an arbitrary (and rather high) sheer content count, it will be based on consistent examples of quality contributions to the site. (Though, high enough content counts will also merit its awarding upon request.)


Moving on to less jubilant matters, however, I'd assume most of our even semi-active members would have to be aware at this point of the somewhat frequent downtime Pokestadium experiences. As far to our best knowledge, these downtimes are not planned and are as erratic and random as they seem. Even Administrators (not named Johan) can't exactly tell what's behind these, as we aren't the actual owners of the site and thus don't have access to full IPS (the service that these forums run on) troubleshooting and whatnot. 


Getting to the point- these downtimes are obviously quite inconvenient, and hopefully we'll get a break from them for a nice long while. However, just in case that unfortunately doesn't come to pass, or for the not entirely off-chance that we eventually get an extended or even permanent closure of the site, it would be a good idea to take some of the following precautions:


-Download your art. When my old computer (and the one before that, even) went to PC heaven, I made sure I scrounged through the pokecreations and saved all my old sprites. Though if you've created your art or sprites relatively recently they'll likely be on your main device anyway and this won't be an issue, but if that's not the case then I'd make sure to get this done whenever possible.


-Save your stuff. This is pretty similar to downloading your art, although when it comes to topics/blogs and whatnot that you've made you're a lot less likely to have those saved. If you're particularly proud of something you wrote/organized, it's ideal to save it- who knows, it could come in handy for later use or just be nice to reflect back upon.


-Join the Pokestadium Discord. If keeping in touch with the people you've met on Pokestadium is a concern of yours, then joining our Discord Server would be an ideal course of action. It's a little more relaxed and conversational than PS itself typically is, but still provides a nice place to chat with like-minded folks. (particularly when the site they usually use isn't working.)


Well, that's about all I've thought to cram into this particular announcement. Regardless of what the future holds, I hope we can all continue to get the most enjoyment we can out of our quaint little corner of the internet.






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This sounds like a doomsday preparation topic except with ps crashing for good instead. Either way congrats to the new mods and cheers to a hopefully happy future on ps.

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Congrats to the new Forum Mods ^.^ Look forward to further contributions from you guys.



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