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    • By The-Hydra
      A number will be randomly generated each day, and the Pokemon with that number in the national dex will be the one you give your opinion on that day! The averages will be later stored for all to see! I hope you enjoy rating/reading other people's ratings about your favorite (or least favorite) Pokemon.

      Simply rate the Pokemon on a scale of 1-10 and give us the reason for your rating!
      And today's Pokemon is... 
      #801 Magearna!

      My Rating: 6
      Design is alright, it has a cool ability and signature move. Don't think the lore with it as interesting as it is for some of the other events of its kind like Mew and Jirachi, but it's fine I suppose. Steel/Fairy is a pretty cool typing, not necessarily too exciting since we've had Mawile and Klefki but at least Magearna fills a much different role of being a versatile mixed setup sweeper. So yeah, was the first gen 7 Pokemon revealed, interesting traits competitively and I kind of like the pokeball design, but that's about all I can think of positive for Magearna as there are just cooler mythicals/legendaries.
      Current highest rating: Mega Venusaur from day 8, with 9.1 on average
      Current lowest rating: Comfey from day 7, with 5.1 on average
      Day 1 (4/20/17) Bergmite (6.8)
      Day 2 (4/21/17) Torchic (7.8)
      Day 3 (4/23/17) Toxicroak (7.6)
      Day 4 (4/24/17) Pansear (6.6)
      Day 5 (4/25/17) Pelipper (6.6)
      Day 6 (4/26/17) Yanma (7.8)
      Day 7 (4/27/17) Comfey (5.1)
      Day 8 (4/28/17) Venusaur (8.5) Mega Venusaur (9.1)