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Recently I've noticed lots of poor behaviour from our under 13 members. So quick update is quick:


I'm bringing back the Age Rule:

You may be under 13 on the forums, but you must behave yourself and follow all the rules placed. If you are found to be breaking rules constantly and are underage, your account will be banned. You can make another account though, when you turn 13 that is. (Temporary ban until your Birthday)


So from now on, our younger members have to learn how to behave themselves in the forums. Actually, please start by reading The Rules. Thanks!


Oh yeah, by the way. Members under 13 will ONLY be banned for being under 13 if they are consistently not following the rules. Break the no spamming rule once or twice is fine, if we already warned you not to do it again. But if you constantly do it, you'll get banned.


Have a lovely easter everyone! Don't eat too much chocolates or else your teeth will start hurting! c:

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I totally agree with this, but can't you just sign up for an account and not provide a birthdate, or just hide it once created?


I hide it myself as I like internet privacy, which is why I don't post pictures of myself or share my name in places like the Discord.


Happy Easter my friends!

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