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2 hours ago, NuVonde said:

---like a movie or play script with very minimal description, a heavy focus on dialog, short breaks to describe actions in a few words, and an extremely excessive amount of line breaks.

((I thought I made this very clear in my post but I will reiterate just for clarity's sake. It's also in the RP rules, which I really hope you have read as it is very disconcerting that you didn't recognize rule #6. Please try to read mroe thoroughly next time. Also no, generally speaking a RP should not really need any images but in the event of an artist trying to scene set a landscape they created or something along those lines it can be a useful tool. Pokemon sprites are only a novel by-product of this and you should definitely not need more than one (you shouldn't even need one, really), so unless it is something critical to the plot or progression, more than two images will not be allowed))

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(Ok I understand that my posts are pretty messed up and breaking the rules it's just that I'm not used to anything different or outside my comfort zone. I'm sorry if I break the rules of anything and I will change my posts (sadly not all of them because I've been posting here for a long time.). Hopefully you understand my reason.)

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