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I use it in VGC and it does nicely in a Trick Room team. Needs a Z-Crystal to actually do anything because its starts are trash but hey, it works really well for me at least. My 6 UB team approved Guzzlord on its 2nd win.

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It's okay-ish, but definitely my least favourite of the UBs. I find its design way to overdone. Looks like something from another game.

However, it does have a really nice colour scheme.

So yeah, it gets an average rating from me because I don't think it's totally bad.

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Guzzlord has an interesting concept.  Mostly because it seems like a black hole in Pokemon form with how it can consume literally anything without leaving any waste.  Stats-wise though, it's like Wailord.  It has a lot of HP but barely any Defense and Special Defense to back it up.

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Guzzlord gets a community average of 7.8! (Too much Guzzle.) And today's Pokemon is...


#254 Sceptile!




My rating: 7.5


Sceptile's a member of what I think is all-around the best batch of starters, so that explains a large part of my favorable view on it. It's got a pretty solid design itself, and evolves from what is almost unarguably the best middle-stage starter. It's also really quite fast which is cool, the only starter that out speeds it being Greninja. Of all the Hoenn starters, I think it got the best signature move (Leaf Blade, as opposed to Blaze Kick or Muddy Water) though I guess that could be debated. It's got the stats so that it can run a mixed set as well, which I always like. All around a Pokemon I'm rather fond of but just don't have a lot of personal experience with.


#254 Mega Sceptile!




My rating: 9


Mega Sceptile is definitely on the list of better megas in my opinion. The pose looks interesting (especially for a 3D sprite,) there's some nice subtle design changes, and of course the tail. High quality tail. Just ask @Master Snivy. It gets a sky-high 145 speed stat, only beaten by a handful of other Pokemon (most legends or megas.) Giving it an immunity to a type it would have a 4x resistance to in LightningRod might feel a bit lame at first, but considering you get a much appreciated x1.5 Special Attack boost and the ability to stop things from getting momentum with Volt Switch (or hitting an ally with Electric moves in double battles) it's actually quite a nice get. No Draco Meteor is a bit of a shame but still great overall.


(also if anybody's interested in doing these for me on days I'm too busy please do send a PM my way)

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1/10 for both Mega and Non-Mega forms.


Sceptile is by far my least-favourite fully evolved starter Pokémon. I love it's pre-evolutions, but Sceptile itself is just, ugh.

I find it's design to be uninteresting and boring, and huge letdown from  its amazing pre-evolution, Grovyle.

It's mega form is just as bad. Possibly even worse in fact. It looks like a walking Christmas tree.

I also think it's shiny form is really gross.


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10/10 for both.


I LOVE Sceptile! <3 Its Mega form looks sick too! I prefer Grovyle, but Sceptile still get full credit! OwO

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8 hours ago, The-Hydra said:

best middle-stage starter.

Hydra my boi. You just rewon my respect (Evem though you hadn't lost it but shh). Grovyle is undoubtedly fantastic.


But onto Sceptile:


Sceptile was mah boi through the first pokemon game I ever played: Ruby. He carried me through most of the gyms (Which the obvious exceptions being Flannery and Winona.) so I have very strong nostalgic ties to the guy. However, I also love its solid design and (previously) signature move. Leaf Blade was really cool and just made me love the  Treecko line even more.


Mega Sceptile



Fangirling session over, but I love Mega Sceptile. It's design is brilliant. It's DRAGON TYPE which I love. All Dragons are my babies. Also Tail Cannon.

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Sceptile - 5/10


I just don't like it. Grovyle was much better tbh. Sceptile is just...ehh. Not interesting enough imo


Mega Sceptile - 10/10


Christmas trees are the best thing added to the game tbh, I love it. Actually that's probably the only reason why I gave it a 10. HAHAHA

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