The Pokestadium Summer League (Open to challengers!)

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Showdown username: money12wolf

Time zone: EST

Trainer sprite: 96.png

Signature Pokemon: Torterra

Other: I need to take over Taiiyo Gym Leader spot

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I have a wonderful annoucment to make!


By the power of meme, I have defeated all of the gym leaders and have become the current champion! Here's your proof:











Thanks to all of the gym leaders for being awesome and good luck to all challengers, I'll see you at the top :)


EDIT: I'd like my name in place with the gym leaders as champion with my boi Memelix lol. Also, thanks to hax, Focus Punch, Tail Glow, Shell Smash, Chople Berry, Natural Gift, and the lucky number 5.


Also, thanks to Not a Shep, Humpy Dumpy, A Turtel, Abomacare, I Dunno, and most importantly, Memelix. :memelix:


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Showdown username: skiz dat shiz
Time zone: GMT +1
Trainer sprite: Spr_GS_Twins.png
Signature Pokemon: Hariyama

Other: ohko moves are more viable than shell smash megatoise

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    • By The-Hydra
      A number will be randomly generated each day, and the Pokemon with that number in the national dex will be the one you give your opinion on that day! The averages will be later stored for all to see! I hope you enjoy rating/reading other people's ratings about your favorite (or least favorite) Pokemon.

      Simply rate the Pokemon on a scale of 1-10 and give us the reason for your rating!
      And today's Pokemon is... 
      #254 Sceptile!

      My rating: 7.5
      Sceptile's a member of what I think is all-around the best batch of starters, so that explains a large part of my favorable view on it. It's got a pretty solid design itself, and evolves from what is almost unarguably the best middle-stage starter. It's also really quite fast which is cool, the only starter that out speeds it being Greninja. Of all the Hoenn starters, I think it got the best signature move (Leaf Blade, as opposed to Blaze Kick or Muddy Water) though I guess that could be debated. It's got the stats so that it can run a mixed set as well, which I always like. All around a Pokemon I'm rather fond of but just don't have a lot of personal experience with.
      #254 Mega Sceptile!

      My rating: 9
      Mega Sceptile is definitely on the list of better megas in my opinion. The pose looks interesting (especially for a 3D sprite,) there's some nice subtle design changes, and of course the tail. High quality tail. Just ask @Master Snivy. It gets a sky-high 145 speed stat, only beaten by a handful of other Pokemon (most legends or megas.) Giving it an immunity to a type it would have a 4x resistance to in LightningRod might feel a bit lame at first, but considering you get a much appreciated x1.5 Special Attack boost and the ability to stop things from getting momentum with Volt Switch (or hitting an ally with Electric moves in double battles) it's actually quite a nice get. No Draco Meteor is a bit of a shame but still great overall.
      Highest rating: Venusaur from day 8, with 8.5 on average
      Lowest rating: Skitty from day 16, with 3.1 on average
      Highest mega: Venusaur from day 8, with 9.1 on average
      Lowest mega: Aerodactyl from day 22, with 7.6 on average
      Day 1 (4/20/17) Bergmite (6.8)
      Day 2 (4/21/17) Torchic (7.8)
      Day 3 (4/23/17) Toxicroak (7.6)
      Day 4 (4/24/17) Pansear (6.6)
      Day 5 (4/25/17) Pelipper (6.6)
      Day 6 (4/26/17) Yanma (7.8)
      Day 7 (4/27/17) Comfey (5.1)
      Day 8 (4/28/17) Venusaur (8.5) Mega Venusaur (9.1)
      Day 9 (4/29/17) Magearna (6.3)
      Day 10 (4/30/17) Chespin (6)
      Day 11 (4/31/17) Zangoose (4.9)
      Day 12 (5/1/17) Darumaka (7.5)
      Day 13 (5/2/17) Noctowl (8.3)
      Day 14 (5/3/17) Kakuna (6.7)
      Day 15 (5/5/17) Tapu Koko (8)
      Day 16 (5/6/17) Skitty (3.1)
      Day 17 (5/7/17) Altaria (8) Mega Altaria (9)
      Day 18 (5/8/17) Mienshao (7.1)
      Day 19 (5/9/17) Carbink (3.6)
      Day 20 (5/10/17) Golbat (5.9)
      Day 21 (5/11/17) Claydol (6.1)
      Day 22 (5/12/17) Aerodactyl (7.3) Mega Aerodactyl (7.6)
      Day 23 (5/13/17) Luvdisc (4.9)
      Day 24 (5/15/17) Rhyperior (7.3)
      Day 25 (5/16/17) Elgyem (6)
      Day 26 (5/17/17) Emolga (5.2)
      Day 27 (5/18/17) Mankey (5.1)
      Day 28 (5/19/17) Guzzlord (7.8)
    • By The-Hydra
      (Credit to the fine folks of the PUCL community for inspiring this game.)
      Here's how this game works: one person starts by thinking of a Pokemon, and noting a fact about it (ideally one shared with many Pokemon, such as it learning a move like Helping Hand.) Then other participants can take a guess of what Pokemon it might be- and after at least one person has guessed, the person who knows the Pokemon will confirm if the guess[es] are right or wrong, and then give another fact about the Pokemon. The facts should get increasingly specific as this process continues- starting off with moves, egg groups, and place in an evolutionary line, but eventually moving onto abilities and typings and whatnot. Ideally, your guesses should be based on your innate Pokemon knowledge, so use of external information sources is discouraged but of course can't be prevented.
      When somebody does guess the Pokemon correctly, they get to think of a new Pokemon and new questions. There is a limit of 10 facts. If nobody gets it in 10, then whoever guessed most recently can do the next mon/facts. Because of this, the 10th question should be made to make the answer quite obvious, but not outright reveal it. (For example, if the answer was Plusle, you could say "It's not Minun.") Also, if the person presenting the facts fails to answer guesses within 24 hours, then this responsibility falls upon whoever guesses most recently/whoever feels like picking it up.
      First hint rule:
      Form rules:
      Because this needs to be even more complex it'll be fun, I'll also keep track of who's been guessing correctly. If your guess was on the first fact, you'll get 10 points, and if it was on the last, you'll get 1. 
      I suppose I'll kick us off here:
      #1: This Pokemon learns the move Peck.