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Worst Shiny Pokemon (my opinion)

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I really like Lugia.But why pink?They should of changed it's white color.


Just no,no!


Scyther is an amazing color (not really,it's just dark green) But this one,makes no sense..


I have no comment.


We present you..The Pokemon with no shiny diffrences!


We present you..The Pokemon with no shiny diffrences!(a bit though)

4.Mega Charizard X

I love Charizard!The shiny even more!When i first saw shiny Mega Charizard X[pause in speech]Just,please no..Upgrade it..


Should i even explain?


Weirdest color ever.


What should i explain about this exactly?Based on a wrestler and the colors can't be stranger.


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Just gonna go with my number 1 least favourite.



I just mean, why. It could have had so much potential! Imagine something like black flames, that wouldve been awesome. But nope ; they kept the original flames. Imagine an the range of colours they could've used on Moltres to make it look better? Something like Electric Blue would've worked great! But nope[pause in speech] They HAD to make it look like a raw chicken[pause in speech] Just why Gamefreak, why.

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10. Krookodile


I'm a big fan of Krookodile, but it's shiny is an absolute trainwreck. Dunno what was going through the head of whoever designed this one. 


9. Garchomp (Both Mega and Non-Mega Forms)


I, like many other people, hate Garchomp's shiny for the simple fact that it barely changes colour. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the only difference between the shiny and non-shiny is that it is slightly darker. So lazy.

The Mega Form is not much better in my opinion. Purple really doesn't suit it. At least they actually tried to make it a different colour, I guess 


8. Dragonite


Dragonite is one of my most hated Pokémon, and I hate it's shiny form just as much. The green looks revolting.


7. Blastoise


Purple and green = Bleh..

Need I say anymore?


6. Incineroar


Incineroar is tied with Virizion as my favourite Pokémon, but it's shiny form is such a disappointment. I know they were trying to make it look like a white tiger, but I think they absolutely failed at it. If they had made the red parts either black or orange, I would have been totally fine with it, as it would have resembled a *proper* white tiger or a golden tiger.


5. Sharpedo


Ah yes, and here is one of the colours I despise the most for shinies, so much so that I makes me shake my head in anger..




Seriously, I LOVE Sharpedo, but it's shiny is so, so bad. Why Game Freak? Why must you do this to this poor Pokémon?


4. Swampert


More Magenta trash. I don't mind Swampert, but this shiny is just an eyesore.

I must say, Game Freak was pretty lazy with there Water-Type shinies in Gen III. Most of them were the same gross magenta colour.


3. Espeon


I think green shinies (along with magenta ones obviously) are bad 99% of the time, so it probably comes as no surprise that I hate Espeon's shiny as well. It looks disgusting and way too bright for my liking.


2. Mega Latias and Latios



I mentioned non-mega shiny Latias and Latios on my top ten best shinies list, because I think they're amazing. Too bad I can't say the same about these abominations. I can't stand Mega Latias and Latios even in there regular colour palette, so seeing them in puke green just makes me cringe.

No, just no.


1. Gengar (Non-Mega Form)


Suffers from the same problem as Garchomp, as in it barely changes from its original colouring. Disappointing I must say.

At least it has a badass shiny Mega Form.

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Uuuuhhhh[pause in speech].

10: gengar.gifGengar. Wait, this is shiny? If I saw this in the wild, without sparkling animation, I wouldn't be able to tell.

9:zubat.gifZubat. Barf Green COMBINED with ugly flesh tone. Ew. Same thing goes for Golbat.

8:crobat.gifCrobat. Oh god my eyes! Why, WHY would you make a BAT hot pink?!

7:druddigon.gifDruddigon. This really, really looks nothing like Druddigon when it's shiny.

6:tauros.gifTauros. Why LIME GREEN?

5: lucario-mega.gifMega Lucario. This just makes me wanna puke.

4:lumineon.gifLumineon. One of my all-time favorites ruined by a terrible brown.

3:chansey.gifChansey. My TRUE all-time favorite ruined by THIS.

2: pyroar.gifDon't know what it is[pause in speech] but I really hate this shiny.

1:primeape.gifPrimeape. Uhhh[pause in speech].


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These ten aren't in any particular order, but here are a few I dislike. Another thing is that I'm going to avoid any that have been mentioned before, just so there aren't any pointless repeats.


Here's the list:






1. Swoobat. Gen 5 got quite a few of these orange-and-green shinies, but this one is one of the worst of the group. It's just something about that combination that makes Swoobat look sickly and overall disgusting. If the green was replaced with something else, maybe this shiny wouldn't be so bad. Swoobat is already pretty forgettable and is generally a Pokemon I dislike, so why'd they make it worse?




2. Nidoqueen. Now you may be wondering what Nidoqueen did to get on this list, as it's a pretty average watermelon-looking shiny. Well, the shinies of the Nidoran male and female line had the colors of the opposite line swapped. I think this is a neat idea, but the only problem is that Nidoqueen totally broke the pattern. Nidoking is purple and gray, not green and pink! The thing is, all the other ones are correct except for Nidoqueen. Because of that, I dislike this shiny.




3. Noivern. They were trying to go for something interesting here, by swapping the accent colors with the body color. However, since accent colors are meant to be in small doses that accentuate the rest, they aren't intended to make up a majority. Thus, when you swap these, most of the time it ends up looking pretty bad. In this example, Noivern turns a gross pale blue-green color with a crimson that doesn't go with the rest of the body at all.


pichu.gif pikachu.gif


4. Pichu and Pikachu (lumped together because they're in the same line). You know, for the series mascot, Pikachu really got the short end of the stick when it comes to shinies. For poor Pikachu, all that changes is that he becomes a bit more orange. Woo hoo. I'm so wowed by this color choice. When you have only two main colors that you have to deal with, not counting the ear tips and brown on the tail since they're rather small, you think it'd be easy to do something interesting. But no, instead we get orange. Luckily, Raichu and Alolan Raichu look at least a little bit more pleasing, even if Raichu shares the same change.

raichu.gif File:Alolan Raichu Shiny SM.gif 


(Have I mentioned how much more I like Raichu than Pikachu, even if I do think the entire line is pretty good?)




5. AlexFuses mentioned Blaziken, but I think there's an even worse shiny in the line-- Combusken. Did you notice the change? If you didn't, I can't blame you. There's barely any difference here, and while looking at them side-by-side makes it a bit easier to tell, it just looks so similar. It's essentially the same colors, just a tad darker. More underwhelming than Blaziken, I'd say. At least with that one, you can tell the difference at first glance.


aron.gif  glalie.gif


6. Aron. Okay, the red eyes are cool, but that's all they changed. I don't have much else to say, since there isn't much else in this shiny. The Ruby and Sapphire sprite was a bit better, as the slightly greenish tint on the armor was a bit more noticeable. Unfortunately, this color got diluted as the time went on until we were left with this. Special shout-out to Glalie for doing the exact same thing in the same generation.


(Old sprite just for reference.)




7. Regice. Another sprite that got its color changed just a tad, and overall looks near identical to its counterpart. 




8. Tranquill. Another nasty green shiny, which again doesn't look good and doesn't make sense to me. The two others in this line are fairly normal, and I could see the shiny colors of them being on an actual bird. However, it takes a jarring turn right in the middle when we get this inexplicably green Tranquill. Plus, I can't stop thinking of it as a normal Tranquill with a layer of green over it that has the opacity turned down.




9. Another terrible color-switch of a gen 6 Pokemon, Volcanion. Good Arceus, where do I even begin with this? I don't think it'd even be an honor to have this giant lemon on your team, as this is just so bad looking. Volcanion was a pretty iffy design in and of itself, but this takes it even further into the awful territory.


cosmog.gif lunala.gif solgaleo.gif


10. Cosmog, Lunala, and Solgaleo. While Cosmoem gets a pass, the others don't. Cosmog is another shiny that falls into the trap of having barely any difference. Lunala's dark purple body doesn't stand out enough against the red, which makes it a disappointingly bad shiny as the red by itself isn't that bad. The red I can't excuse, though, is Solgaleo. It's a bad shade of red, and clashes poorly against the other colors. Basically, he looks like a fire truck.






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