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Best Shiny Pokemon (my opinion)

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Just amazing.I have no comment.Love it.


Color doesn't make sense, but i love it.


Blue flames?I love it's design!!


Black/yellow, dark/blue, dark/red[pause in speech]They always fit!


I don't like Spiritomb.I only like it's color design.I feel like it needs a boost (color change).


PINK WHALES?Totally worth hunting for.


I don't know..I feel like it's colors really work together..


Black dragons?Love it.(even though Charizard isn't a dragon type, but i still count it as one).


Zombiesssss[pause in speech].It does look like a zombie color..Not my fault.Love it.

1.Aron evo line

Don't ask me why,i feel like it fits ALOT.


PS.I have shiny Lairon which i will evolve to shiny Aggron in Pokemon Emerald.

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Why not make a blog where you name your top 10 worst and best shiny Pokemon of all time instead of creating two topics, since this is just your opinion?

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Yeah, or if you're gonna do this, make a format that all of us can answer in.

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My favorite shiny has to be Weavile

Just kidding, it's Wailord.

Wailord is adorable, and he's even cuter in pink.

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My fave shiny would have to be magmar. Just look at that thing. She's beauty, she's grace. She'll flamethrower you in the face. Absolutely gorgeous. Suicune gets runner up because I really love the contrast between the silver and the dark blue.

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My favourite is obviously (not so obviously)



My first Shiny on XY was a Sandslash, and its the reason why I love Sandslash. It also has a neat colour scheme, I don't know how someone couldnt love it OwO

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10. Latias/Latios


I'm going to be 100% honest, I almost prefer the shiny colouration of Latias and Latios over the originals. Almost.

I personally think the green and yellow look awesome together.


9. Raikou


I'm a HUGE Raikou fan (one of my favourite Pokémon ever), and I think it's shiny is cool as heck. I think Entei and Suicune also have pretty neat shiny forms as well.


8. Lycanroc (Midnight)


So how do you make me love one of my top 5 favourite Alolan Pokémon even more? Give it a kickass blue shiny of course!

I love this shiny so damn much, and it was also my first shiny encounter in Sun (through a random encounter when I was leveling up my team in preparation for challenging the elite four/champion).


7. Xerneas


I love regular Xerneas, and I love it's shiny even more. I'm usually not a fan of white coloured shinies, but this one is definitely an exception (along with Salandit and Salazzle). It looks so nice.


6. Ninetales


Been one of my favourite shinies for years now. For the longest time imaginable I wanted my own Shiny Ninetales (my wish finally came true when I caught one in the Friend Safari on Y a few years back). The colours looks so pretty in my opinion, and really suit Ninetales. Shiny Alolan Ninetales is also really nice, and I managed to catch my own one as a Vulpix in Sun.


5. Virizion


Ok, I'll admit I might be a bit biased with this one, as Virizion is my favourite Pokémon. 

Anyway, I think the colour scheme is really neat, even if it is just a swap around of Virizion's original palette.


4. Gigalith


Blue shinies are the bomb, and Gigalith is no exception. I'm already a huge Gigalith fan (one of my favourite Rock-Types), but this shiny just makes me like it even more.


3. Ho-oh


The gold a silver colour scheme looks so nice! I remember the first time I saw it I was like "oh, wow! That's awesome!".


2. Reshiram


Looks better than the original to be honest. The thing I like about it the most is its purple flames and red eyes.


1. Emboar


The orange and blue mixed together looks fantastic in my opinion, and I think Game Freak done a great designing it.

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I like shiny cosmog

Regular:Cosmog  sprite from Sun & Moon

Shiny:Cosmog Shiny sprite from Sun & Moon

It's difference is barely noticeable, and that's why I like it.

Why change perfectness?

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Might as well give mine.


10. Charizard

Literally just a black dragon that looks even better than the original color scheme.


9. Rayquaza

Almost the same thing as Charizard, except the yellow and black go so well together. Makes Rayquaza look even more badass than before (and that's saying something)


8. Greninja

(I must really like black shinies huh) At first, I just absolutely hated Greninja's color scheme, until they showed the shiny. Now it really looks like a ninja frog.


7. Kecleon

I honestly don't know why but I just really like seeing it with a blue stripe.


6. Haxorus

(I promise this is the last black shiny) The red on its blades looks like blood, which is sick with a black color scheme.


5. Rhyhorn

I personally had one in my White Version. It looks like it is made of bronze, which is awesome. A real prize in my pokemon collection.


4. Zekrom

Green lightning, all I have to say.


3. Giratina

(Really hard to choose between Zekrom) Blue and ghost white works so welk with Giratina. I mean, it is literally almost a perfect shiny, but not quite compared to the next two 


2. Roserade/Roselia

Had them in my X version. No need to mention the purple and black flowers, those are great alone. The green (for Roserade, gen 4 and 5), however, is gorgeous. They screwed with the green in gen 6, that is a major on why it isn't no.1


1. Gligar

Gligar's true form! None of that pink nonsense for a flying scorpion. Blue/Indigo just looks outstanding on it. Makes it look more, well, toxic and poisonous. I have been lucky enough to own two of them. One in Platinum and one in Alpha Sapphire. My two most prized shinies.




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My favorite is Shiny Crobat. It's so cute looking. He was the first Shiny I ever had, and I transferred him from SS to B to X. 

I'm also a fan of Shiny Krookodile

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10:hawlucha.gifHawlucha. He looks[pause in speech]spooky. And cool.

9:goomy.gifGoomy. Looks delicious like a blueberry pie.

8:happiny.gifHappiny. I know, it barely makes a difference, but Happiny is even cuter shiny.

7:charizard.gifCharizard. Who DOESN'T love this shiny.

6:charmeleon.gifCharmeleon. But, this guy's better. Charizard's too overrated.

5:chikorita.gifChikorita. Look at this little apple.

4:gengar-mega.gifMega Gengar. WOW. I-I can't explain. Everyone loves shiny mega Gengar.

3:latias.gifLatias. Again. Can't explain.

2:grovyle.gifGrovyle. My favorite middle-stage starter, best Pokemon in the Treecko line, and a just flat-out better version of shiny Treecko.

1:emboar.gifEmboar. This. This thing. It's amazing. I normally hate Emboar, (but I have one in my team) but this changed the way I look at it.

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I guess I should do a list too :wacko:but I'm gonna do a top 5 Instead[pause in speech].

5. Alakazam 

I always called it pink wizard 0-0 Idk


4. primarina

The color scheme is AMAZING in my opinion


3. greninja



2. yamask

This one was hard. I have one thing to say, I'm a sucker for sliver or gold on shiny poke's.


1. latios

IK latias is GOLD, but I LOVE the mint green color of latios shiny. :<3: 


The yamask and latios pic wouldn't work  ;-; 


primarina (1).png


On 5/16/2017 at 4:01 PM, AlexFuses said:


I didn't think of it..

But this is the only one i'm going to make, it's kinda boring tbh.


IDK what u mean


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