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Giveaway No.2: Dream World

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  1. 1. What theme would you like to see?

    • Shinies
    • Gen 5 and under events
    • Specific typing

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Ayy welcome to Giveaway no.2! I think you are in for a treat this time. This month's theme is HAs, specifically mons from the Dream World/Radar!


          ---- Rules----

  All PS Rules apply


If you don't win a prize, don't complain about it! Try again in a month!


This Giveaway is for SM only!


This Giveaway is active for 1 week! After 1 week, I will choose our winners randomly!


To let me know that you read the rules, comment "Dreamy World".


Prizes will be posted shortly.





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Since I'm nice (and want as many participants as possible), I will have 5 prizes this time around. Here we go!


1st Place: shuckle.gif.b1847cf824a2b998bfda460359872dd0.gif Contrary Shuckle x2


2nd Place: porygon.gif.c1df3cb9f4a9ba0c1acc378dde7e9cb8.gif Analytic Porygon x2


3rd Place: riolu.gif.470ac5a25924413e337ce3786deb4af0.gif Prankster Riolu


4th Place: ralts.gif.3e3b6a8f9704e313f8fbe706c2ab310f.gif Telepathy Ralts


5th Place: igglybuff.gif.80882b455c978e743b287be09f5a02d0.gif Friend Guard Igglybuff


Good luck to everyone!



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Alright, you are all entered!


Glad to see at least 5 people joining. Now these beautiful mons won't go to waste.



(Psst, hey, if know one else joins, then you are all guaranteed a prize;))

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