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A little honor made for the release of Gold and Silver Virtual Console coming up soon. Here you can discuss and share your top 5 favorite pokemon introduced in gen 2.


5. Celebi


One of my favorite pokemon that falls under the category of "Mythical". I'll be perfectly honest with you, I feel like Celebi is underrated when compared to other mythical pokemon. The design is actually very appealing to me (probably because I feel like light blue and green go well together). I have a lot of history with this mon as well. It starred in the first ever pokemon movie I watched, "Pokemon 4Ever - Celebi: Voice of the Forest" (Also was in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, which is probably my all time favorite pokemon movie). Finally, Celebi was also featured on one of my first pokemon cards, Celebi Prime.


4. Hitmontop


My favorite of the Hitmons (and I actually quite like Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan). Only time I've used this pokemon was in Platinum. I still have that little dude in my White Version today (called it ChanLiFat, idk why). Other than that, not much history wise. I really love its design. It looks like in that GSC sprite, it wants to be a tough competitor. Also, it has a tail?! Heck yeah! The only I love more than its design is its animations. Omg these are the best. Stayed on its top head until gen 6. It showed off its neat spin moves along the way. Even when its not spinning nowadays, I actually enjoy how its do like a side-step all the time.


3. Raikou


I particularly like shiny raikou (Its actually just outside of my top 10 best shinies). Why Shiny Raikou though? First of all, this pokemon is one of the first pokemon I got at an event (along with Entei and Suicune). I still have them and don't really plan on giving them away anytime soon. But why is this guy on the list over the other two? Well, I have a tendency to really like Electric legendaries (except Zapdos). The other reason is that this shiny has so many cool characteristics under my eyes. The thing on its back looks like a thunder cloud generating a lot of electricity. Then you have its body, which makes it look slightly more like a Sabertooth Tiger.


2. Dunsparce 


Look at it wag that tail! lts the best snake pokemon that has, and will ever exist. It looks like it has the potential to become something well, holy and divine like. I actually love using it in competitive play (them Serene Grace Rock Slides). But thats really all tbh. Just one mon I like for not too many reasons (deserves Evo, Mega, and Alola form!!!)


1. Gligar


Boi, had could you not like this thing? Claws and wings make it look menacing. Face gives it that cuteness! But once again, another pokemon mainly coming here due to its shiny (I mean, it looks like it just ate that Blueraspberry Airhead). Its actually my favorite shiny of all time (gen 2 had some good shinies). Shiny makes it look more dangerous than ever. Shiny is also one of my first shinies, which has Toxic Heal now as a Gliscor, a very neat ability. (Also, most of you know that I used this sprite in our little, Crystal Sprite Phase).

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5. Crobat. Crobat is an amazing pokemon, competitively and design wise, simple and to the point. I used him in my first playthrough in Black 2 (btw that game is amazing) 

4. Tyranitar. Same thing with Crobat. Nice design and great competitively. Tyranitar is just a fan favorite and a great addition to a team

3. Suicune. Suicune is my favorite of all the 3 dogs (or cats but i like dogs so im going with dogs) and his design is great and he is pretty good competitively. See the trend? Lol i dont really play comp this is basically just filler.

2.Miltank. Whitney's Miltank was very annoying, but you know i love milk. You know i like cows (or not) so you know i like Miltank. Milky cow. 'Nuff said



Doesnt need explanation this thing is more mighty than arceus

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