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On 2017. 6. 20. at 8:30 AM, Tega said:

you say "DELETE DIS" in all kcaps and then make some weird text symbol face

Kaps not Caps

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    • By snipeghost

      Hey guys, a newbie called Snippy here, I was recently starting to accept fakemon sprites requests on deviantart, so why not here? Here are the rules and other stuff: 
      -I won't do sprite animation ( because I don't know how to )
      -I only do fakemon sprites ( not 3d ), not fusions
      -It will probably take me more than a day to sprite your fakemon
      -Don't ask me to do more than one sprite at the same time
      -You can tell me if you want a red circle under the sprite; it looks like this: 
      -All Pokestadium rules apply this shop
      -I'll only accept the requests in the comments of this shop, not another one
      -Your request needs to have this form to be accepted:
       -Username: ( your username )
       -Fakemon: ( the name of your fakemon )
       -Free to use: ( in this case, you'll need to say if yes or no, people are able to use my sprite without permission )
       -Bonus things: ( in this case, you can say if you want a circle under the sprite, a different position for the fakemon )
       -And of course, a picture of your fakemon
      More informations on this Deviantart journal entry: http://www.deviantart.com/journal/I-ll-accept-fakemon-sprites-requests-694276574
      Here are some examples of what I can do ( original drawing is on the right ):
       Link to the deviation: http://crimsonvampiress.deviantart.com/art/Fakemon-Peafowl-chick-pokemon-635341672
       Link to the deviation: http://sniperofworld.deviantart.com/art/Charking-for-contest-295124949
       Link to the deviation: http://electrontheshinx82.deviantart.com/art/All-fear-Tickle-Kitsune-680194355
      And I think that's it!
    • By Replier
      - The OM of Fakemons -
      Me and me, as you don't know, are mading a OM (which i don't know a good name, just let me put fakemon) that you can use Fakemons (nobody saw this in the title).
      I'm making it part per part, so, it is not avaliable now.
      You can see it code in https://ide.c9.io/fuleno/fakemonsomuse.
      But you always can copy the code and run it on a alternative server.
      Well, you can request the fakemon to add. Put the sprite, moveset, base stats, abilities, etc[pause in speech]