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Favorite Legendary/Mythical Locations?

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The experience of catching a legendary has always been a thrilling one. However, its not actually catching the legendary that makes me so ecstatic. It is instead, the location of which you catch the special pokemon. So this isn't really discussing the pokemon themselves. Rather, it is discussing the place of which you catch the pokemon. So I'll start off by giving my 5 favorite legendary locations.


5. Newmoon Island (Pokemon Platinum):Newmoon_Island_Darkrai_Pt.png.12f81497ae85217aa375aef625e85af3.png

I particularly prefer Platinum's area over Diamond and Pearl's. Mainly because of the fact that it's a lot darker where you catch. Gives it a more well, ominous touch. Which is what I would expect for a place where Darkrai resides. So I really like the ominous feeling of this one. I also like how you get transported to the island. You literally have a nightmare then wake up on a mysterious island. I find it relatively simple, yet thrilling. Obtaining the Member Card and getting to Darkrai really left good memories with me.


4. N's Castle (Pokemon Black/White)


(Yes I am using the one from B2W2)


This place probably held some of the most intense battles to date. First off, when you enter the throne room, you see N showing off his legendary  Zekrom/Reshiram, when it's time for a literally, legendary battle. Then you Dark/Light Stone reacts to the presents of its counterpart. I really like this particular part, where your Zekrom/Reshiram makes such a dramatic appearance. Then, you get to catch it so you can commence your battle with N. The battle then mirrors the fight that happened between the two brothers long ago. This is the battle between the hero of Truth, and the hero of Ideals. I absolutely love the purpose for why Zekrom/Reshiram was caught. After that, you get to battle an enraged Ghetsis of course. Anyways, so yeah. I love the layout of the castle in general. And I really like the reasoning for catching your legendary pokemon. It just leaves such a great impression on you afterwards.


3. Bell Tower (Pokemon Heartgold)


A place filled with lots of history and lore. A place that is outstandingly gorgeous. What more could ask for with a legendary location? I love the fact that Ho-Oh basically just flew away from this resting spot after the Burned Tower, well burned down. It was probably worried about its tower being burned too? I don't know the exact reasoning for Ho-Oh just leaving the tower, but it didn't return for a long time. In fact, it didn't return until the player had met the certain criteria to bring Ho-Oh back. But by just walking into this tower, you feel a great sense of history and beauty. This is definitely one of my favorite locations in all of pokemon.


2. Sinjoh Ruins (Pokemon Heartgold)


What an event this was! This is probably the best mythical event of all time. I was lucky enough to obtain a legitimate Arceus from a Toys R' Us event for Pokemon Platinum back in 2009 or so. Might've been my first event pokemon. But anyways, I transfered this Arceus to my Heartgold, hearing of a special event that Arceus brought upon. And boy was this a specisl event. In case if you didn't tell by the name, the Sinjoh Ruins has a blend of Sinnoh and Johto cultures, which are my two favorite pokemon regions. So there's this random hiker and Cynthia that are there. You go into the Hiker's Cabin where you talk for a bit. Then you get to go into the Mystri Stage (which is what's pictured above)! This is where the events start to get a bit crazy. So first thing, you can only have Arceus in your party, and have it follow you around. Then Cynthia tells you to pick one of the colored circles (The left representing Dialga, the top for Giratina, and the right for Palkia). This is was harder than choosing any starter pokemon. In the end, I went with Giratina, my favorite of the trio. So Arceus will then move into the center of the Mystri Stage. A bunch of Unown will then surround him. These real-world images will start popping. Then an image of a realistic Earth? It was really, really crazy. But then a sphere like thing that Arceus created, will hatch into the pokemon you've chosen. I got Giratina and its orb. I still in fact, have this same exact Arceus. I can't say the same for the Giratina tho lol. This will always be one of the most meaningful places to me in pokemon.


1. Distortion World/Turnback Cave (Pokemon Platinum):Distortion_World_B7F_Giratina_Pt.png.1a975959521f3c796973a30a7b460add.png

Turnback_Cave_Giratina_Pt.png.9bc5481c1c3550ebe2c527718d85f979.png(I promise this will be short lol)


But these two locations hold my first, and in contention for my favorite legendary pokemon of all time. The Distortion World has an ominous sense, like Newmoon Island, and just an other-worldly setting overall. Like, it could very well be the craziest location in pokemon. You have waterfalls moving upwards? Damn it's just crazy lol. I couldn't have asked for a better place to catch my first legendary ever. Then you have Turnback Cave. What I like about Turnback Cave is that it still has a somewhat ominous feeling. But it also contains a mysterious, which is great for such a maze. The work it takes to get to Giratina without Flash, is really challenging. But once you make it to Giratina's room, you meet Satan Centipede! Final reason I like Turnback Cave, it contains a mini entry way to the Distortion World, which is tied with Turnback Cave on this list. These two could very well remain as my favorite legendary locations.



(If you read this all the way through, congratulations)

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