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So i'm trying to randomize and play Pokemon Emerald, but whenever i randomize it, like lets say i don't want to randomize typings and it randomize's it by itself, like it randomizes everything.Is there any way i could fix this?


hopefully you understand me.

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It depends on what you're using for a randomizer. If you're using the "Universal Randomizer" for a GBA Emulator, then there's settings on there. 


If you read through what each check box means, then you can tell what will be randomized and what won't be. 

Simply hover your cursor over the setting, and it will tell you.

If I had my version installed at the moment, I'd send you screenshots of what to uncheck so you're only getting what you want, rather than the defaults.

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Lets say i only want to randomize the typings.


few minutes later


Everything is randomized.



Now, i've been playing with the randomize for AWHILE and i've never found a glitch like this.I've randomized DS games too, but the only game that has been glitching is Pokémon Emerald.


Do you understand now?Everytime i randomize Pokémon Emerald, every setting RANDOMIZES by it'self no matter what i do.

So, is it a problem with the game, or the randomizer?


also yes i am using the UR for GBA.The UR also works for DS and uhh, 6-7th generation games..

i've fixed was from the Pokemon Emerald i had installed.someone should lock this post now :P 

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