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Water / Psychic
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Boosts move power when the Pokemon moves last.
After Brendan defeats Deoxys, and saves the day. The fainted Deoxys crashes into the Hoenn waters, and cracks the orb in the center, the alien fluid flowing into the water. The now infected water corrupts a Staryu egg, creating Deoxystar.
22 hours ago
Electric / Fire
Deals more damage to a Pokemon of same gender.
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
After the male Pyroar became progressively more aggressive, the females started to breed with Luxrays and eventually Luxroar became an official Pokemon.
Prevents any stats from being lowered.
How to Pronounce: (No-Ee-On)

Noeeon is an evolved form of Eevee. Eevee can evolve into Noeeon by using a Shiny Stone. It has a very large array of moves, so as a result, it's very useful competitively. It's very headstrong and will stand up to anyone who crosses it.
Fright Fest
Gradually lowers opponent's Attack
How to Pronounce: (Fan-Toe-Me-On)

Phantomeon is en evolved form of Eeevee. Eevee can evolve into Phantomeon by using a Dusk Stone. The holes in the sides of its skull constantly spew hellfire, that if burnt with, will burn forever, like Houndoom. The tears in its body allow a gas that causes fainting.
Water / Fighting
Fighter's Stance
Its Attack stat is gradually boosted.
How to Pronounce: (Bwee-Zell-Ee-Oh)

Buizelio generally resides near creaks. Their neck buoys are very rubbery in texture and they use their smaller shoulder buoys to better float given their increased weight. Oddly, they've become very popular with lawn care businesses.
Water / Electric
Raises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokemon.
If a Water-type move is used on Electachou, it will use Shockwave on the Pokémon using the move, and any other Pokémon hit with the move.
An Electabuzz/Chinchou hybrid. Its tail is capable of electrocuting water to scare away attackers, or kill/cook prey, although it is normally passive.
Cloud Nine
Eliminates the effects of weather.
Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves.
It gracefully flaps its wings as it soars through the air. It uses its knowledge of wind patterns to flee from opponents. When Celesteon fight as a team, they can control the wind and easily blow opponents away.
Heals status problems if it is raining.
Magic Guard
The Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.
A Solosis that learned to live underwater, soon grew a gelatinous fin and swimming arms. It is very easily spotted due to its gelatin keeping it afloat.
Powers up moves if they become critical hits.
Shell Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
The child of a mother Seadra and a father Kingler bred in the daycare. This crossbreed of Horsea and Krabby can swim at high speeds by shooting water jets from its mouth. It also has very strong claws.
2 days ago
Leaf Guard
Prevents problems with status in sunny weather.
Prevents it from becoming infatuated.
Category: Fruit Pokemon
Height: 1'00"
Weight: 7.1 lbs.

Bounsweet originates from the Alola region. It emits an extremely pleasing scent, which attracts both Pokemon and people. When Bounsweet is in danger, it rotates the calyx on its head, driving Pokemon off. However, upon doing this, it often becomes dizzy! It is said that upon smelling Bounsweet's aroma, you will instantly feel calm and relaxed.
Bulbamander + Evos
Grass / Fire
Forest Fire
When this Pokemon's HP is under 1/3 of its max, fire and grass type moves' power is doubled.
Bulbamander, Ivymeleon, and Venuzard are EXTREMELY rare and powerful hybrids of Charizards and Venusaurs. When a Venuzard comes into contact with either a Venusaurite or Charizardite X (yes it has to be the X variation), it will be infused with Venuzard's aura, and become a Venuzardite.
Ghost / Ground
Water Compaction
If this pokemon is hit by a water-type move, its defense goes up by 2.
A Sandygast emerges when the grudges of Pokémon and other creatures soak into the sand after they fall in battle. In essence, it’s a possessed lump of sand!

If you heedlessly grab a Sandygast’s shovel, you’ll fall under the Pokémon’s control. A Sandygast uses its power to manipulate children into gathering sand to increase the size of its body. If a Sandygast loses its shovel, it may put up a tree branch, a flag, or another item in its place. These Sandygast are wanderers in search of their own shovels.

The tunnel-like mouth of a Sandygast can suck the vitality from people and Pokémon. Apparently it’s a test of courage in the Alola region to put your hand in a Sandygast’s mouth.
Poison / Flying
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Mind Control
The opponents first turn options will be up to you

The Mind Control Pokemon

These Pokemon are often used in acts of theft, due to their stealth, and ability to mind control anyone who happens to see it. Also, they can choose who can't get mind controlled by it.
Dragon / Psychic
Aura Break
The effects of Aura Abilities are reversed.
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.

The Mystic Cave Prince Pokemon

Long ago, a young Prince by the name of Melazoby was heir to be king. Along side his best friend, Zygardevoir. But, during a tragic accident, the young Prince Melazoby had lost his life, leaving Zygardevoir lost within its life. Pondering what to do, it fled to a cave so it never had to see human civilisation again, so no memories of his ruler would upset it during its eternal life...
Water / Psychic
The user has a 25% chance to dodge every other turn
Water Compaction
The user's defense stat will go up by 2 if it’s hit with a Water-type move.
The Crafty Pokemon

Cranite live in shallow waters around tropical beaches. When their coconuts break, they use telekinesis to bring new coconuts to them
Ground / Dark
Free Roam
Allows escape even through Arena Trap, Mean Look, and Shadow Tag.
Sand Force
Boosts certain moves' power in a sandstorm.
Desmad, The Wanderer Pokémon
A lost Camperupt that wandered into a cursed temple, and was cursed with never being able to stay in one place, for eternity.
Normal / Poison
Color Match
Will change from Normal to Ice, to Rock, to Steel, then back to Normal every turn, while keeping Poison.
When a Nuclear Power Cell went off near Snowpoint City, Lucas was just returning from catching Regigigas, when all of a sudden he passes out. The gym leader, Candice dragged Lucas to safety, but she didn't notice that four PokéBalls were missing from his belt, all four Regis, the radiation fused the four PokéBalls together and Regitotem was created.
Stunkua and Skunkark
Dark / Poison
Damages the attacker landing the finishing hit.
Comes out disguised as the Pokemon in back.
Stunkua, a fusion of Zorua and Stunky. These Pokémon seclude themselves in forests and create illusions to make their appearance unknown.
Stunkua --lvl.32-> Skunkark
Skunkark, a fusion of Zorua and Stunky. These Pokémon if threatened, will spray a mist that, both smells, and cause illusion.
3 days ago
Water / Poison
Deep Call
Boosts the power of sound-based moves by 50%.
Viruwale are among the largest pokemon, being just 1 meter under Wailord's size. They have very powerful vocal capabilities and their deep and loud moans can be heard throughout the ocean.
Light / Steel
Holy Force
Removes negative effects to increase move damage.
Wonder Wall
Makes status moves in-effective against the Pokemon.
Before being sent to Earth, Golarchs were used to defend Arceus's realm from unwanted outsiders, but some were sent to Earth to help the humans colonize. But when Giratina attacked the humans, the earth-bound Golarchs were severely injured and the energy inside was leaking out, but an unknown man with aura sealed the cracks and the Golarchs were full of life once more, but damage was already done, and Golarch became Ghost/Ground type, because he was a spirit grounded to Earth, with no way of returning home, and became very slow, for it's injury still ached, these would become todays Golurks.