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Mega Reuniclus
Magic Guard
The Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.
after mega evolving, Reuniclus gains great psychic power it gains a gem on its forehead, and creates two large gems that float above its gains the power to control cells that are separate from the main body, and the ability to multiply its cells however it wants, which is why it now has four arms. while its appearance doesn't change that much, it gains a large boost to its defenses and special attack. its stats would be HP- 110, attack-35, defense- 125, special attack- 155, special defense- 135, speed- 30
6 hours ago
Bug / Fighting
The Pokemon's accuracy is boosted.
When its stats are lowered its Attack increases.
The Warrior Ant Pokemon

These Pokemon have very sharp lances used for defending it's hill. These weapons can cause severe injuries.

These Pokemon can break solid rock with ease. They sharpen their lances everyday to impress the females.
6 hours ago
Electric / Ghost
Motor Drive
Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type move.
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
The Phantom Zebra Pokemon.

This Pokemon roams open areas, defending it's territory. If anything comes by, it brutal shocks it until it leaves.

If lightning strikes more than normally, there may be a Zebstrom around. They can't be normally seen by the naked eye.
Mega Arbok
Dark / Poison
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Shed Skin
The Pokemon may heal its own status problems.
When you get the Arbokite, obtained after beating Roxie 3 times. Arbok now has a larger tail with a large stinger, it sheds skin and shows battle scars from the past. Arbok gets a boost in Attack and Defnece but falls in Speed.
Fire / dark
when health is low the pokemon burns at intense heat damaging enemies each turn
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
blazeferno is an result of scientists trying to create the ultimate fire type using THE FOUR FIRE STARTERS. but blazeferno escaped and is living its life being sprite 4 life's ultimate pokemon
Mega Arbock
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Poison Point
Contact with the Pokemon may poison the attacker.
Arbockinite is needed to mega evolve Arbock. When mega evolved Arbock becomes more intimidating than ever. The markings on its belly look like two eyes and a grinning mouth. Its body grows longer and it gets small horns.
Mega Butterfree
Fire / Bug
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Gale Wings
Gives priority to Flying-type moves.
Mega Butterfree gains fire to its typing when mega evolved. Mega Butterfree attacks with its massive flaming wings, hoping to burn its enemy. Mega Butterfree leaves a trail of ember when flying through the sky.
Wonder Powerguard
- Immune to everything - Boosts all stats by 10 stages each turn - Allows no limit for stat boosting - Automatically puts an embargo on the foe's Pokemon -No item limit
Zorochomp is a very very very very very special legendary Pokemon. However, he isn't that strong. He can only be found by completing these 3 rigorous tasks: First, you must traverse up Mount Everest. There, you will find a portal. You must go through it and make your way through the obstacles and come to a true understanding of yourself, and find the meaning to life. Only then will he appear at the end of the portal.
Atk: 1000
Sp. Atk: 1000
Def: 1000
Sp. Def: 1000
Speed: 1000
Dark / Ground
Sand Stream
The Pokemon summons a sandstorm in battle.
Each turn it powers up rock and ground type moves.
Demodig.The Gem Searching pokemon.
Humans use Demodig to find old gems,rocks,and other ojects that have been burried under ground.And for those who use it for evil to find treasure they will be cursed for there whole life.
Ghost / Fire
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Demonio, the Demon Pokemon

Special Attack:890
Special Defense:650

Demonio is a very special legendary pokemon. It can only be found underwater in a whirlpool during the summer in the day. It likes to devour the souls of dead and dying pokemon, giving them a new, demonic form once they re-awaken. But like all pokemon, it does have its weaknesses. It is weak to dark, water, rock, and dragon types, making it a somewhat good pokemon, unless a full team of dragons shows up.
Sand Rush
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in a sandstorm.
Aura Break
The effects of Aura Abilities are reversed.
Zygarcon (zi-gar-son) was created with Xerespon and Yvelbron many years ago. Zygarcon only appears when summoned using the Z-Stone. It helps to keep the world in balance. Zygarcon almost never fights but when it does, It uses powers of earth.
3 days ago
Rock / Fighting
Solid Rock
Reduces damage from supereffective attacks.
Giatra, the Rock Armor Pokemon.

HP: 105
Attack: 130
Defense: 120
Sp. Attack: 20
Sp. Defense: 90
Speed: 60

Wielding a base Health of 105, a base Attack of 130, and a base Defense of 120, Giatra is a very powerful opponent. Though it's a very kind, considerate and sympathetic Pokemon, it will battle to protect its territory and family until the foe backs down or Giatra dies.
Water / Electric
Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.
Shell Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
When Cloyster was exposed of it's shell, a Voltorb replaced it. The shell instantly lit up and became a several shades of orange. Voltorb can now enter water without causing damage, as the shell protects it.
Shadow Tag
Prevents the foe from escaping.
Dark Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Dark-type moves.
Yvelbron is a mythical pokemon. It was created alongside Xerespon many years ago. It is the exact opposite of Xerespon and brings sadness and fear to people and pokemon. Yvelbron likes to fight and uses its dark powers to attack its enemies.
Water / Ghost
Huge Power
Raises the Pokemon's Attack stat.
Wonder Guard
Only supereffective moves will hit.
Azudinja is created when Nincada evolves into Ninjask while an Azumarill is in the party. Don't worry, Azumarill will still be there. Azudinjas are friendlier than normal Shedinja. They don't have the ability to steal souls.
Poison / Dark
When its stats are lowered its Attack increases.
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Bishiper is the result of a lab experiment gone wrong. When a Bisharp and Seviper were fighting a scientist used an unfinished serum on Bisharp, it stuck to Bisharp and when Seviper attacked, the serum attached to Seviper too. The two pokemon were fused, the pokemon was scary and murderous, it destroyed the scientific and ran away.
Psychic / Fairy
Wonder Guard
Only supereffective moves will hit.
Fairy Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Fairy-type moves.
Xerespon is a mythical pokemon. Wherever it goes, people and pokemon are happy. Its ability to bring happiness can stop pokemon from fighting so it isn't involved in many fights. when it does fight, it uses its mystic powers to take down its enemies.
Mega Giratina
Dragon / Ghost
Shadow Tag
Prevents the foe from escaping.
Magic Guard
The Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.
The Giratinite is needed to mega evolve Giratina. Mega Giratina's stats go up and gains another pair of legs. Its horns extend and become blue in color. It roams the earth stealing souls of people and Pokemon.
Rock / Flying
Makes the foe nervous and unable to eat Berries.
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Tyranitaraptor is the top of the aerial food chain and has no natural predators, due to its rock-hard body and threatening appearance. Studies have shown that Tyranitaraptor is actually descended from Aerodactyl and Archeops, and essentially functions as their modern equivalent. Their have been cases of it working together with Tyranitar to take down huge targets such as Onix.
Mega Luxray
Electric / Dark
Strong Jaw
The Pokemon's strong jaw gives it tremendous biting power.
Mega Luxray gains the Dark type and grows larger. All of his stats increase. The light blue parts on his body are actually electricity flowing through his body. It become a stronger predator and fighter. The tail can cause thunderstorms naturally. It's long legs are good for leaping and running after prey or enemies. It's eyes are made for great sight during the night.