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9 hours ago
Bug / Dark
Neon Glow
And Status or Weather moves effects are nullified
Physical moves dealt to an opponent do 40% more damage, while Physical moves dealt to you deal 40% less damage.
My first attempt (there are 2 other attempts) at doing a Bug/Dark Absol and Kabutops fusion, I think it turned fairly well in the end, but the person I made this for didnt like it, so I made 2 others. This is my personal favourite out of the 3. I took Kabutops scythes away and replace it with Absols arms, and removed Kabutops head and replaced it with Absols.
Normal / Electric
Back Fist
Any Physical moves damage is nullified
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
An Elektross evolved from its previous form, but when it evolved, it seems it gained a set of long, three-fingered arms, which have never been seen on a different Pokemon before, except Ambipom. It also seems that the Elektross seems that it grew a pair of legs, which it can actually walk on, though it still prefers to leviate and move around.
Grass / Electric
Volt Absorb
Restores HP if hit by an Electric-type move.
Electric Embrace
If hit by an Electric move, its Attack stat will raise by 2 stages.
One day, a wandering Grovyle stumbled unaware in a power plant, and got into the main systems. Walking around, confused by the machinery that he had never seen before, he ventured to close to it, and before long, a huge jolt of electricity was let out, striking Grovyle. But, instead of injuring the Grovyle, he seemed to have embrace its power, and within a second, he had transformed and gained control over electricity.
10 hours ago
Water / Ice
Swift Swim
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in rain.
Tail Paddle
If hit by a Water attack, its Speed is boosted by 2 stages.
In Unova, a Swanna was swimming, peacefully down a silent stream, when suddenly, it was hit by a beam of light. At first it was unaware of what happened, but suddenly realised soon after that it had grown a large tail, suprised at what had happened to it, it decided to investigate. 3 weeks later, continuous investigating, it found no answer, so finally, he decided to stop, and just deal with it.
Normal / Rock
Melted Sugar
Protects the Pokemon from item theft when it is sunny.
Protective Wool
75% chance of reflecting physical moves.
Fluffanutta is a peculiar cute pokemon. It has wool made of fluf, and skin made of bread and a signature move where it spits sticky peanut butter. It is a very social pokemon that lives in herds where, for protection, they all use their fluf wool to stick together.
13 hours ago
Dark / Psychic
Midnight Wrath
Any Dark, Ghost or Poison type moves heal this Pokemons HP by 20%
Dawning Beams
Any Fire, Fairy or Electric type moves heal this Pokemons HP by 20%
Centuries ago, when an extraordinary phenomenon happened, where both the sun and the moon were above in the sky, creating both day and night at the same time. Due to this, both nocturnal and diurnal Pokemon came out, including Cresselia and Darkrai. These are 2 Pokemon that were never meant to meet, and so they clashed. It caused mass destruction to surrounding towns, eliminating anything that came within their fighting range. One day, a Pokemon that has yet to be identified, wanted to end this fight, and so using an object that also hasnt been currently identified, he threw it into the range of the two Pokemon, and within an instant, they were both concealed within the object, but as they were both powerful Legends, they escaped, but not like normal, it seems they had been fused together
13 hours ago
Fire / Grass
Flare Glare
If hit by a Special or Status move, the opponent gets the burn condition
(I would do an interesting story like all of my other fusion, but I simply cannot think of anything to write for this little guy, so Ill just explain his appearance and everything :( ) This is a fusion between Whimsicott and Cyndaquil. I removed the cotton of Whimsicotts back, and put Cyndaquills flame tail on its back. I also replaced Whimsicotts legs with Cyndaquills, and getting it to look right was a pain. Its one of my favourites, as none of my sprites look adorable at all, so Im quite proud of this one.
14 hours ago
Fire / Steel
Blazing Charge
And Physical moves or Fire type moves do 50% less damage than they would normally deal.
Gripping Claw
All Physical moves do 75% more damage.
Cobaking, one of the many fortunate starters to have got fused with Legendary Pokemon in an incident many centuries ago. When many Legendary Pokemons power was stolen, it was used in an experiment, also including Starter Pokemons power. When all this power got loose, it caused the Legendaries Pokemon power to go to several Starter Pokemon, causing them to transform into a completely different form.
Black Reshirem
Ice / Fire
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Any Mega Evolved Pokemon in battle will revert to its previous state
After Team Plasma had successfully found out how to merge Pokemon using the DNA Splicers, they decided, since they were able to fuse Reshiram/Zekrom with Kyurem, they wondered if they could fuse ALL of them at once. They had already captured Zekrom and Kyurem ready for this experiment, now all they needed was Reshiram. They travelled far and wide searching for it, and finally, when they had success in the White Ruins, they got it. They took it back to their hideout (Considering it was under their control, it was quite easy) and set it down, ready to perform the experiment. After they had set everything up, they used the DNA Splicers, and the merge began. Within 10 minutes, all 3 had been combined, creating Black Reshirem. With this new Pokemon, Team Plasma thought they could use it to rule
16 hours ago
Fairy / Flying
Sunset Soar
When a Fire Type move is used against this Pokemon, its speed is boosted by 5 stages.
Awakening Call
If this Pokemon is hit by a Rock or Ground move, the opponents Pokemons falls asleep.
On a far away island, a young Eevee lived amongst its siblings, but they had already evolved. They were thinking, when the time came for her to evolve, they would evolve her into Sylveon, as its the only one that neither of them evolved into, but this isnt what Eevee wanted. Everyday, before she went to sleep, she would sit on the edge of a cliff, mesmerizing the amazing view of a Charizard, gliding off into the sunset. One day, she decided that she wanted to one day become like that Charizard, and glide off into the sunset. But unfortunately, her family had already decided they wanted her to become a Sylveon. Upset at this, she ran off to her spot on the cliff, and cried. When suddenly, the Charizard which she watched every night, came along side to accompany her. The poor Eevee explained
Dragon / Steel
Plasma Aura
This Pokemon is immune to Electric- , Water- and Ground-type moves.
A mysterious being who worked alongside Arceus to create the universe. Plasmiquaza's body is made of pure, volatile plasma energy. It also protects one of the pieces of the Artifact from Primal Arceus. ( Plasmiquaza is usually seen by people and Pokemon as a bright blue flash across the sky.
Ghost / Flying
Any Physical moves used deal 50% more damage
Mysterious Aura
Heals any status condition throughout the whole party
One day, a mischievous Rotom wanted to cause more than mischief, he wanted destruction. He searched the far reaches of many regions, looking for powerful Pokemon. At last, he had the perfect collection of Pokemon. Using his ghostly powers he was able to catch a Giratina, Braviary, Virizion, Ho-oh, Kabutops and Suicune (Some impressive Rotom, huh?). With a move he had been practising for years in preparation for this, he used it. Within a heartbeat all of the subdued Pokemon, including Rotom himself, merged. He had now transformed into a beast, that only he had control of, all of the pawns he had used for this had permanently lost conciousness . In this new form, he wanted to wreck havoc across the land, and so he did, but, that is a story for a different time...
Grass / Ghost
Clockwork Dimension
If using a Dark Type move, the move will do 50% more damage
Time Distortion
When using Special Attacks, it causes the opponent to have any status infliction
In the far reaches of Sinnoh, a Celebi, who had travelled many regions to escape its poacher, had got cornered and taken under control. The now corrupted Celebi, broke free from the grasps of the poacher, and in its new corrupted form, wandered Sinnoh in search of a strong Pokemon it could take the form of. Giritina, one of the creation trio, heard news about this new foe, and dragged it into the Distortion World as a punishment. Though, it seems the new Celebi was too much even for him to handle, so he did the only thing he could do to save Sinnoh from befalling to this beast, he took the Celebi, and used all his power to transform into it, causing an unusual fusion to happen. When this happened, the conciousness of the Celebi disappeared, and the new form was controlled by Giritina. Now
Ice / Flying
Frost Coat
If hit with any Physical moves the opponents Pokemon will become Frozen.
Mysterious Bond
If an Articuno, Machamp, Sceptile, Charizard, Zoroark OR a Haunter is in play with this Pokemon in the party, their power is raised by 30%
Years ago, before the existence of many Pokemon, a threat was made to Kanto by a powerful Pokemon. All Pokemon who lived there waited in fear in hope of something, anything, that could possibly save them. Luckily something did come. A horde of powerful Pokemon banded together, and with a Mysterious Stone that had never been used before, they used it and merged there power together, to become Arzuicchile. With this new form, it took on the sender of the threat, and eventually, beat him. Kanto was saved.
2 days ago
Electric / Fire
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
Charchu is from Generation 1/1, similar to Gen 1, but different in a few ways. Charchus possess the ability to release flames that can cause a feeling of eternal electrocution, even after the burn has healed. However, it only does this in emergencies. Its favorite Berry is the Cheri Berry.
Normal / Electric
Gold Charm
Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Azuyello are the counterpart of Piblu and the first in their evolutionary line. They have particularly terrible mobility due to their stubby legs and lack of a tail to bounce on. However, they have perfect control of electricity. They have a love of sweets, specifically mints.
Water / Electric
Gold Power
Raises the Pokemon's Attack stat.
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Yellorill are the lesser known counterpart of Pikablu, and the evolved form of Azuyello. They have the potential to create extra energy by spinning their ears. However, it generally is inefficient. Oddly, Yellorill have an odd love for mustard.
Water / Electric
Thick Fat
Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Azuyellorill is the final Pokémon in the Azuyello evolutionary line, and is the counterpart of Raiblu. Their swimming ability is hindered by the Raichu part of its genotype. By coil its tail, it can create a strong magnetic field. When encountering another Azuyellorill or Raichu, they greet each other by binding their tails.
Alpha Zekrom
Dragon / Electric
Moves can be used regardless of Abilities.
Volt Absorb
Restores HP if hit by an Electric-type move.
Alpha Zekrom - The Alpha Thunder Dragon Pokemon.
Alpha Zekrom was a magnificent beast, with a height of 10'2" and a weight of about 327.6 lbs. Back in medieval times, the ancient civilians would use Alpha Zekrom as a source of electricity. It didn't mind at all. All the absorber was was just a little box wrapped around Alpha Zekrom's waist. But eventually, the citizens were in dire need for power, so they suddenly put the absorber to maximum power, making Alpha Zekrom plummet to the ground. It tore off the box, and flew away. Never to be seen again.
3 days ago
Water / Flying
Snow Veil
If the current weather is Hailing, this Pokemon will gradually recover HP
Sheer Ice
Each STAB move throughout the whole party, whether this Pokemon is fainted or not, will have its power increased by 30%
Keldeo, a Mythical Pokemon training to become a Sword of Justice, has only one obstacle until he is worthy to become like his mentors, defeating Kyurem. Regardless of how many times he tries to defeat him, his attempts are futile. One day, saddened by his daily fails, set off in the middle of the night in search of some Pokemon, any Pokemon, who could help him defeat Kyurem. He travelled far and wide, through Forests and Valleys, until he reached an Ice Mountain. Lost and hungry, he lost all hope. When he felt like it was all over, a large bird, with breath as cold as the artic, appeared, peering over its head. Keldeo explained the situation, saying he was travelling, looking for a powerful Pokemon to help him in his attempts to beat Kyurem, the Pokemon, intrigued by his story, decided to