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The Luxtyena gryphon
Flying / Dark
Gale Wings
Gives priority to Flying-type moves.
Cloud Nine
Eliminates the effects of weather.
TheLuxtyena gryphon is believed to be a mighty gryphon that flies above the skies of the pokemon world. Once every 100 years the gryphon will come down and grant a trainer special powers to take care of their pokemon easily. Its also believed to be Arceus's messenger. But its only a myth, and only few believe it. But if you believe it, It might come true.
12 hours ago
Fairy / Fighting
Inner Focus
The Pokemon is protected from flinching.
This is the second possible result from when a Female Kirlia comes in contact with the Dawn stone, and becomes one of two pokemon. Gardellade acts very much like a gallade.
12 hours ago
Psychic / Fairy
Friend Guard
Reduces damage done to allies.
Once in every Blue moon, a Female Kirlia develops a reaction to a Dawn Stone, which is normally impossible. The side effects to this leads to it becoming one of two Pokémon, Gallevoir or Gardellade. Gallevoir however acts similar to a Gardevoir
Fire / Normal
White Smoke
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.
Cute Charm
Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
Raitei, the lion pokemon.
There was once this owned raikou kept away from all dangers of the world. He wanted to be free. Entei granted raikou some of its powers to help it be free. Because of this he became a fire lion which is now loved by a far away village.
Ghost / Fairy
the user has a 40% chance of the enemy's attacks to go through him,not affecting him Ghost and dark moves are unaffected by this.
There's a 15% chance to lower the target's HP by 50% and raise the User's HP by 30%
The Curse pokemon.
This pokemon hides from civilization,deeply in the jungle temples. When it sees a human,it runs away through the wall or the ground,as it does not want to ruin the lives of anyone else
Fighting Deity
No Guard
Ensures attacks by or against the Pokemon land.
The Fighting Deity boasts the highest Atk Stat at a scary 230. It is a master in all forms of combat, but excels more when it comes to kicking or giving a nasty Karate Chop to the back. Its fists have been through so much it can break solid obsidian in one foul swoop.
1 day ago
Rock Deity
Rock Head
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damage.
One Head Smash from this deity and its GOOD NIGHT! It has a very tough hide, made of Stone, but that stone is stronger than Obsidian. Its Glowing Yellow eyes strike fear into its enemies before it crushes them where they stand. It was so destructful, without realising it was doing so, that the Dragon tried to Coax it to join its side, But the Rock Deity refused.
Flying Deity
Gale Wings
Gives priority to Flying-type moves.
Being a very Speedy Pokémon, This Pokemon is ALWAYS guaranteed the first hit as its ability Gale Wings allows it to hit Flying type moves first, and it can only know flying type moves. It sided with the Fairy deity in the Great war and did a number on the foe with its priority, though it couldn't hit the Dragon.
Grass Deity
Grass Pelt
Boosts the Defense stat when the terrain is grass.
Before the Grass Deity existed, there was Ground and Water, the Earth was Blue and Brown... When this Deity was born from a Coconut the size of a Peanut, it grew extremely fast for a Deity, Unlike the others, which reached maturity in the span of 3 Million Years, it took 2. It is known to be one of the Friendlier Deities.
Poison Deity
Weak Armor
Physical attacks lower Defense and raise Speed.
The Poison Deity is a Hit and Run kind of pokemon. It will land a Toxic then Stall out with Stockpile, while poison damage does damage. It is one of a few deities that can use a move of a different type, as Stockpile isn't a poison move, but is somehow in the move set of many poison types.
Fire / Flying
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
Powers up moves of the same type.
People know Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus as the Kami Trio, but in fact there is Infernorus as well.
He is the legendary room of the "Trio" Kami, and is responsible for controlling the Fire.
They say he is quite strong, and that many people fear him.
War Rapidash
Ghost / Fire
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
Flare Boost
Powers up special attacks when burned.
This Rapidash was resurrected by Arceus himself and was the protector of the ancient city of Poketopolis.
Possessed Golem
Rock / Ghost
Rock Head
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damage.
Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.
A Golem once grew to have an abnormal type of shell that was able to host a Spiritomb. One found this Golem and possessed it's body. The Spiritomb ignored the Golem's needs and it died, and is now an empty shell, inhabited by the Spiritomb.
2 days ago
Electric / Fairy
Normal-type moves become Fairy-type moves.
No Guard
Ensures attacks by or against the Pokemon land.
A dragon slayer from a far away place, where dragons' scales are stone, and destroyed by lightning.
2 days ago
rock / fire
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
Rock Head
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damage.
It cannot bring itself to fly through forests because of the blazing fire o it's back. It has a great love of nature and would never want to see it die.It instead lives by the shore where it can keep cool with the ocean breeze, for it's fire can cause it to often overheat.
2 days ago
Dark / Fighting
Comes out disguised as the Pokemon in back.
The second evolution of Zorua. Trickark is best known for being a cheater, deceiving people very well. He, too, is much stronger physically than Zoroark.

Base Status: 80/135/70/50/70/120
Electric / Fire
Fire WIngs
If hit by a Fire type move its wings will turn to Fire and its speed will be 3x faster.
Can turn into any emoji if its emotion changes
Golden Voltorb is the pokemon that the emojis evolved from. Emotorb can change emojis if its emotions change.
Primal Dialga
Dragon / Steel
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Ancient Distortion
Once per turn, a random stat change occurs in Primal Dialga, but reverts after Dialga's turn.
After losing its control of its ability to manipulate time due to the collapse of the Temporal Tower, Dialga was forced into its Primal reversion. In this form, it is incapable of logical reasoning or showing mercy, only seeking self-preservation and preventing time from flowing properly.
4 days ago
Dragon / Psychic
Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.
Serene Grace
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
When a sacred Zweilous entered the home of Jirachi, Jirachi blessed him with some of the post-its on it's head. Zirachi was born. It can make wishes come true like Jirachi, but sometimes messes up.
4 days ago
Water / Electric
Water Veil
Prevents the Pokemon from getting a burn.
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Sparking is a genetically modifed Pokemon. A Slowking unknowingly ventured into a laboratory where it entered some strange machine. Sparking fusioned with its surroundings which gave him his special features.