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In the Pokemon tab

  • Search for a specific Pokemon's sprites, including alternate forms, from the main series of games.
  • The spin-off selection contains Pokemon icons, overworld sprites, footprints and sprites from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Trozei, Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Conquest.
  • Normal and shiny sprites from Pokesho, a Japanese Pokemon fansite.
  • Official artwork and Dream World artwork by Ken Sugimori.

In the Trainers tab

  • View all the trainer sprites of a selected generation.
  • Mugshots and mugshot backgrounds.


  • for the in-game XY sprites.
  • The sprites of the new Pokemon that have the Pokemon Black and White style are fan-made. They are the result of a community project on Smogon. View the link there to learn more about the project and the talented spriters behind it!