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example of a trainer card Example of a trainer card made using this tool

Select badge set

Unova League (B2W2)*
Unova League (BW)
Sinnoh League
Hoenn League
Johto League
Indigo League
*made by Myzou from deviantArt

Select card background

Add Pokemon

To add Pokemon to your card, type in their names in each of the text boxes below. Once you've typed in a Pokemon's name, its sprite will appear. You need to drag the sprite inside the black rectangle by holding down your mouse. The part of the Pokemon sprite that's inside the white area of the black rectangle will appear on the trainer card.

Select trainer

Further down below, there are a large number of trainer sprites categorized as: Male, Female and Couple. Click on the trainer sprite that you want for the card. It will then appear below, next to your chosen trainer card background. Just like with the Pokemon before, drag the trainer sprite onto the card where you want it to appear.
placeholder for trainer card trainer sprite

Here's your trainer card!

final trainer card You can tweak your card by going back to the previous tabs and then returning to this tab.